How To Fix webMAN MOD for 4.82.2 Rebug DEX CFW For PS3


11-7-18: Initial release

A few weeks ago I had made a video showing how to update from 4.81.2 Rebug DEX, and at the time when I was doing the video, I noticed that webMAN MOD did not work. So it was a hassle to go online because you had to use rebug toolbox to change to CEX and then use PSNPATCH to go online for PSN. Also, you had to use Multiman to select your games.

Now fast forward into the future and I figured out that you need the latest version of webMAN MOD installed and then you can actually get the program working so you can get to the IDPS and PSID to unban your PS3, in addition to mounting your games virtually and playing them.

All you need to do is download the .pkg file on your computer, put it onto the root of a FAT32 formatted usb drive, insert into right usb port, and install on the PS3 thru the package manager.

Afterwards, run the webMAN MOD and hold down L1 (until PS3 reboots). This gets you the full edition, and then when you go into webMAN MOD setup, you can see everything and do whatever you want, just as you would when using webMAN MOD on older versions of the program.

For further information, see the youtube video below.

Here is the link to get the latest webMAN MOD files:


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