About Us

(original publish date of this page is April 17th, 2007)


2-17-10:  Rewrote the whole page.

You haven’t lived if you don’t have dreams or goals to attend.  In September of 2006, I started the blog, but I really didn’t start writing material until Spring of 2007, which just happened to be my last semester in college.  In the summer of 2007, I started my first professional job outside of school, and with the free time instilled within me, it is when I decided to give the blog another try and started working on articles hardcore.  Now three years later, the blog has evolved in ways I could never have predicted.

Why was the blog created?

Simple. Humans are curious by nature, and we never stop learning.  As time went on, I found myself repeating instructions over and over to friends and family.  To help keep my insanity, I started the blog to share my “Underground Knowledge” that I collected over my youth.  It was my way of helping the “Average Joe” sharpen his knowledge and become something great.

The blog is my way of collecting the information and document it so that you can benefit and go forth in your own lives and teach others.  This blog in no way shape or form supports piracy.  How you use the information from this blog is up to you, but please do not use it for all the wrong purposes.  This is not my intention with the blog at all.  It is only meant to be an educational piece, no more and no less.

We cannot gather every single Underground trick in the book, so we will focus on the more important ones that will matter the most in your life. Thank you for reading this, and I want you to check back often!

  1. Can you send me a demonoid invite please?
    I want to try out the proxy from your blog!

  2. Seriously, next time post your comment in the right place.

    Do you deserve a demonoid invite? >_> I’ll be nice. Check your inbox.

  3. Hey guys. Great blog and stuff. Where are you guys based? Any Torontonians?

  4. Chyea is based in Canada around that area. Rest of us are spread across the USA.

    TvDenimChap is from the UK. 😛

  5. Hi

    Underground masters. I am adding you in my blogroll @ http://www.techmartini.com hope you will do the same!

  6. came across your blog, noticed a error to your xbox360 rant and it was not the use of the english language.

    the xbox360 elite comes with a 120gb hard drive not a 20gb

    and you also appear to be using a mix of second hand and first hand prices, gamestation sells alot of second hand goods

  7. Thank you for your comments. Next time, it would make more sense if people posted the appropriate comment in the correct thread?

    Why xbox comment in an “about us” page? Makes no sense.

  8. hi,
    trying to log into winSCp, entered my ip address, user name and password but connection is always refused. any ideas???


  9. No idea. This is not the right place to post your comment.

  10. Jerry Anderson


    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you: http://www.picturesurf.org/share-buttons

    Hope you find it helpful!


  11. you have a great blog, keep it up 😀

  12. Hey, about Voltaire using Office 2010: They’re (MS) are going to make an online free version of Office 2010 to compete with Google Docs, but IMHO it sucks. Any opinions?

    • The online version doesn’t seem impressive. Why? Simply because it requires Silverlight 3 (or whatever it’s called). gDocs works with most browsers and doesn’t require anything special like Silverlight to work. Plus you can hook it with other apps so there’s more portability and usability added in. Can’t use Online 2010 if you don’t have Silverlight, and that’s a major issue that’s making it hard for me to really want to use it.

  13. Nice blog. I just made one myself and I find yours to be a little inspirational. I didn’t know how hard it was to pump out quality articles all the time, thats work! We made ours for the same reasons too, I just want to push out some information that I think others can use. Good work!

  14. Also, the above comments are full of lulz. I can’t wait to get some noob questions of my own.

  15. Just wanted to suggest skimming through the comments of this blog and seeing how annoying it is to see so many comments not be placed in the right place! It’s quite funny how many people don’t know or are too lazy.

  16. IMO You could make authors of this blog on the sidebar more visible. I came to “About Us” page to see who is writing, and after a while I’ve seen that they’re on sidebar.

  17. Versatile, could you please tell me your new youtube account, i really watch your videos, i really want to see them.


  18. Hey dude! Nice blog ever i see!
    Keep it up!

  19. How’s the book going?

  20. Guys, the About Us page has been updated to reflect the times. This is just the beginning.

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