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My Insights on Halo3 and COD4 MP

Okay, so I have sampled multiplayer from Call of Duty 4 and it’s got some tricks.
You can:
-Call in air strikes.
-Find people with the radar/map.
-Lay down/crawl.
-The ability to shoot through wooden walls/objects with higher calibers.
-Chuck a grenade back at your opponent(if you’re fast enough)
-Near death state which you can still shoot.

I’ve played games like this before and while some of the ideas are pretty cool, there are more than a few complaints I have with it.
1-The airstrikes unbalance it especially the helicopters.
2-You have to move slower and make yourself a target to aim your weapon.
3-You have to stand in front of an open door to throw a grenade in it. (yes I know you have to do it in halo as well).
4-On the right map, people who lay on the ground can just murder their opponents.
5-With radar on, you know EXACTLY where your opponents are.
6-With radar off, you have to have nearly perfect vision unless they walk directly in front of you.
7-Running only gets you dead faster.
8-Grenade throw stinks.
9-You have to sit down and read a manual just to know how to play.
10-Unless you shoot them in the head, they aren’t dead right away and can fire back.
11-Death cams (Why do I want to watch my killer’s POV?)
12-No vehicles to ride in!

I like to be able to point and shoot, not have to do something that will make me move slower and reduce my sight. I know that sniper and br limit vision, but at least they don’t make me move slower. I like being able to jump in a hog/mongoose and depending on what I do I can throw off the balance of the fight. Just go on a splatter spree or just act goofy and get the enemy’s attention while my buddies get into position. To get more weapons or ammo, I have to loot the corpse of my enemy? What happens if I run out of ammo and all of his buddies are standing next to his corpse? I die is what, and I would prefer the option to be able to get more weapons or ammo, or pull a strategic withdrawal.

The structures had no landmarks that could be simple to remember. In halo 3, “I’m pinned at Froman!” is all the info your team needs to know where you are and where some of the enemy are. When we played Call of Duty 4, it was, “I’m in a room!” “There are boxes!” I also called in a helicopter strike and watched as I racked up enemy kills with no actual effort on my part. You can hide in a building and call in for the entire enemy team to be wiped out with no chance of reprisal.

Now onto Halo 3:
-hornets (AWESOME!!!)
-sniper rifle that requires skill
-Large market for DLC
-Infection playlists
-portable turrets
-THE RETURN OF THE ASSAULT RIFLE!!! Now when out of ammo, you can assault someone with it!
-the shotgun and needler are to be feared!!!

There are also some big negatives to point out in Halo

One big point is that on maps like Epitaph and Snowbound there are shied doors placed around the map. These doors promote camping with weapons such as shotgun and mauler. There is a counter to this camping though. All you have to do is just hang around the top of the bases with sniper and battle rifle and wait for them to come out. The only flaw to this strategy is that if the opposing team has the lead all they would have to do is have the nerve to sit in ah-mazing protected room for the rest of the round.

Another negative which I am not directly affected by but i know many others are is the fact bungie had worked hard to make the game with the least amount of glitches possible. They have done a good job on this and I am personally happy but i know for a fact that a lot of the glitching community is disappointed.

Overall I feel these are two VERY GREAT games. Remember these are just MY opinions. I’m sure that some of you out there disagree with me but this isn’t the place to flame. If you would like post your insights or disagreements but withhold from flame please.