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The Next Underground Project – Underground Computer Club

3-2-10: Initial release.

3-3-10: See the initial sneak peak at the badass forum!!!!

The other day while at work, an ingenious idea hit me during the middle of the day. Instead of focusing on my real work responsibilities, I spent a good 15 minutes sketching out on paper this idea that I could just not let go. Not sure how it got into my head, but it was one of those moments where I just had to think it through.

In fact, I got so excited writing my thoughts down that I could not stop thinking about it since yesterday. Now today I am  happy to reveal the next project for the Underground blog.

Before I dive deep into it, let me start off with an allegory.  As children as we grew up, we went to school and at school we had extra curricular activities.  These could be anything such as sports, clubs, tutoring sessions, or community service. Nonetheless, if your school was hip enough, hopefully you had a computer club.

My school had a computer club, and now that I think about what we did back then, it purely was laughable.  My computer club was essentially 10 guys going to the library listening to the librarian teacher trying to teach us HTML. After we were done with the lesson, we would hop onto the library computer LAN and play Starcraft against each other for a good half hour before the bus came to take us home.

I know, it seems pretty sad in retrospect, but who would have known Blizzard was going to become a RTS king?  Regardless of the story, maybe you had a computer club at school?  If you were part of a computer club, I want to hear about it and learn what you guys did back then. Hopefully, it was something inspiring and you learnt something cool about technology.

Now let’s jump forward to 2010 and listen to my grand idea.

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