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Call of Duty – Black Ops “Cracks” And Zombie Fix

(Screenshot above courtesy of Versatile)


11-12-10: Initial release.



Disclaimer:  The files and knowledge depicted below is only for users who have been known to have “issues” with their game.  We do not have links to where you can download the game, and I am sure users will know how to get the game in one fashion or another. The files listed below are for those who want to unlock the game the easy way, or perhaps run their game without Steam.

We feel for you, and we will put our neck on the line for you. With that said, enjoy yourself and have fun.  We know that the majority of the money made has already been done with consoles, and for hardcore PC gamers.  – Versatile


Courtesy of Skidrow and community:

Always back up before making changes!

We recommend you use this crack for skidrow release only.


Zombie Fix:

This is CRACK ONLY, it’s an edit of SKIDROW’s release that enables Zombie mode on solo.


DOA – Activates Dead Ops Arcade
3ARC INTEL – Unlocks all Intel in the game for viewing
3ARC UNLOCK – Unlocks Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie Mode **

Instructions :

1) Just extract into your Black Ops folder, replace BlackOps.exe and launch. Select zombies on main menu, then Solo and enjoy !

(Just to be safe, keep a backup of BlackOps.exe)

If you wan’t to unlock all Zombie Maps without finishing Single Player :

Add this to: Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty – Black Ops\players\config.cfg:

seta zombiefive_discovered “1”
seta zombietron_discovered “1”

Links thanks to user Ð@®K KÑ!GHT from warez-bb.

I confirmed it and here’s the result

New Halo Reach Multiplayer ViDoc: Prepare for the Beta!

“The Halo Reach beta is getting closer every day- now we can see it in action.”

Here is a video for your benefit:

[How To] Play Call of Duty – World at War 5 Co-Op Online Using Hamachi (Tunngle Preferred)

Foreword: I’ve decided to put this tutorial back up, which was originally created by author Chyea for Call of Duty World at War. Please note that the preferred method is Tunngle. You need to update your game to the latest version. Please see my exclusive Tunngle video below.

Of course, this article is no way in shape or form created to promote piracy. There are legitimate players with legitimate users who want to play this game via LAN with their friends.  This is an educational piece, and shall be treated as one.  ~ Versatile

11-17-09: Re-release of an old article per indiscreet demand. MW2 is a better game. Does anyone care about this one? 🙂

1-22-10: Added tunngle video.

Tunngle Video

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[How To] Find Porn on Youtube

Obviously porn is a pretty big industry, and the internet definitely made it bigger. Being able to find free porn is a fundamental skill that everyone has, although the efficiency varies.

Youtube has been a repeated target for those 4chan douchebags, who have been collectively uploading massive amounts of porno as a defiance to Youtube’s tough copyright measure. It goes without saying that the only weapon these virgins have, is porn. They are indeed the most notorious group of assholes on the internet, Rick Astley and that black kid from chocolate rain will agree with me. They are responsible for the countless occurrences of lolcats, pedobear, mudkipz, creating Rick Astley’s career, and ruining that black kid’s life. My favorite is when these trolls went on to Omegle chat and made every reply with the word “egg”. (A lot of Omegle users thought they kept on connecting to the same person).

That being said, Am I a 4chan user? Maybe.

Therefore, as a comic relief, I will show you how to obtain porn from Youtube.

In Youtube’s search bar, type in “Porn”.

Sort the results by “Newest”.

Done, finding free porn has never been easier.

The catch is, those porn sucks, most of them is only several seconds long. So unless a 5 second fapping session is all you need to blow your load, you are not gonna have a satisfactory experience with Youtube porno.

[Proof of Concept] Your Favorite FPS War Game Online Via Unconventional Methods

11-15-09: Initial Release

11-16-09:  Youtube video shows dedicated server concept. Video added.  Oh yea, new words about this space in your nickname fix.

11-17-09: Added someone else’s youtube that shows how to play MP online.

Important Foreword:  This post was started by fellow Underground Author Chyea, who in all the best intentions loves the game in question that I am pretty sure any active gamer knows that I am talking about.  I have stepped into finish it up since he is busy with real life responsibilities.  With that said, no full fledged tutorial will be written up unless I have something concrete to talk about. I have seen the activity, and there is a lot of stuff that is going to happen the next few days.  Trust me.  It’s called the community versus IW. 🙂

Hence, this is just a proof of concept article only to get your taste buds moistened.  An educational document if you will about a real story of real life game hackers who want to prove to the “man” that yes, the game will be modded to hell to bring back dedicated PC support as commanded by gamers across the world.  I mean no ill will to Chyea, we just got to handle this smartly.  Suspension, remember? >_>

Over the course of time when I am comfortable, I will change the title of the article and everything else as necessary to reflect current times.  ~ Versatile

As we all know, Modern Warfare 2 has no dedicated LAN support, and if you search google or any news site you will see tons of articles on Modern Warfare 2 and the story about how it got cracked. I think it is pretty safe to start linking to these stories, don’t you?


News Articles on MW2 and Cracking and hacking:

So with that said, it is no surprise MW2 was subjected to a lot of piracy for those in the know.  These same type of people have been looking for ways to take their copies online for dedicated server play and what not.  What we have today (at least) is a work in progress that gives you 90 seconds of online Steam playing flavor before you get disconnected.  The creator (and the competition) says they are working on ways to fix this, but they want to get their digital signature into it to prove they are the creator.

All I am for seeing is a long battle of hacker versus IW doing a cat and mouse play.  Might as well give up and wait for Battlefield Bad Company 2 perhaps? 🙂

How to play this work in progress Steam fix for non-legitimate players:

1) Download the file, extract to the ROOT directory of your Modern Warfare 2, have steam running, and play!!!  Note: 90 seconds of play is available right now until this fix gets updated.  If it does, we will let you know.

No, we will not reveal the sources, as the more visible this gets, the more likely it won’t last that long.

2) Hamachi or Tunngle is NOT necessary.


VIDEO TUTORIAL (not Versatile, someone else’s)

Short tutorial:

New Notes: Add a space to your Steam Nickname. If you use the questionable file and play online with no space in your name, you get kicked after 90 seconds.  Now add a space and you can play for a long time!  Example: “PortalCake” turns into “Portal Cake”.  Enjoy.

Note: Recommendation for using a fake steam account is very high.

Proof of Concept MW2 Dedicated Server Video!

COD Modern Warfare 2 PC Will Not Have Dedicated Server Support!

After hearing this news a couple of days ago, I was left speechless. The lack of dedicated servers for a PC FPS game is unthinkable.

“The developer said recently that the PC version will not include code for dedicated multiplayer servers, instead relying on a yet to be revealed, peer-to-peer matchmaking service called IWNET.

‘We’re building in our own matchmaking so you can get in there and play with players your same rank,” said Infinity Ward’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, during a podcast. “You’re completely reliant on, and there are no dedicated servers or server lists.’

The news hasn’t gone down well, with nearly 97,000 gamers asking the developer ‘to review their decision not to allow fully dedicated servers for their forthcoming game release COD: MW2. Remember that this Call Of Duty was made popular by PC gamers who have supported the series throughout’.”

More information can be found at the original source:

After some visits to Infinity Ward’s public discussion forum, I discovered that the outrage in the PC community is not at all exaggerated. In fact, many players and teams who have been eagerly awaiting for the release of MW2 have declared that they will cancel their preorders and boycott the game entirely. As of October 22nd 7:00pm, the number of signatures in the petition is at 140,000, and is still growing.


I urge you all to sign it, even 360 and PS3 gamers. If Activision is willing to sacrifice the satisfaction of PC players for profit, they will be willing to go further…

Download Links For Rapidshare, Megaupload and More


Foreword:  Many of the sites spoken below contain legitimate software.  However, I do realize that sometimes these type of services may provide information that can lead to software that was obtained illigitimately.  We are not held liable for any actions you may do to your computer if you decide to pursue these paths. We are simply providing you information to better educate yourselves, but we are not here to protect you.  You have to protect yourself.  ~ Versatile

If you have a premium account for one of these one-click-hosting sites and wishes to bring your pirating skills to the next level, there’s nothing better than to have access to a database of links of your favorite movies, music and games. Even if you are a free user, you can still download those contents, although with limited speed and size,  and the addition of waiting time.

I warn you though, the comfort of safe piracy, the vast amount of content and the convenience of high speed downloads will make this habit somewhat of an addiction. Pretty soon you’ll feel as if you’re on a quest to back up the internet. I myself have dedicated 3 terabytes(still growing) of personal storage space to 720p and 1080p high definition movies, the qualities of which, needless to say, are totally awesome. To put icing on the cake, I’ve connected my video card to my 50 inch 1080p LCD TV with a 15 feet HDMI cable. My heart beat goes up whenever I put on a movie, or whenever I change my game resolution to 1920×1080.

Anyways, as I was saying, if you wish to download from Rapidshare, or Megaupload, or other one-click-hosting sites, and are still searching for a place to find links, you can simply visit these following links. These links are private forums, in which users of the aforementioned hosting sites gather to post the media contents that they’ve uploaded. Simply use the search function of these forums, to find what you are looking for. Of course, as with all forums, they require a registration, but I hope that you will not let a process that`s as easy as abc123 get in your way.

Links: (mixed sites) (mixed sites) (exclusively Megaupload)

If you know any other great sites for these links, please kindly share with us.

Windows Vista Speech Recognition

I saw a lot of video on youtube making fun of just how terrible this feature is, my anti ignorance alarm goes off everytime I counter such a video.

So, I made something to hopefully convince some of you educated people that it’s faulty because some dumb users simply don’t know to use it (integrated laptop mic in a bus station).

Watch in HD:

Mac Upgrade


Scrubs Season 8 Episode 11, Episode 12 Download

We are going to try something new. For the rest of the final season of Scrubs, I’m going to post a direct download link of the new episodes. These links are found randomly on the internet, we do not personally have the original file. If you whine that it’s a copy right violation, go sue the internet.

500 views and no comments… Have you guys heard of thanks? lol.

The links will be up within a day of the airing time, and will only be up for 48 hours. After 48 hours, it will be taken down.

You’re going to have to check back regularly to see if a new link is posted.

Choose “free user” unless you have a paid premium account.

Edit: links removed until next air time.