How To Play Counter-Strike Global Offensive Online Using Junkies Client

2-16-13: Initial Release.

I’ll keep it short. At the forums of the, they have what is called a junkies client. It allows you to download the entire CS:GO game, and then it has the ability to not only patch and update the game, but give a valid client.dll file that you need to play the game.

The best part? You can LAN with it in Tunngle!

See the video tutorial below that shows you where and how to get this game, and play it online. If you got to the youtube link, the text tutorial is there as well.

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  1. update failed when using my wifi

  2. Why is it writing No cached credential found for account.?

  3. tooo much queue…………………………………….ah i got server responding error when i was at 3 fro 173

  4. Aryan>>{I}N$@N[E] $hocker

    i cant able to update junkies client and cant logged on


  5. Aryan>>{I}N$@N[E] $hocker

    how made my own server to play with my friends

  6. hi i have cs go but when choosing browse community servers it goes back to main page how can i play it online? and btw i have icon ln desktop named ”update counter strike ” please help me i need to play online to check it out !! reply fast plz!

  7. i cannot register

  8. someone pls help me whenever I go into junkies and click on install it asks to register

  9. when the sites load it does not display the site but sth else

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