If You Had $100 Amazon Gift Card, What Would You Buy?

$100 Amazon Gift Card
11-17-13: Initial Release.

Here is something that should be a bit of fun, and if you guys want to leave a comment and participate, that’s fun too!

So next month I know a friend of mine is going to gift me an early x-mas present as he will be out of town for the holidays. He is going to get me a $100 Amazon gift card.

The last few days, I was looking at Amazon trying to think of all the random things I could buy with a $100. To some people, $100 is not enough, but for others, it is a lot!

So here is a partial list of things I’d like to get with my $100 dollars. Do remember that these are based upon what I need, and is no reflection of what is right or wrong.

Item 1: Logitech Clearchat USB HeadSet
Price: $24.75 + $1.99 shipping

Why I need it:  Simple. The same model I had for over 2 years the microphone was acting funny. By this I mean I had to rotate the boom mic into an exact position to record my voice. If not in the right position, then the voice doesn’t record, or it records my voice with a bunch of static noise in the background. To date, it has been a great headset and microphone for my Youtube tutorials, and I have no issues getting another one of these.

Item 2: iPod touch 2nd Gen. Digitizer + Bezel Replacement Kit

Price:  $5.02 + 4.56 shipping

Why I need it:  I had bought an iPod Touch 2nd gen off of Craigslist for a rock bottom price. Why? The screen was cracked. The iPod still plays fine, and I can surf the Internet fine, but the cracked screen makes it a pain to use what is really a fine MP3 player. By getting this kit, I can swap out the screen, and make a video tutorial.

This is just the beginning? Is there anything else I need? It’s hard to say right now. Most of the things I have I already got such as flash drives, memory cards, raspberry pi, raspberry pi case, and other electronic gadgets.

Depending on how this year’s Black Friday sales go, I may get a new tablet case. We shall see.

So now its your turn. If you had $100 Amazon dollars, what would you buy? Let us know!

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  1. Bought myself an eonon gm 5164 , it is awesome. Also got a discount deal for the channel, any one interested can buy similar stuffs, I just need to know the car model and if its available with them.
    Btw what car you got ?

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