Quick Overview of E3 NOR Flasher for Downgrading Fat or Slim PS3 Consoles

1-6-15: Initial release.

Hey guys, I’ll keep it short. Last November/December I got my hands on an E3 NOR Flasher to be used with my fat PS3, model number CECHL. I’ve been eyeing this mod for a long time because I really wanted to downgrade my PS3 from 4.66 OFW to a CFW so I can run homebrew programs.

After watching 20+ youtube videos and learning how each tutorial maker did their own thing, I decided it was my turn to give the mod a try. It wasn’t easy at first, and I went slow and steady making sure I knew how everything worked. After a full week of off and on troubleshooting, experimenting, and testing, I got my PS3 finally downgraded and now I am more knowledgeable than I was before on this whole modding scene. If you follow me on my youtube channel (youtube.com/user/moneyinphx), you will see the new videos in the weeks to come.

To celebrate, see my E3 NOR Flasher unbox video below. Enjoy!

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  1. How old is this firmware that you have downgraded to? I am thinking won’t there be performance issues, as the software would be tweaked alot by now for newer games? Or is it like android os with its own fragmentation of updates to cope up with newer games.

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