XBMC – Raspberry Pi – Working Youtube Plugin!

12/13/13: Initial release.

I am a long time fan of using XBMC on my Raspberry Pi. There is something very satisfying about watching Youtube on my TV on a mini PC that takes less than $3 of power a year.

However, sometimes when you are using the youtube plugin app inside XBMC, you may get an issue about an error and the video fails to play. This is so annoying. I spent hours of research and figured out how to get the youtube plugin to work flawlessly on both the raspbmc and also openelec. See below for more details:


1) Get the latest youtubeplayer.py from here.  Copy it to a usb thumb drive, and then plugin to the raspberry pi.

2) If you got OpenElec, I want you to go to the file manager. In the right hand pane, navigate to your usb thumb drive.

For the left hand pane, navigate to /storage/.xbmc/addons/plugin.video.youtube

Now in the right hand pane, right click on youtubeplayer.py, select Copy, and press OK. It will copy to the raspberry pi.

Go into your youtube player app, find your music video, and it will work!

3)  If you got raspbmc instead, then in that file manager, all you need to do is copy and paste the file from the usb thumb drive into the following path below:


Now go into the youtube app, and the videos will be working again!


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  1. Nice, I do have issue with another plugins .py that I want to be changing, but your post made it clear that the task is so simple , I had been delaying it cause i thought its lot of work.

    For YouTube there are other plugins of YouTube that have this.py in them already.
    In xbmchub, get fusion server as nas on your xbmc , and add their custom addons that are really good. Navi-x there is really good, I love it as it has ability to que download, or download and watch at same time.
    In xunity, get xfinity as nas on your xbmc and you again have lots of addons, mashup there is best. Also if you are a wrestling fan , wweo addon is the one stop for all your hunger.
    Beautifully sorted and neatly stacked.

    YouTube plugins are awesome, as they let you resume the video from where u left off, even after couple of days, / weeks

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