Using SmartPhone Without a Voice Service Plan

Iphone 4
12-27-13: Initial release.

A few months ago I had purchased an iPhone 4 from Amazon (used) for a really great price from Amazon gift cards that I had in my account.

The most interesting part about this purchase is I had no intention to get a data plan or voice service plan for it. Why is that? Well, I already had a company cell phone that I use for business and sometimes personal use, but it wouldn’t be right to have personal stuff and games on a business phone.

So I bought an older model of the iPhone, only because it was in my budget. It is true that I have a tablet (actually, 3 different ones), so why did I get a smart phone. There are multiple reasons, but in short, the smart phone is great because it is a versatile device that I can easily bring with me anywhere. Features include:

  • Checking/sending email
  • Browsing web
  • Taking photos
  • Playing games
  • The App Store
  • Skype

and more. I’ve also linked my Google voice account to my phone using the Talkatone app, which allows me to call land lines and cell phones for free (and receive calls) on my phone as long as I’m near a wi-fi hot spot.  This alone is priceless.

If you can get a used smart phone for cheap (whether iOS or Android), you can make free calls without a cellphone voice service plan! Plus with the small form factor, it is easy to slip it inside a pocket and carry it around everywhere I go, more so than a 7″ tablet.

There is something comforting about being able to eat my breakfast and check my news feed in the morning, or being able to easily browse a mobile version of my favorite website, or just simply watch Youtube videos on the fly.

The iPhone (or any smart phone in general) is a great piece of technology that made me wonder how I survived this long without using it.

How about you? What smart phone do you have, and what do you enjoy the most out of it? Let us know!

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  1. Add a lyca mobile SIM card . 2cent a min talk, 4 cent a min text . I Use mo+ with google number. So a totally live iPhone 4S ( unlocked ).

  2. A data plan has never been required to make voice calls. What is required is a voice service plan. Some carriers may require data plans with smartphones but that has no effect upon whether you can use voice calling.

  3. Its time to make another tutorial [how to] Jailbrake an iPhone4. 😀

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