TeamViewer – Great Remote Control Program

2/7/14: Initial Release.

I just love TeamViewer. I cannot explain how awesome it is, and this Winter season, I’m using it in ways I wonder how I could have done 10 years ago.

As I am writing this post, I am in my living room watching the Sochi Olympics. I am on my laptop, but I have TeamViewer opened controlling my desktop PC upstairs. See the screenshot at the top of the post.

For you see, I’m working on a new video tutorial soon that involves Starcraft 2 and LAN (remake video from many years ago), but installing the game and all the game patches to make it work properly takes time. By this I mean more than half an hour of sitting around and waiting.

But I don’t have to worry about it because thanks to technology, I can control my PC and make sure the game installation is complete and do the game patches remotely without having to miss anything on the TV! Now that’s just epic.

Why not get a TV up in my room? Actually, there is one but I have no cable in my home, so I just use over the air HD signals to watch the Olmpics on NBC. Problem is the TV in my room is an older HDTV, so it has no built in analog to digital converter, nor do I have an antennae for that TV set.

But if we think about what TeamViewer can do in general, its awesome. I can have it on a tablet, iphone, or any other PC. If you make a TeamViewer account, you can connect all your devices under one account.

If you have no internet, you can still remotely connect to your other devices over internal LAN, as well as transfer files.

Let’s not also forget how valuable a tool it is to troubleshoot a family member’s PC or friends PC from a far, and save yourself a trip.

So how about you? Using TeamViewer, or something else? Sound off and let me know!

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  1. I am currently using VNC viewer, similar application like this one, but i am using between windows computers ….

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