E3 Flasher – Used for Downgrading PS3 Firmware

5-13-14: Initial release.

So recently I just bought a used PS3 off of Amazon which is a 80GB fat PS3 model. Just my luck, this PS3 is the 4.55 firmware, which means that if I ever want to downgrade it to 3.55 so I can install CFW, I will need to get a hold of the E3 flasher (or find someone with E3 flasher and do it for me).

My brother used to have one of the first generation fat PS3 launch consoles that could play PS2 games, but he recently sold that off (doh!). But he was smart, he knew in the beginning not to update the firmware to the latest official version, and he was enjoying the 3.55 CFW for the longest time until work got into his way and he had just little time for gaming.

Now here I am embarking on my own PS3 adventure, and the concept of PS3 modding is interesting, but not sure if I am ready to take the plunge.

Maybe you have a PS3 and you want to take the plunge and get it modded. Did you update it to the latest firmware? If you have a compatible model, you can purchase a device called an E3 Flasher. Essentially what it does is it reflashes the NOR chip on the PS3 so you can properly downgrade it.

Depending on where you buy this online, it can range from $75 up to $125. The process seems easy, but there is a lot to do to make sure it works right. All fat PS3 are compatible, and only certain models of slim PS3 is compatible with the E3 Flasher.

If you are interested in learning more about how the E3 Flasher works, see an example Youtube tutorial video shown below:

Right now I am enjoy a few games on the PS3, so if you want to add me, my PSN name is VersatileNinja. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks alot for this excellent tutorial! You used the exact same console version (CECHK01) that I have which really quelled my nervousness as a noob to PS3 downgrading. It took about 5 times of taking apart the PS3 and re-seating the clip before I finally got it to read the NOR chip, but after that it went smoothly. The only part that was confusing was after downgrading to Rogero you show the PS3 booted up to XMB and continue on with installing the PKG files. With me, after downgrading to Rogero, the first boot I got the message that there was a problem booting and to insert a USB stick with 4.76 firmware and press Select and Start. I don’t know whether this step was missed or whether it was because I didn’t have the USB stick in the right-hand USB slot, but maybe you could cover this and also stress to use the right USB slot, just to cut confusion for later viewers. Incidentally I also upgraded the HDD from the stock 40GB drive that came with mine to a 1TB drive and this made it extremely easy. After downgrading to Rogero I simply shut down, changed out the drives, and rebooted with the Rogero update on the USB stick in the right-hand slot. I once again got the message about there being a problem so I just pressed Select and Start, and VOILA! It updated and the new drive was installed and being used. Thanks once again for making this so VERY much easier.

  2. Iso if I buy this can I hack games?

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