How To Connect PS3 Controller to PC Using SCP DS3 Driver (No Motioninjoy!)


5-11-15: Initial release.

On my youtube channel in the past, I had two videos that discussed how to get your Sony DS3 controller to connect to the PC. The first video focused solely on Motioninjoy, which is a program/driver package that installed the proper PS3 drivers so your controller can emulate the xbox 360 game controller on the PC.

Since then, I made a second video tutorial that used a combination of Motioninjoy and Better DS3 Tool. The idea behind that video is we use the drivers from Motioninjoy, but then we use the offline Better DS3 Tool so we can use our controller without having to be connected to the Internet.

For whatever reason, I still have viewers telling me they can’t get their DS3 controller to work properly on the PC.

Henceforth, I created what should now be the final PS3 controller tutorial using the SCP DS3 Drivers. The reason this method is awesome is because once all is said and done, the SCP Server runs as a service in Windows, which means that once you turn on your computer, this is always running in the background. No need to have a program running in the background. Just plug in your DS3 to the PC, or enable bluetooth on your controller, and you are ready to have a lot of good times.

See my video tutorial for more details, and check out the youtube page for all necessary links. Thanks!

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  1. Oh thanks, i am still using motioninjoy version 6.5. it served us very well, thanks to developer for making ps3 controller possible on PC, and above all its Xbox driver is killer. gonna check this method and update my friends circle as per advantages of this new BOOyaaa! LOL

  2. Abdulai Adekunle

    Hi. I tried your method for my camouflage PS3 pad but it still can’t connect via wirelessly but it works while it’s plugged. Please wat should I do.

  3. Im using windows 7 64bit like you but when i install it the “ds3 usb driver installed” doesnt show up as well as the bluetooth driver so i cant connect the ds3. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  4. Bus device not found duting uding win 10 need help..
    And hiw to play the game like modern warfare 3 fall out 4 using ps3 controller ds3

  5. Please inorder to connect my ps3 controller wirelessly to my laptop (although having an integrated Bluetooth adapter) must I need to have a USB Bluetooth dongle?

  6. segui tus pasos todo funciona bien conectado al usb pero al conectarlo via bluethooh, todos los botones funcionan a excepcion del Botom L2 cuando abro un juego con algún emulador al configurar los botones por defalut se queda presionado el botom L2, alguna vez te ha pasado algo asi, he intentado de mil maneras pero no he logrado hacerlo funcionar, que crees que me falte hacer, a que se me esta pasando por ato, repito solo es cuando lo conecto via bluethooh, porque con usb funciona normal

  7. PLEASE!!!!! I just need the I can’t find it

  8. i want to use other bluetooth devices beside the PS3 controller on my laptop
    and can i make it work for usb bluetooth dongle not the built-in bluetooth

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