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[Game Ending] Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge- Soviet and Allies Game Ending

Hey, if we released the game ending to the original RA2, then why forget its amazing expansion? Hell, these were the games we grew up playing. I learned all my strategy and secret pwning skills from this since like the 3rd grade. (wow, its been a long time!)

Allies Below

Soviets Below

[Game Ending] Command & Conquer Red Alert – Soviet and Allies Game Ending

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on the Command & Conquer Games. My favorite one I remember playing in the 90’s was Red Alert.

Here are the game endings for the Soviets and the Allies. Have fun!!!!

Soviets Below

Allies Below

Game Ending: F.E.A.R

Here it is, the game ending to F.E.A.R:

Bioshock: Game Ending

Warning: Due to the recent release of this game, this is deemed a spoiler.  Watch at your own risk.

[Game Ending] Diablo PC

Did you play Diablo when it first came out from Blizzard? I sure did, and I owned in that game. I remember playing it with all 3 classes, and beating the game. One time I got so good I picked the wizard guy, upgraded my chain lightning quick as hell, and beat the game within 2 days. It was so sick. Anyway, I have listed the endings for all three classes.

The Warrior

The Rogue

The Sorceror

[Game Ending] X-men Arcade from 1992

Continuing in the spirit on the search for game endings, today I bring you the arcade classic X-Men Arcade. Remember this game? You can have 4 players playing at same time, and the gameplay was tight for its time! I remember playing this at the arcades, and now you too can play it with MAME emulators. Want to know how? Leave a comment! Enjoy!

God of War 2: Game Ending

Thanks to musicmysteria MusicMasteria, here is the God of War 2: Game Ending

Enjoy, and help us out by signing up and earning pts to free items! (no credit card required for real!) Click here!

Guild Wars Nightfall: Abaddon’s Gate Ending Cinematic

One of the more popular ending cinematics from the GW: Nightfall campaign. (this is the third game in the series)

[Game Ending] Halo 1 on Legendary

Beat Halo 1 on Legendary mode? What you see is the Covenant and the human hugging…ah, so cute!

Here it is for your enjoyment!

[Game Ending] Halo 2 on Legendary

Enjoyed Halo 2? See the ending one more time on legendary!