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[How To] Play Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne LAN Online Free Using Tunngle (Forget Hamachi & Garena)


1-11-10:  Initial release.

1-12-10:  Added my youtube video.

Foreword: There is nothing illegal about playing Warcraft 3 LAN online bypassing the servers. I have a legit game, and I play on Tunngle with friends time to time. If you are a Hamachi user, I suggest you switch to Tunngle. There are more people and its easier to host!

I love DOTA. I love it so much that I play it when I am sick of playing other games. With that said, someone had requested a Tunngle tutorial on how to play this game online, so here is the tutorial. If you want to play DOTA online with me and the others, add my Tunngle username: Versatile.


1) First of all, make sure you have the latest game update. You can get the latest Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne update here.

2) Download and install Tunngle. Make an account. Sign in. If you are having trouble signing into Tunngle, then you need to port forward UDP 11155 for your computer. Don’t know how to port forward? See my video below:

3) Go to the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne network. Or the Dota Network. To get there, you need to login to Tunngle. Then do Community -> Networks -> Browser -> Strategy -> Forward (Press 4 times) -> Double click on the Warcraft 3 network.

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Red Alert 1 (Free Game Download) – How To Play Online Using Tunngle

12-30-09: Initial release.

1-12-10: Fixed links.

5-6-10: Updated links.

Foreword: Please go to the Red Alert network under the Tunngle program for some great 4vs4 action! – Versatile

Today from fellow tunngler (cousinehy) I found out that Red Alert 1 is free, and that the community created a special multiplayer release where it is UDP compatible!

What does this mean? It means that I can give you the download link to Red Alert 1, and play with other players easily in Tunngle, Hamachi, or wherever!

However, I know that Tunngle is the solution, and you should not be tempted to try Kali or Hamachi or the other programs because honestly they are not that good.

Below is the download link for the game:

Download link:


Other Notes:

RA303UDP includes:
-3.03 patch
-UDP patch

RA303UDP excludes:
-Singe player missions

– EA has announced C&C Red Alert 1 as a freeware.
– RA303UDP is not supported by Tunngle or EA.
– RA303UDP is just an installer that contains C&C Red Alert files.
– Trademarks belong to their respective owners.
– I nor does any Tunngler take credit for this.

Video Guide

Note: I am working with some Tunngle friends to get C&C Gold working and available for download as well. Stay tuned.

[How To] Play Left 4 Dead 2 LAN Online Using Tunngle (Garena, or Hamachi)

Easy to remember URL =

Garena username = versatileninja, Tunngle username = versatile

Foreword:  As we all know, L4D2 right now is an awesome game.  Similar to last year, I was involved with writing Hamachi and Garena guides for L4D1.  It was good for awhile, but in retrospect it was a pain and almost a mistake to talk about questionable practices.  The tutorials got so popular that WordPress caught on and we had a 9 day suspension which turns out because we had links to so called “cracks” and the articles were removed to keep the blog alive. If you want to continue with L4D 1, see the unofficial L4D site here.

Now that L4D 2 is here, I am going to take a different approach. WordPress staff or other questionable readers I have this statement for you.  No way does this tutorial indirectly or directly facilitate illicit methods or devious acts of behavior (also known as piracy).  This tutorial shows legitimate gamers how to play Left 4 Dead 2 online without having to succumb to Steam and be forced to use it for their gaming pleasure.  This tutorial shows users how to host and connect to LAN games online without having to resort to Steam. If you believe this is a mistake, search google and see how many gamers are resorting to other needs to play games without Steam.  Now the tutorial has become more valuable.  Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game. Support Valve.  Support “innovation”.  – Versatile


11-30-09: Initial release.

12-1-09: Added information on name changing method.  Added some Garena items because honestly, they need help bad.

12-2-09: Did additional testing and simplified the hosting process instructions.  Determined sv_allow_lobby_connect 0 and sv_lan 1 not required.

12-3-09: Added master patch to 2003.  Rewrote the whole tutorial guide to make it even easier to follow and adding personal zing.

12-4-09: Added Hamachi instructions.

12-5-09: Added stryder 2003 patch. Added 2004 incremental patch (tried a new one). Added subtitle/ammo files and more to the troubleshooting section.

12-6-09: Made note about revloader. Please get rid of it!  Made all download links dropbox.

12-7-09: New links in download section for 2004 patch.  The previous 2004 patch per online scan has a virus in it, and my local AV did not detect it. 😦

12-9-09: Added 2005 patch and stryder dec 8th update.

12-11-09: The master patch 2005 wasn’t working right. Fixed the download section and changed instructions. Added new stand alone.  Added Tunngle instructions.

12-12-09: Added master patch 2006.  Deleted name changing tutorial as it is now obsolete thanks to new standalone or stryder patch.

12-13-09: Added more links in download section and redone the instructions.  Added misc. footage section, courtesy of Tunnglers.

12-14-09: Added different fix for the rzr-init file.

12-19-09: Added to patch file.

12-20-09: Added master patch to 2007.

12-28-09: Added my youtube video.

12-30-09: Added new links for and standalone.

1-7-10: Fixed link for standalone. New update for standalone.

1-14-10: Added link for

1-16-10: New standalone version T9.

1-18-10: Fixed link for standalone version T9 rev 3.

1-20-10: Standalone was updated. Fixed link.

2-9-10: files and standalone links updated.

2-17-10: Fixed link for standalone patch.

2-23:10: Added new links for

2-26-10: Added new links for

4-15-10: Fixed a command for hosting error.

4-27-10: Added links!

5-13-10: Added links!

5-24-10: Added and incremental links!

6-5-10: Redid the whole download section.

6-26-10:  Added L4D2 tunngle download section.

Note:  This is a warm hello to all gamers who are looking how to play L4D 2 LAN online.  Props goes first of all to the Tunngle team and the community there.  Garena and Hamachi get no brotherly love. Read the rant below to understand why.  Nonetheless, I decided to put up a quick Garena setup guide because they need help irregardless what the VPN program is and I am a nice guy. 🙂

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[How To] Play Call of Duty – World at War 5 Co-Op Online Using Hamachi (Tunngle Preferred)

Foreword: I’ve decided to put this tutorial back up, which was originally created by author Chyea for Call of Duty World at War. Please note that the preferred method is Tunngle. You need to update your game to the latest version. Please see my exclusive Tunngle video below.

Of course, this article is no way in shape or form created to promote piracy. There are legitimate players with legitimate users who want to play this game via LAN with their friends.  This is an educational piece, and shall be treated as one.  ~ Versatile

11-17-09: Re-release of an old article per indiscreet demand. MW2 is a better game. Does anyone care about this one? 🙂

1-22-10: Added tunngle video.

Tunngle Video

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Blog Update: November 13th

iw4sp 2009-11-12 20-17-47-66

Hey guys, just wanted to get a quick blog update because the next few days will be very exciting around here.  I recently beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the single player was just WOW.  There are some very controversial missions in there, and when you play it will have you stunned.

I do not want to spoil it, but there is one mission where you are a terrorist and you are in an airport with guns and you have to take out civilians.  Another mission later on is an assault on the White House.  It was a lot of fun playing it, and to see all the different environments. It truly is better than the first game.

Now as we all know, MW2 has no LAN or dedicated server support.  This means you are forced to use Steam to play online.  Well, hell.  What if I don’t want to use Steam and play online with my friends?  What if I want to bypass Steam and play offline with a friend with the spec op mode?

I spent a good portion of my evening just doing that, and once I got it working, I was literally pounding my fist in the air!  There is something dead sexy about gunning a helicopter gun and covering your teammate on the ground as he tries to get to the extraction zone.

Now of course I know there are a lot of people out there wanting to learn how to play multiplayer online bypass the IWnet.  >_>  I also know Activision is also out there doing the same thing. 🙂

Not sure what to do, but I am sure something will come out of this.  Stay tuned.

Oh yea, as I went through the game, I took a lot of screenshots to become my wallpaper.  The picture above is one such example.  I will show off the album in a future post.


On a side note: I have been working on a private blog for Tunngle to basically get Tunngle people together to plan something special when the international version of Tunngle is released.  We are starting to get some good ideas, and we need more people involved with the brainstorming or participation.

I may have to youtube a quick video to get the subscribers notified too. It is a lot of work, but the payoff will be great.

Next week is L4D 2 week, and you know what that means? I will be there playing it and most likely making a guide. Learning from my mistake witih L4D1, I am going to skip hamachi and garena.  It has been a tough decision, but its worth it because I am going to Tunngle for the guide/videos.

Garena has an immature player base, and the hamachi networks are just too small to have a good game going. Plus, I have to manually prune people out is no fun or productivity save on my end, so Tunngle all the way.


If you are a big xbox modding fan, you might have noticed that Assassin’s Creed 2 is now leaked online before November 17th. Do you have it?  Are you playing it?  Let me know how it is, because I want to play it too!

The underground, limitless possibilities?

The underground has been here for quite some time now and have helped many people.
Although helping them in text format is all good and well and with the new Underground e-book coming out why stop there? and why not expand our horizons a little? or.. a lot?

Proposition #1
The Underground official chatroom and i dont mean this like skype where you might talk to one Underground member. But I mean something like ventrilo where the underground members can login and join the room and get troubleshooted through there or just have a talk, start a few games why not? i mean im sure by now the Underground members are well aware of tunngle by now thanks to VersatileNinja i feel that this idea will help promote the Underground for what it does but help a lot more people in a simpler environment although i have not ran this idea through anyone this is why this blog is here.

Proposition #2
As i hope you are aware of a program called logmein although i bet this idea will be shun and not taken seriously but hear me out.
This program brings troubleshooting to a whole new level and long with a chat function from the Proposition above getting help couldnt be easier with an underground member guiding you through what you do though with logmein or taking over the operation entirely

I believe this may cause some people to worry about some security issue’s im sure in a community like this that should not be a problem ( also in logmein you can block the remote user taking control and let them observe and guide you through).


I use this system of logmein and a voice chat (skype) and i find it makes the process infinitely easier and a lot quicker than the regular text base help.

But Armsdealer? theres tutorials on the internet!
True but each computer is different and some steps may need a work around and with someone there doing it specifically for your needs will make your life easier and probably theres because they dont need to reply to a million comments but instead promote this site 🙂

[How To] Play Street Fighter IV (4) Online Using Tunngle (or Hamachi) – Live Not Required

9-26-09: Initial release
1-1-10: Added more hints. Removed youtube video until I upload the new one.
4-8-11: Added dropbox link. Added video tutorial!
11-25-12: Rewrote the whole guide, added new video link. All discussion about Chinese program is removed

When I initially wrote this blog post, I had a tutorial referencing a Chinese program that allowed you to play 1vs1. The problem with that program was that it was not stable, and it wouldn’t work right all the time.

Since 2009, I have found a GFWL keygen file that allows you to take various GFWL games and play them online. Rather than go through all the steps, everything that you need to know is at the Pastebin link below, and I have also pasted my youtube video as well. Enjoy!

Text Tutorial

Video Tutorial

[How To] Play Need For Speed Underground 2 LAN Online For Free Using Tunngle (Yes, and Hamachi Too)

Revisions: 9-18-09: Initial release. 3-24-10: Fixed video link. 12-4-10: Fixed intro picture. 10-31-12: Fixed video tutorial link. 4-30-13: Fixed video link.

Foreword:  This is simply a guide to show users how to get this game working and running online with the LAN play without hassle.  This is not meant to encourage or facilitate piracy. This is merely a guide to help gamers like yourself play this fantastic game online. ~ Versatile

The “Need for Speed” series is an excellent racing series, and the Underground series really takes it up a notch. This guide will show you how to play Need for Speed Underground 2 online using Tunngle.  However, the same methods will work with Hamachi so I will write the instructions for both below. I have written this because the guides existing on the Internet is sort of lousy, so I decided to make my own.

How to Play Online [Using Tunngle or Hamachi]

1) Update game to latest version. Go to for the official patches. 2) Go to the need for speed folder and edit server.cfg with notepad. The contents will look like mine below:

# # The server sends a ping message to the client every PINGTIME seconds # and the client is expected to respond within PINGWAIT seconds or # the server considers the connection to be dead and the client is # logged out. # PINGTIME=20 PINGWAIT=30 # # A client can only be idle for TIMEIDLE minutes before it is # automatically logged out. Even if a client is not idle it can # only be connected for a maximum of TIMEMAXM minutes. # Either/Both values can be set to 0 to mean that the server will # not timeout the client. # TIMEIDLE=0 TIMEMAXM=0 # # Limits how many times per second the LAN server will service requests. # Lowering this number will increase game performance for slower computers # at the expense of sluggish response time from the server. Valid range is # 1-1000. # LAN_THROTTLE=30 ##———————————————————————— ## DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW HERE ##———————————————————————— ACCOUNT=1 MASTER=1 SLAVE=1 REDIR=1 # # This line allows the server to determine on what interface to listen for # connections. It can be any publicly routable IP address (this is the case # even if the host is on a LAN that is isolated from the Internet). There is # no communication attempted with the IP address listed here. # ADDR=%%bind(“”)

3) Now put a # sign in front of the last line so it looks like this:


4) Save the file and start the game! Host the game in hamachi or tunngle, and your friends will see it!

Video Tutorial

Back in Action – Almost

Im Back

I'm Back

Yes, I am still alive so you guys can stop worrying. Actually, if you were clever enough, you would have known that I was already back due to reply comments to users as well as active participation on Twitter.

I’ve moved into the new house already, and I do have some interesting stories to tell from the perspective of a first time home owner. I’ll get some pictures ready and show off for a future post.

Now some quick things to list as to what is going to happen over the upcoming days and weeks:

1) What happened to the newsletter?
* Nothing. I know we skipped the newsletter for the month of August due to my complications with moving into a new house as well as traveling for business.  I want to get an updated newsletter out soon, hopefully for September.  We shall see.

2)  Status on the e-book?

* It is looking good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to really work on it when I had no Internet at the house for a few days, because I was busy with other house stuff.  I expect to start working on it again very soon (like this week) and on a regular schedule.

3) Status update on activities of authors:

*  Versatile – I will be busy for a long time now with house items.  This means painting the walls, and tending to the landscaping around the house. Getting home around 5pm, and then doing painting or yard work for a few hours before hopping onto the computer or blog or sleep is really going to put me on a tight schedule.  I am going to re-evaluate my time and the tasks before me, so I expect that in the next few days you will see a new version of me here at the blog as well as online through the Instant Chat mediums and Youtube.

* Voltaire – Busy with school and college applications, as well as with other extra-curricular activities.  Articles will be written up depending on available time.

* The other authors:  No idea, but I know they are busy as well with other life committments.  Expect participation from them to be once in a blue moon.

4) Ideas I got going on in my head:

* Right now I got a lot of stuff in my head I want to tell you guys, but it is not going to happen overnight.  If you have been keeping watch of my youtube lately, you will have noticed that I have released a small stream of updated Tunngle videos.  I’m really excited about it.  The international version will be almost here, and I am going to release something very special for it.

Furthermore, I got some newer games to test such as Section 8 and Wolfenstein so those tutorials will be coming soon.

I have a few non-tech articles I want to write about to get people talking.  Similar to how we recently had a thought provoking article on religion, mine will be in same vain but different topic.  It will be something everyone can relate to, and indirectly, these stories only come up as a result of me and my new house adventure.  This will make more sense further on.

I have been talking to Hail2King on new ways to branch out to other audiences.  We contemplated briefly the idea of, and how we could do live broadcasts on gaming or tech or whatever.  Not sure what to do, it is still in preliminary stages right now.  If done right, I could definitely see it booming.

Of course, some new content for TUG.  I know Mojo out there is rolling his eyes on this one, but we will get some new undergroud content to get your creative minds rolling again.  It will just take some time.

Plus, November comes L4D 2, which means new tutorials and new videos.  I am not looking forward to it considering how amateur the PC Gaming market is right now based on what I have seen through the life of L4D 1.

Note: I am working with the Tunngle forum to get new participants for my “proof of concept” tunngle videos.  If you have a game that you want to try out for Tunngle and prove to the world that LAN works over the Internet, let me know.  I am getting a list of games from people for videos and get them recognized through the youtube audience.  It will definitely be good times, and you will get credit.  If this sounds fun, then please check out the discussion here:

Youtube Participation – Want to become a star?

[Underground Exclusive] An Interview With the Tunngle Team!


8-18-09:  Initial release

Foreword:  After two weeks of anticipation, I am very happy to bring what is considered the first interview ever on the Internet with the Tunngle team.  Actually, what I did was send in my list of questions to Zax, who then filtered it on with the rest of the group to get the answers.  Now we finally have something worth showing to everyone.  I hope by reading this interview, it has given you some insight into what Tunngle is, and the main drivers behind it.  I am so glad to have found Tunngle, and I wish I had found it earlier!   ~ Versatile

Before I get started and show off the tutorial questions with the answers, I am sure there are some questions that some of you are wondering about so let me go through those first.

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