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YouTube – Left 4 Dead Ending – All Four Endings – HD

YouTube – Left 4 Dead Ending – All Four Endings – HD.

Left 4 Dead is so hot right now, why not skip the action and watch the game endings? Enjoy!

[Game Ending] Assasin’s Creed

[Game Ending] Time Shift

Warning: This is a spoiler for the PC game Time Shift. Watch at own risk.

[Game Ending] Far Cry

With the release of Crysis, we decided to show off the old Far Cry.

[Game Ending] Super Mario Galaxies: The Completed Game Ending

WARNING: This is and always will be a game spoiler. Watch at user discretion!

[Game Ending] Crysis

With the release of Crysis for PC only a few days old, we found the complete game ending for you to watch. Be warned! This is and will always be a spoiler!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy! (Take a break from reading)

[Game Ending] Call of Duty 4: Modern Combact

Warning! This video contains spoilers!

(well, it is a spoiler to be honest)

I will give credit where credit is due. Thanks to author GN, I have found a video with the game ending. Its the first one it seems. And yes, I used the YouTube search, so @GN: thanks, your vid is hitting the heights 😀

Game Ending: Starcraft

In preparation for SC 2, we are releasing some SC 1 Game Endings!

Watch if you haven’t, but you better play the games!

Brood Wars: Terrain

Brood Wars: Zerg

Starcraft: Protoss


Note: If we got any wrong endings, or if you have the endings we don’t, tell us. If you have the ending, upload it to YouTube and we will post it PLUS give you full credit.

[Game Ending] Portal

You knew it was coming.  We had a post here talking about how to get Portal, and now we have the game ending.  Enjoy!

[Game Ending] Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

The game ending I had posted previously is for Red Alert 1, not Red Alert 2. I could only find the game ending for Soviets. Hopefully, later on I can get the Allies version, but this will do for now.