[How To] Play Dying Light LAN Online Using Tunngle











1-30-15: Initial release

Dying light is the newest PC co-op zombie game and it has LAN. If you want to take your LAN game online and play with your friends or other gamers, see my video tutorial below. Enjoy!

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  1. I want’t to play on the same network but i cant’t find him and he can’t find me and we both enabled LAN with same settings. We turned of firewall and defender and we both played the prologue and saw the coop screen.

  2. how to host a game on LAN ?

  3. I’m not so interested in playing coop, i just want to play against the night hunter. Any idea how?

  4. DyingLightRobbe1 pw: a
    DyingLightRobbe2 pw: a
    DyingLightRobbe3 pw: a
    DyingLightRobbe4 pw: a

    Hamachi Dying light version 1.6.1

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