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8-10-13: Initial release.

I’ve been a Youtube creator since the 2009, and from 2009 to 2013 present day, I’ve been part of 4 Youtube channels: VersatileNinja, GameDexterity, vstPower, and now MoNeYinPHX.

I will spare you the reasons and history of why I have jumped from one Youtube account to another, but what I can tell you is that during these last 4 years, I have seen a lot of interesting things on Youtube.  I’ve probably answered thousands of comments, and made over 1,000 Youtube videos on all kinds of subjects:

  • Modding Tutorials
  • PC Tech Tutorials
  • Life Tutorials
  • LAN Tutorials
  • and more

Now that I am on MoNeYinPHX, I can say that I am completely satisfied with where I am at. Sure, it wasn’t like the GameDexterity (timing is everything), where after 3 long years, Youtube shut us down when we had 9,400+ subscribers. It’s been hard to recreate that kind of activity in a short amount of time, but we are getting there.

At the time of this posting, I’ve been on MoNeYinPHX for about 7 months, and our subscriber base rocketed from 0 to almost 2,800. This is not bad for a niche channel about gaming and tutorials.

If you guys been watching me closely on Youtube, you’ll see that I have a passion for certain kind of subjects:

  • PS2 Modding
  • LAN Tutorials
  • Misc PC Tutorials

Yes, its great that we have over 275+ videos, but you got to be careful for what you wish for. Yes, we are a Youtube partner with FullScreen, but I don’t do it for the finances. In fact, I don’t even touch the money. We use it to pay for our webhosting and other misc costs, and the taxes (wow, watch out!).

I make videos for the joy of making them, and going over very technical subjects, and simplify them so even the average Joe knows how to do them.

Everyday on average, we get about 20-30 comments. I suspect we get more, but Youtube does not do a good job of notifying you of every single comment left on your videos. Many times when I go answer one video comment, I check the entire list to see if there are any other comments that are left unanswered, and I go to answer them.

In all honesty, I am not obligated to answer any Youtube comment. I could easily ignore all of them and delete them from my Youtube inbox, but that is not how I operate.

I was once like them. A user who had a question, trying to learn about something, and never got the answer that I needed. The solution? Figure it out on my own. In fact, some of my own research and tutorial methods are better than other Youtube creators! Imagine that!

To see what my inbox looks like, see the screen capture below:

Youtube Inbox

Answering comments is a lot of work, depending on the type of comment at hand. Some are quick answers, and others are really long answers. I would not be surprised if answering 25 comments in a row would take me about 15-30 minutes at times!

But with my role, I love what I do. Every single comment and video is totally different than the one before it, so it brings some spice and variety to life. If you want to become a better Youtube video creator, let me know. I can watch some of your videos, and give you tips from my own personal library. 🙂


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  1. Nice story, Versatile! I’ve always enjoyed your videos and especially your tutorials ever since I discovered GameDexterity. It’s great to hear your making good progress back to where you were and even more excellent to hear how much you enjoy what you do. I look forward to all the marvelous things you will do in the future!

  2. Funny, I was just looking through my old youtube channel and found a comment you had left on it. I haven’t gone to this blog in ages, nor have I seen you on skype in ages, so I was wondereing where you went. I think I’ll go and subscribe to the new channel, after all, your voice is one of the most familiar ones to me on youtube lol. Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since GameDexterity

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