How To Downgrade the Fat PS3 from 4.66 to 3.55 Firmware Using E3 Flasher Tutorial

1-12-15: Initial release.

1-13-15: Added part 2 of video tutorial.

1-16-15: Part 3 video tutorial added.

Before Xmas holidays, I got a chance to record a lot of video footage as I took apart my PS3 and attempted to install the E3 flasher for my fat PS3 that uses the NOR chip.

Today I am proud to release the first portion of that video tutorial, where I will show you how to take apart the fat PS3, and go into detail on how to secure the E3 clip to the PS3 mobo (the hardest part of the mod).

One reason I like how I did this video is I go over in detail the steps to take apart the PS3 in such a way that it doesn’t take too much of the viewer’s time. Other PS3 videos on other youtube channels the guys either fast forward through the disassemble process without any narration, or if they do decide to talk, its a LONG video!!!

If you guys been watching me over the years, you know I hate watching LONG videos, so its always my mantra to try to record short but concise videos when I can. Anyway, see the video below and please give a thumbs up, it really helps.

If you have specific PS3 questions, I prefer you ask it on the youtube channel so other gamers can benefit from your questions.

Added on 1-13-15:

Part 2 of the video tutorial series is live:

Part 3 of the video tutorial series is live:

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  1. It says part 3 was removed?

  2. Dimitrius Nomadik

    Just a quick question my man. I’m ordering an E3 Flasher as we speak and is there any real reason for me to buy the Limited version with the extra parts if I don’t plan on doing a duel nand setup? All I want is to downgrade my Phat which is on the latest firmeare and end up with the latest CFW so will the kit in your tutorials be enough for my needs?
    Also if I flash the E3 so it makes three dumps at a time could I then reflash it at a later date if I wanted to use it on more consoles?

    Great tutorials my man I’ll be following yours for sure.

    THank you and keep up the great work.

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