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Free Download! Coldplay’s Latest Album. [Legit]

Hey everyone!

The last few weeks have been hectic and the next few weeks are bound to be full of crazy things as well. It’s been a while since I busted out the pen and paper and really wrote something hardcore, but Versatile and I have a lot planned for future release.

From andrewguag

From andrewguag

Anyway, Coldplay’s new album Left Right Left Right Left is free for download on their site today. I believe the download will last for a while, so hop on up while you still can and get a copy! I got mine today a few hours ago, it’s a quick download of a zip file with about 10 mp3 songs on it.

Click here for more information.

Click here to get to the download page.

Click here for a direct download. (I’m not completely convinced this works though.)

Song listing:

  1. Glass Of Water
  2. 42
  3. Clocks
  4. Strawberry Swing
  5. Hardest Part/Postcards From Far Away
  6. Viva La Vida
  7. Death Will Never Conquer
  8. Fix You
  9. Death And All Of His Friends

Have fun, enjoy the music!


A Day Away From The World… of the Internet.

In spirit of Personal Experience Week, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and write something about the world. Well, hopefully with a bit of focus.

These past few weeks, months even, have been hectic, for me, for Versatile, for life in general. I realized how attached I was to the computer. I literally needed it for everything, to relax, to work, to communicate with the rest of the world. I realized that the computer wasn’t really helping my life. So I did a little experiment of my own, to see what would happen if I tweaked my life a bit.

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Dropbox – The Great Online File Sync

Hello everyone!

Alright, so I finally decided to review Dropbox. Here’s what I will cover in my review/guide/tutorial mix.

-What is this “Dropbox?”


-How to get Dropbox

-How to use Dropbox

-Why use Dropbox?

Ready? Here we go!

What is this “Dropbox?”

Dropbox is basically a tool built by some guys which allows you to 1) store, 2) share, and 3) sync your files online. It’s really simple to use and the files can be accessed anywhere. Storing a file is as easy as dragging and dropping into a folder, there is no complicated FTP interface to figure out. All your files are stored online and can be synced amongst multiple computers.

Why is Dropbox so neat and useful? First, you can upload any file you want, really easily, and it will be stored on the Dropbox servers. Then, you can update this file any time to want and it will be updated on every computer that you use Dropbox on. If you changed a file on Computer 1 and Computers 2 and 3 share that file as well, guess what? The file will be updated on all 3 computers. Also, Dropbox keeps a log of the changes, so you can go back to older versions if something is removed by mistake.

Basic Features:

-2 GB free, basic pricing plans for more space

-Files are synced between multiple computers

-Hassle-free installation, updating, and accessibility. No complex programs to install, it’s a tiny program that does all the work for you.

-No FTP needed. Dropbox acts like another folder or networked drive.

-Files can be shared to anyone, all you have to do is right click and get a public link.

-Web interface for those times when you just can’t install the Dropbox (no time, no administrative rights, etc.). The web interface allows you to upload and download files as well as manage files and view the file log.

Dropbox has 2 useable interfaces, a web interface and the actual tiny program that you can use on your computer. I’ll go into more detail in a bit, with some nice shiny pictures.

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Ask The Underground [Issue 2]

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting some questions recently, so I decided to post some of the answers I’ve written down. If your question wasn’t answered, please email me so I can get cracking on it right away. I might not have seen it or something and I apologize for that.

1) I can’t get quickfreedom to recognize the libusb program it keeps saying not installed. Any ideas? – Jamie

Try reinstalling QF and then reinstalling LIBUSB. Also try restarting the pc after the install. A manual attempt at installing LIBUSB before using QF wouldn’t hurt either. That’s my best guess, I’m pretty sure this bug was being worked on, so check the QF site again. – Voltaire.

2) What is an easy way to find free music online? – Punditstyle

Yes. First, there are many ways, most of which are illegal. The first way is to use a P2P program like LimeWire or FrostWire to get any music quickly. These programs are fast and easy to use if you are hunting for single songs. The next way is to use warez sites like warez-bb to download albums. This can be fast depending on where the file was uploaded and if the file is popular enough to be posted on the forums. You can also use sites like, The Pirate Bay, Demonoid, etc. to torrent songs. Most of the time, you will find full albums. These are the fastest ways to get songs now that Ruckus has been pulled offline. The best way is probably just to buy it. Free music isn’t exactly legal anyway, and we don’t want to promote illegal activity. – Voltaire.

3) I am in need of serial keys for random software or games I have. Any thoughts on how I can do this using the Internet? – EasyPickenz

Well, there are many ways to get the serial key you need. For this answer, I’m going to assume that you own the software and just lost the key for it. Otherwise, you’d be doing something illegal, and we wouldn’t want that now would we ;-). First, you can always try plain Googling. Sometimes you can get lucky and find something helpful. Versatile got a Starcraft key that way last year. A site I recommend is This place has keys for so many programs, it’s crazy! You can check it out and see if you get lucky enough to find a working key. Most of the time, you will get a key that will allow you to validate the software but not use it only. So if you have a game, you probably won’t be getting online on legit servers, you’ll have to join an underground network on Hamachi. Another way to get a key is to just go to a warez site (warez-bb) or a torrent site (Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, etc.) and check around for the program. People might post the key by itself, or you might have to download the entire package, but if you own the software, this shouldn’t be much of an issue as you can select to download only the file containing the key. Look around for keygens (key generators), but be careful! Many of these are picked up by AV scanners, so make sure that the keygen isn’t a virus by reading comments. – Voltaire.

4) I want nfs underground2 serial keys right now! – PRAFUL ROZAR JOHN

Woah there cowboy! All good things come with patience. Read number 3 and you’ll get your answer. My pro tip? Buy it.  – Voltaire.

Alright, that’s the round up! Hopefully I’ve helped out, if not, just post a follow up and I’ll keep hunting for your answer.


Moar Updates to the Blog


As you all can see, we’ve (well, I) have been making changes to the blog’s appearance over the last few hours. Things include changing themes, making a new banner, etc. If you noticed something odd, that was me playing with the settings.

To keep you all updated, I was working on a banner last night at around 1 AM, and 20 mins later, this is what popped out. It’s still a work in progress, I really don’t like it much myself, but I feel that it’s workable given the circumstances. I’m going to try to buff it up, make it more professional or something, it really feels kind of amateurish. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t use photoshop for like 5 months. *shrug*

Anyway, I’m also playing around with the Vigilance settings, so colors will end up matching nicely. I hope.

So please leave a comment telling me how much you love/hate the new banner and what I should fix to make it more professional as well as to make it represent the blog better.

Happy Sunday!


Updates on the Blog

Alright everyone, we have some updates regarding things around here.

First off, our blog is not suspended, nor should we be in any danger. I was informed that everything was just a mistake, the system suspended us by accident.

Secondly, we have not 1, not 2, but 3 (THREE) new L4D networks for everyone to use! Details are on the side panel and below:

Voltaire’s Underground L4D: Open
Voltaire’s Playground L4D: Open
L4D @ The Underground: Open

Password is l4d like every other network.

Edit: Versatile tried to get into the networks. He found that he could not get into the first one, the second one works, and that for the third one, you need to add a “space” after the word Underground.

I am also going to work on a few things around here, buff stuff up if you will.


How to Jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G [2.2.1]

Hey guys.

So if you own an iPod Touch 2G (i’ll be lazy and might write touch), never fear, the jailbreak is finally here!

Ok, that’s not strictly true. The jailbreak has been around for awhile, but it was the tethered version, which required you to connect your touch to the computer every time you wanted to reboot.

A few days ago, someone was finally able to crack the final layer and make it such that you don’t need to tether the touch anymore. A few hours later, a program called QuickFreedom was built as a GUI to allow jailbreak.

All you will need is:


-iPod Touch 2.2.1 firmware, which you can download online, through iTunes, or through QuickFreedom itself.

-LIBUSB (which you can install through QuickFreedom)

-an iPod Touch 2G (obviously.)

QuickFreedom works in a 5 step process, it’s actually not too hard to do.

Step 1:

You can download and install all the software you need from QuickFreedom, just make sure to refresh or restart the program when you do that so you can go onward, otherwise you will be stuck here.

Step 2:

Select your options and create a custom firmware. You can save it wherever you want, and you can add a custom bootscreen as well. When I did this, I didn’t use a custom bootscreen, but it should work fine.

Step 3:

This is the pre jailbreak. This was the hardest step for me, I don’t really know why. The whole trick is to get the touch into DFU mode. You can follow the DFU instructions, but it seemed almost impossible to use that, so I just ended up doing the DFU in various ways until I got it. I left iTunes open for the entire process, so you can use it as a check to see if you are doing it properly. It is my guess that QuickFreedom does not detect the DFU perfectly everytime since it told me that I was in DFU but would not let me proceed. Keep at it, you’ll eventually get there.

Here what I finally did at the end. It doesn’t matter if the iPod is on or off.
To do the DFU, hold the Power and Home buttons down for 10 seconds.
After 10 seconds, release the Power button and continue holding the Home button for 8 to 10 more seconds. At some point, iTunes should find an iPod in recovery mode unless you disconnected the iPod. I orginally tried doing this by turning off first, but in the end, I’m not too sure if that really mattered because my touch was in some limbo state between going on and off.

After you DFU, start the pre-jailbreak. WAIT. This is a mistake I almost made and got really lucky on. The log is there to help you, so read it! Do not go onward until you read that the patch was installed correctly. I almost started the next step before the patch was completely installed, this might screw things up, so just be careful.

Step 4:

Using iTunes, install the new software firmware that you built. Hold SHIFT and click Restore in iTunes, and find the custom firmware you built. Let the software install. It might take some time.

Step 5:

You are done! The touch should be jailbroken with Cydia and Installer. Have fun!

Some interesting notes:

I was not able to install more than 9 full pages of apps. I think that’s the limit. At 16 apps per page, thats 144 + 4 (from the dock) to total at 148. I haven’t tested this out, but you can probably use categories from Cydia to put all the apps in folders and get around this. Apps will still be there, but they are hidden away and will only appear if there is some more space (aka deleting old apps).

Thanks to the guys who made QuickFreedom and for, whose pictures I just copied because I was too lazy to screenshot my own in XP with Jing. If there is a problem, contact us.

Anyway, if you have questions, feel free to ask away! This worked perfectly for me and I’m happy with the results.


Making Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

Hey guys. It’s Voltaire. I’ve been a tad busy and I got sick recently. I’ve got a LOT of stuff to share, so I guess I’ll start here.

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend. People want to make XP look like Win 7 because of all the nice colors and whatnot. It looks nice, sexy, cool. It could breeze new life into you when you see it on XP. Whatever floats the old boat right?

Anyway, there are a LOT of methods out there.

First, you could use AskVG’s SevenVG Refresh theme. [Source]

I used that method and it is one of the easiest methods by far. The only problem I have is that it requires the installation of Styler and the taskbar is a bit big, but for the most part, it turns out pretty nice.

To go with it, you can install the Aero tools (Shake, Snap, and Peek). These aren’t officially by Microsoft, but they do give XP the Win 7 feel. The best one is really the Snap tool as the other ones aren’t really as economic. Reviews were mixed for Shake and Peek, so I didn’t try them, but Snap works pretty well.

If you want to do things manually, AskVG also has a multi-step guide for a true hardcore conversion. [Source]. A lot of this is done by the SevenVG Refresh theme, so really, it’s your call. But, the tutorial seems to be staying with the most recent updates to the Win 7 GUI, so it will give you more updated results. (Updated is relative here.)

A different approach called Seven Remix XP is a complete installer to theme up XP. It’s by NiwradSoft [Source]. The whole idea is that you can pick whatever options you want without hacking files yourself. I only found out about this today, so I haven’t tried it out, but it seems like it’s a pretty popular option to use. It was featured on Lifehacker and has a lot of positive reviews. It has a ton of cool stuff like bootscreens, wallpapers, the core theme, logon screens, and other hacked files.

WARNING: If you use launchy or google desktop, you might end up with some problems. This installer seems to move the shell32.dll and user32.dll files (and makes backups of them I guess). If you like launchy or gDesktop too much to lose them, this is not the method for you.

Niwradsofts Seven Remix XP

Niwradsoft's Seven Remix XP

Personally, this is all cool, but I didn’t really fall for it the first time around. I like my XP with my new Shadow theme with Fences. But the Win7 style certainly looks cool. If you could get the Aero tools, then it just might work perfectly. Or maybe it’s time to move on 😛

If you’ve already done this, or do it in the future, share what you did to apply some Win 7 to XP (or Vista).

Happy modding!


Happy Holidays!

[Update added by V1 at end of post]
On behalf of Versatile1 and the other Underground writers, I/We wish all our readers a very happy holidays! Enjoy the New Year!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy(?) Kwanzaa!
And Have a Happy New Year!

The Underground Staff

First of all guys, Voltaire has notified me that for December, we have broken 100k views already. This is the first time for us so far since our start in April of 07. Once again, thanks to everyone who continues to visit this blog for your underground material. Please note that no where on this blog do we ask for donations or ad clicks or whatever.

Sure, there is this “prize rebel” thing, but that is Voltaire’s creation, not mine. 🙂 Do with it as you wish. I got rid of the longer banner thing because I was just sick looking at it day after day.

Now I hope everyone had fun during this holiday season. I know I sure did. Playing Resistance 2, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2and CoD 5 has consumed my time as I try to blast my way through them. ;p

Also, our V2 activity is really lacking, and I totally understand that. Right now I am contemplating how I should proceed with it, as definitely the heart of our viewers are with this blog time after time again.

Now onto the fun part:


I am going to start a new series with random posting dates on a new subject topic that relates to the underground. Part of it deals with my own lessons learned in life, as well as models learned from others. This particular series can’t really die I suppose, as there is so much material on it that I could easily write about it month after month.

The new series is going to be kept under wraps for now. I’m going to make a small banner for it, and maybe a personalized sig for my forum adventures? I’ll see. Geez, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! Muahaha. I hope to have the first post of these series up within next couple days. Keep your fingers crossed!

[Free Stuff] PrizeLive: A New Way to Get Easy Money

Well, you know us. Actually, me, I’m the more obsessive one about free stuff. I mean, free stuff for doing almost nothing? That’s a profit! So I’ve done a LOT of “free” stuff places in the past few months. Last time, we talked about PrizeRebel. This time, I’ve got a place that’s EVEN EASIER than PrizeRebel. It’s so easy, I can’t even believe it.

Anyone using PrizeRebel knows that while you can get easy credits and quick prizes, the system sometimes does not credit their users properly. However, I’m not giving up on it; I got a $20 keyboard for free in 1 week, doing offers for 20 minutes a day. (Around 2 – 3 offers) Add RoboForm to that, and you’re golden.

But PrizeLive is something different. Here, you make cash that can be sent to you via PayPal or check. What you do is fill in quick offers, like submitting emails, zip codes, surveys, and others. You can even view sites for quick cash! Within 1 day, I earned $1.22, and I spent only 5 minutes. There’s even a monthly jackpot of around $300!

How to make quick money:

1) Sign up at Please share the wealth, and sign up with my ref link. You don’t HAVE to, but it doesn’t hurt you, and it will help you if I decide to hold a contest in the future. So click here for my ref link.

2) When you sign in, go to the Offer List. There is a green button, it is pretty easy to find.

3) Find an offer which you want to do, read the instructions, click on the link (it will open a new tab), and complete EXACTLY what the instructions say to do. Afterwards, go back to PrizeLive and click submit under that offer to submit it for review.

4) CLEAR YOUR COOKIES. If you don’t do this, you won’t get as many offers accepted. Just do it, you will be grateful you did once more offers start creditting your account.

5) Complete offers from the LAST 30 COMPLETED or the 30 MOST POPULAR. Why? Well, these are the offers that are creditting the most. So, as a reason behind my insane logic, these offers are most likely to be creditted for you as well.

6) Play the game correctly, not hard. What I mean is, don’t do every single offer you see. You will probably not be credited at all. Do an offer, CLEAR THOSE COOKIES, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and go do another one. It is also best to do only 8 to 10 offers a day. Why? Well, doing more offers means that it will take more time to credit each one from that day. If you do 100 offers in 1 day, chances are, few will credit. If you do 10, most of them will credit within a week.

7) Complete ALL Zip code offers. These offers credit VERY quickly, in around 10 minutes. Plus, they are easy to do and good credit.

8 ) Do TWO PTC (Pay to click) offers a day. It might seem like little pay off (1 cent isn’t much) BUT it gives you 2 jackpot entries a day for doing NOTHING. You don’t even have to wait at the page, just click it, let it load, and close it. And you don’t need to clear cookies until after you viewed both sites.

Note: Every offer that credits for you adds 1 entry to the jackpot. There are roughly 7000 to 8000 entries per month. Now, seems like a lot, but a 1% chance is REALLY good for you. Thus, doing 2 PTC a day will get you 2 entries a day, so around 60 entries a month. And every other offer you do gets you entries, so you can easily end with 100 entries or more. Again, play the game correctly, not hard.

9) Use a DIFFERENT EMAIL EACH TIME that you do a “submit email” offer. The companies want different emails in their system, not the same ones, so play the game and do it their way. They don’t want your same email again, they can’t spam you MORE anyway. Use Mailinator or to get a random junk email, and use it once. Use a new one after clearing cookies and doing it again. EDIT: I was informed by the Administrator of PrizeLive that fake email addresses aren’t supposed to be used. First, they aren’t allowed technically (though reports have confirmed it working, but still). Second, advertisers don’t like it and are more likely to not credit you. So make a new account at gmail, hotmail,, etc. when you need something new.

10 ) Be diligent. Don’t give up. If something isn’t crediting, just wait it out and do other offers. Not everything will credit as it depends on the survey site accept you, and each site takes different amounts of time. If you don’t get the credit, the offer will be available next month for you to do again. Besides, it takes around 5 minutes total in your day to do 8 offers. You don’t have that much time? I bet you do!

11) Tell people to be your referral. They will get you extra cash, and if they too refer people, you will get even MORE cash. You get 10% of whatever tier 1 and tier 2 referrals make as an added bonus (don’t worry, they don’t lose 10%, you get an EXTRA 10% of what they make).

12) This is optional, but it helps you log in quickly after cookie clearing. Download and install the PrizeLive Toolbar. You get extra credits every 24 hours and hot links to the important parts of the site.  It’s not bad, but you don’t need it to get cash.

12) Optional as well. You can own an offer. This will cost you some points (say 0.13 points) but the profits are pretty nice if you pick wisely. What owning an offer does: If anyone else on PrizeLive does the offer and is credited within the 5 days that you own the offer, you get 10% of that offers worth. If you pick the right offers, like things that reappear on the Top 30 constantly, you can reap big profits. And you can own 5 offers at a time!

Want more proof? My friend bought his Halloween costume using only money from PrizeLive. Another friend started 2 days ago, went all out, and earned $21 by being smart and playing the game correctly.

So hope along! I give this site a solid 10/10.


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