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Write to Your Senators Opposing Telecommunication Company Immunity!!!!

Help Keep the US a DemocracyThis morning, a bill that would allow telecom companies to legally spy on us without our knowing and give our information (without a warrant) to the government came to the Senate floor. Unfortunately, the bill was voted for advancement. However, all is not lost. Some Senators voted for advancement so that they could criticize it and amend it. Please, I implore you, write to your Senators via the EFF ( ) and tell them that you want them to vote against this bill. If this gets passed, it will set a dangerous precedent for future situations regarding executive power. Help keep our country a democracy.

iPhone Pseudo-GPS Solution

Navizon Virtual GPS

Now if you’ve been following iPhone news at all, you’ll know that one of the most sorely missing features of Apple’s all-in-one device is built-in GPS for real-time navigation with the GoogleMaps application.  However, fear not, for there is now a suitable solution to this problem.

Navizon is a company that offers P2P wireless positioning via cell towers and WiFi connections for devices that are lacking a GPS module.  Just last month, they released a version of the application for the iPhone, giving users a viable GPS solution to use in conjunction with GoogleMaps.

An important point to note, however, is that it is not as accurate as true GPS.  According to those who have tested it, it can be as far off as a city block, or even fail to give a position at all in more remote areas. []

Despite this, it still has a relatively sleek and easy to use interface, and works well over a WiFi connection.  It should suit the needs of a basic user, and is easier and less expensive than buying and carrying around a Bluetooth GPS module.

How to Fake Sick

 The King, and My Idol

As I sit here in bed, at 2:34 AM on a wonderful Friday morning, I think about how I became so privileged as to be able to blog for my devout readers.  And the answer, my friends, is faking sick.

***Update: I finished writing this article at 3:34 AM, exactly 1 hour after I started.  How’s that for good timing?***

To understand the basics of faking sick, in addition to the more subtle aspects of the deed, click on for more. Read the rest of this entry

Become an Internet Phenomenon with BlogTV

 BlogTV Website

 Ever wanted to become the next Star Wars Kid, or the next lonelygirl15?  Well your moment has arrived!

 I think this site has been around for a while (since 2001 I believe), but I personally just happened upon it a couple of days ago.  With BlogTV [] you can broadcast your own streaming video feed, and for free!  All you need is a webcam in order to achieve your 15 minutes of fame.

In addition to the main site, there is also a BlogTV Facebook application which allows anyone viewing your Facebook profile to tune in to your webcam show.  This would be an interesting and useful way to hold meetings, or even conduct a video conference (assuming all participants had their own webcam, and were viewing everone else’s Facebook profile).

 So what are you waiting for?  Create an account, and become the next Internet phenomenon!


 Let’s see some comments!  Opinions, interesting uses, anything like that.  A little community participation would be nice.