How To Play Tomb Raider 2013 Online Using Greenluma (Tunngle Optional)

3-13-13: Initial release.

The new Tomb Raider game is getting a lot of good reviews, and what better way to embrace it than to play it online? You got 4 different game modes to play with, and if you get enough players on your side, it is going to be a lot of fun.

So to cut to the chase, make sure you install the game, get the latest game update, patch with latest multiplayer fix, start steam using greenluma, and start playing!

See below for the tunngle wiki with latest information and my video tutorial.

Tunngle Tutorial

Video Tutorial

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  1. I M suprised ur still going strong.
    Its been 2 weeks since gl has basically stopped working for me on most games.
    The forum i run is spammed with ppl crying for help.
    I just sat down 5 hours trying to find fixes for random crash or steam locks and now i see ghis post of urs.

    I am intrigued, can u make one new on how to get css and cs1.6 work on gl.
    Warning, i have spent 1 month with no sucess and awfull gbs of downloads in vain.

    My way of playing on gl was without editing any steamappid files, but now i guess thers no other alternative way. Infact i had forgotten this , and when i was just giving up on gl . I saw the light

    • CSS and CS 1.6 don’t use greenluma. They have real LAN.

      For Tomb Raider, use latest version of Greenluma and have fun! Make sure all gamers have the same Steam download region, like London, UK. Otherwise, if everyone has different download regions, no one will find each other. You are spending way too much time on nothing. Consult the master first next time. xD

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