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NBA Sunday!

January 30, 2011 – Initial Release

Today, we will have interesting match-ups as a couple NBA teams square off tonight.

The Orlando Magic, who might be on going the same path as Cleveland, will verse the struggling Cavaliers tonight.
Orlando has to keep their star (Dwight Howard) in their squad as long as they could possibly can because he will have the choice to be a free agent in 2012.
The Cavaliers once had LeBron James. They tried and tried to build pieces around him so he could get a championship, but they failed and he left them.
Now, the Magic, who recently had a blockbuster trade sending Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas to the Magic roster, are building pieces around Dwight Howard. They lost in the Finals to the Lakers 2 years ago.

Speaking of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and his squad renew a much anticipated rivalry with the Boston Celtics, who lost to them in last year’s Finals.
The two classic rivals are playing great, but age might be slowing them down. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, and Ron Artest are the aging starters that are over 30 years old.

The New Orleans Hornets will face off against the Phoenix Suns tonight also. Now, this may not seem as a very exciting game, but these two teams both have one of the most elite point guards today in Steve Nash (Suns) and Chris Paul (Hornets).
Watch for a ton of highlights, and outstanding assists. The Hornets currently have a losing streak of 1, and the Suns have a winning streak of 1.

Finally, the two league’s top scorers face off tonight. Miami Heat, with the trio of Dwyane Wade, LeBron, and Bosh, will battle out Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and the ever so improving Serge Ibaka with the rest of the Thunder.
Durant is leading the league with 28.8 points a game, and LeBron is pacing it with 26.1 ppg, just slightly above Amar’e Stoudamire (26.0 ppg), who’s team will battle the Pistons tonight in New York.

The double header of Thunder vs. Miami (1:00PM ET) and Los Angeles vs. Boston (3:30PM ET) will feature tonight on ABC.
Other games tonight include: Denver vs. Philadelphia, NYK vs. Pistons, and Utah vs. Golden State.

Happy 1,000th Underground Post!

January 22, 2011 – Initial Release.

I just wanted to congratulate the Underground staff and most especially the readers for giving us encouragement and inspiration to make it this far.
Thank you from all our bloggers here.

God bless this blog, and all the people pertaining to it!

Nuggets/Pistons/Nets in Trade Talk.

January 11, 2011 – Initial Release

Rumors have spread across the NBA nation that Carmelo Anthony, along with his expiring contract, will be moving to the Nets in New Jersey. Friend of his and Nuggets teammate, Chauncey Billups, will likely be included.
The three-team trade will also send Richard Hamilton to New Jersey to reunite with his former Pistons champion teammate, Billups.
The Nets would give rookie Derrick Favors and first-round draft picks to the Nuggets, while the Pistons recieve Troy Murphy‘s $12mil expiring contract and Johan Petro, both who Detroit has no long-term interest in.

Carmelo Anthony actually wants to be part of the New York Knicks, only a few miles away from New Jersey. If he does not get traded to the Knicks before the deadline and rather lands a spot in NJ, he can opt out of a contract signing by the Nets and become an unrestricted free agent to join Amar’e Stoudamire and his reborn team.

NBA Game: Two Star-Lost Teams Battle

Jan. 6th, 2011 – Initial Release.

Lacking defensive intensity, the Cavaliers lost their eighth straight game on Wednesday, getting stomped by the Raptors, who broke an 11-game skid against the Cavs and also lost an important player to Miami. The Raptors beat Cleveland on the road 120-105.
The Cavaliers have only ONE win and EIGHTEEN losses since November 27. People, it’s the friggen NEW YEAR, they have not won a second game in past a month.

Bargnani scored 25, Barbosa added 22, and Jose Calderon earned his season-high with 17 assists. Antawn Jamison scored 32 for the Cavaliers, who were outscored 94-69 in every quarter but the first, in which Cleveland lead by 15.

More stress is expected as the struggling team starts a 5-game road trip beginning at Golden State, and their next home game is to be set on January 19th.

Let’s See ‘Em Comments!

Jan. 02, 2011 – Initial Release

Okay, so in this post I’m going to ask a series of questions, random ones. And your job as Underground blog readers, is to write a comment answering all/any of the questions.

Please be sure to number and answer as deeply and specific as possible.


Ques. #1 – The New Year is finally here. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
Ques. #2 – There are several free online (FPS) games out there. What’s your favorite?
Ques. #3 – There are also plenty paid FPS games too. What’s your favorite?
Ques. #4 – What is your fav. video game console, and what game for it?
Ques. #5 – What’s your opinion on the Wii and why?
Ques. #5 – What was last year’s New Year’s Resolution?


Paul Pierce: The Dark Knight

Watch as Pierce uses the Garnett screen to switch defenders and fake out Knicks’ big man Amar’e Stoudamire to make the fadeaway jumper.

Also, notice at the end Nate Robinson, whose former team was the Knicks, falls over Paul Pierce after jumping on him twice, wanting to be carried. Pierce was like “IDGAF, I’m the star!”, and Ray Allen’s face. The cockiness of the Celts showed tonight when Paul and Garnett decided to show off by doing a courtesy and bowing in all directions.

NBA News #3

December 06, 2010 – Initial Release

NBA’s Best Team: Dallas Mavericks.
The Mavs have been getting it done lately as the 2nd best in the West and the entire league (tied with Boston, and trailing the Spurs). They currently hold the longest winning streak in the NBA with 9 straight. Did you know? That’s more than the Clippers and the Kings’ total wins COMBINED!
One main reason I pick Dallas for current best team is ’cause they are consistent. With a good group of all-stars in their lineup, who can stop ’em? They have had only one loss in their previous 10 games and that loss being on the road.

NBA’s Worst Team: Los Angeles Clippers.
You’d think they would be in the top 8 playoff contenders by now, but no. Team chemistry with this team is like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston. It’s junk. They don’t know how to play together, Baron Davis is not being consistent, and the entire team is relying on a rookie who has had a mere single season experience! ‘Nuff said, let’s move on.

Is Andrew Bynum healed yet? Yes, though not fully. The young Lakers center reported after practice, that his knee was not swelling and/or sore. The Laker’s have a busy schedule these two upcoming weeks with a road trip.
Bynum will have to keep practicing to apply more strength to his knee, which he had surgery on in late July to fix up a torn ligament. Bynum intends to play some time this month although he has not since winning the championship last season.

Action Puzzle Game GOD!

December 06, 2010 – Initial Release.

I was just surfin’ on YouTube as always, and came across this guy. What a BEAST! I was amazed.


Fail compilation. Not made by me. If you already saw it, then good. Watch this one:

NBA News #2


Initial Release – Dec. 04, 2010

A stomach virus is running through the Orlando Magic’s squad, targeting 4 critical players.
Starting point guard Jameer Nelson, shooting guard J.J Redick, all-star center Dwight Howard, and Mickael Pietrus have been aimed at by the flu and have been sent home.
Recently the Detroit Pistons got beat by Orlando despite the illness that had Howard and Pietrus out. At a win in Chicago (against the Bulls), Pietrus vomitted in the hallway when the game was over.
As a Bucks game arrives, the Magic will be forced to play with only 8 players on their squad. 5 starters, 3 bench players. Expect to see fatigue shadow the players. Vince Carter is expected to have either a big blowout game to take over, or a dusty match with less than 15 points.

Although he has been through the illness, Dwight Howard is named Kia Player of The Month along with Western Conference Utah Jazz star, Deron Williams. The two have been honored with the award due to a chilli-hot month of November.
Dwight Howard has carried his team to a 13-4 record thus far, not to mention the current 6-win streak going on. He’ll have to fight the flu if he’s going to win December’s Player of The Month.
The Stats:
November 3rd against Minnesota : 18 points, 16 rebounds, [season-high] 8 blocks. (Won 126-86, 40 point victory)
– November 5th vs. the Nets : 30 points, 16 rebounds (again!). (Won 105-90, 15 point victory)
– November 24th vs. Miami Heat : 24 points, 18 rebounds. (Won 111-110)
– November 27th at Washington : [season-high] 32 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks. (Won 100-99, Howard makes game-winning shot.)
Dwight averaged 15 rebounds and 26 points in the above games (ONLY the aboved games, I skipped a couple.)
He averages 21.8 points/game(5th in Eastern Conference), 12.1 rebounds/game, and is shooting 59.4% (3rd in league).

Deron Williams of the Jazz has been carrying the load thus far into the season. He has been scoring points, dishing out assists, and even grabbing a couple of rebounds! Williams is the ultimate point guard as he can do everything a SF can with his speed, strength, and eyeballs!
The Stats:
– November 10 vs. Dwight Howard & the Magic: 30 points, 14 assists, 5 rebounds. (Won 104-94, 10 point victory.)
– November 15 against Oklahoma City: 31 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds(Again?!). (Lost 105-87, 18 point defeat) [On October 31st, the Jazz beat Oklahoma 120-99, so don’t panic!]
–  November 24th vs. PG rival Chris Paul & New Orleans: 26 points, 11 assists, 5 steals. (Won 105-87, 18 point victory; Same exact score a week ago on Nov. 15, but now it’s a win.) 😀
LeBron James and his fellow Heat partners Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh came to do one thing in Cleveland: Win. And they did just that, with a devastating blowout to the Cavs 118-90 (28 point victory). The mindset of the Cavaliers was somewhat different, however they had a few goals to accomplish: Win, show the Heat (namely LeBron) that they could win without him, and to prove to the NBA universe (namely Cleveland) that they weren’t screwed without him. They wanted to show that James was no longer needed, in fact they wanted to prove that he made a very bad mistake to leave Cleveland.
James also had a few things to say, but he took it all out on the Cavs’ bench. After the blowout, Cavaliers bench player Daniel Gibson said he didn’t enjoy what LeBron James had said during the game. He stated that from far away, you’d think they were joking and having a good time. That wasn’t the case from up close. Although the media could not have traced what James had said, the fans were disappointed with him and also with the Cavaliers team as they lost at Lebron’s homecoming.