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Debatable Subjects You Shouldn’t Stick Your Nose In


Everyone has their opinions about abortion; it’s a touchy subject. But nonetheless, it is a subject that most people would not like for others to get involved in, speaking of those that are going through with the procedure. If I were a female that was getting the procedure done, I’d already feel bad about it. I wouldn’t need any protesters there, telling me that abortion is bad. My day is a horrid one as it is without you screaming like a lunatic outside of the abortion clinic.
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[How To] Find Porn on Youtube

Obviously porn is a pretty big industry, and the internet definitely made it bigger. Being able to find free porn is a fundamental skill that everyone has, although the efficiency varies.

Youtube has been a repeated target for those 4chan douchebags, who have been collectively uploading massive amounts of porno as a defiance to Youtube’s tough copyright measure. It goes without saying that the only weapon these virgins have, is porn. They are indeed the most notorious group of assholes on the internet, Rick Astley and that black kid from chocolate rain will agree with me. They are responsible for the countless occurrences of lolcats, pedobear, mudkipz, creating Rick Astley’s career, and ruining that black kid’s life. My favorite is when these trolls went on to Omegle chat and made every reply with the word “egg”. (A lot of Omegle users thought they kept on connecting to the same person).

That being said, Am I a 4chan user? Maybe.

Therefore, as a comic relief, I will show you how to obtain porn from Youtube.

In Youtube’s search bar, type in “Porn”.

Sort the results by “Newest”.

Done, finding free porn has never been easier.

The catch is, those porn sucks, most of them is only several seconds long. So unless a 5 second fapping session is all you need to blow your load, you are not gonna have a satisfactory experience with Youtube porno.

Colored Joke? >_>

I was in the hamachi channel today, and Underground viewer Seb sent me this joke.  I laughed pretty hard, so here it is for the rest of you guys to see.

Note:  This is a joke.  No way does the Underground Staff indirectly supports racism by posting this joke.  Just keep an open mind and live a little.  ~ Versatile

  • “Listen sir…”
  • When I was born, I was BLACK.”
  • “When I grew up, I was BLACK.”
  • “When I’m sick, I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I go in the sun ,I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I’m cold, I’m BLACK.”
  • “When I die, I’ll be BLACK.”
  • “But you sir –  When you are born, you’re PINK.”
  • “When you grow up, you’re WHITE.”
  • “When you’re sick, you’re GREEN.”
  • “When you go in the sun, you turn RED.”
  • “When you’re cold, you turn BLUE.”
  • “And when you die, you’ll turn PURPLE.”
  • “And you have the nerve to call me colored?”

The black man then sat down and the white man walked away.

Do you get it? >_>

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[SNL] D*ck In a Box

It’s X-mas time, and what better way to relax than watch a funny SNL video?  Justin Timerblake really shines in this hilarious skit where he wraps his package inside a package.  What?

See below for yourself. :0

Are You Gay…?

A funny little picture I found trolling the webs.

Have fun!

Hilarious Grafitti!

Picture explains itself.

You Never Know What You Are Going to Get

I saw this today, and I just had to paste it here.  Crazy!

[GG] GN’s Gutbuster Thursday. Volume 5.

In light of a recent purchase of mine, my usual YouTube trolling stumbled me into this video. At first, I couldn’t stand the guy. But if you watch it ’til the end, you’ll see why I’m posting it.

This is an even better response video:

Finally, as a tribute to Will Smith’s awesome new movie (saw it last night, worth 7 bucks!!):

God speed, and Best wishes.


Metal Gear Solid 4//Fighting Zombies to Feel Good, Inc.

This week in lieu of several things, I’ll be delaying Staying off the Grid volume 2 until next week.

To mix things up a bit, this will be the first “multi-post” from me. This format may or may not appear again, but is definitely necessary this week.

First off, today is the LONG awaited and anticipated release of Hideo Kojima’s 21 year old masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s an honor having the release fall on the day I post here, so I felt only obligated to post tribute to it.

For those of you that will be playing it today, congratulations! I’ve been a huge Metal Gear fan since the late ’90s and think it’s one of the best game series out there. Kojima truly satisfies his fans, while appealing to a broader and broader audience with each game he releases. Note that the AC!D series for PSP isn’t strictly done by Kojima, he only oversaw the projects.

In retrospective, I would like to post this video which is probably the single best trailer in video game history. For those of you that aren’t fans, all you need to do is read a review on Metal Gear Solid 2 and it will all make perfect sense, although it is very enjoyable anyway:


Amazing games aside, time for some inspiration of another kind.

One of my previous blog posts got a comment yesterday asking if they could use a picture from the post for a book they’re writing about blogs. He left an e-mail address and I decided to be all crafty and grab the second part of his e-mail and try it as a website. Well, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve stumbled upon in my entire e-life. You have to check it out:

Have you ever felt like there is just no one that relates to you? Well, granted this site is still growing, I was shocked at the depth and amount of contributions in this multi-colored “dot cloud” like applet that collects everyone’s feelings, thoughts, comments, whatever little snippet they decide to type up, with an optional picture, and generic details about themselves, like age group, weather, country, state, city, and emotion. You can punch in your info and a specific date to see if you felt the way someone else did on that date.

I totally and randomly stumbled across this one, and I love it.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Feel Good, Inc. by Gorillaz, please do so now:



I tried searching one of the biggest nationwide days for emotional feelings – 9/11 – and the results were astounding. Some people make subtle references to their pain of the attacks, while others may not have even thought about it. As light or dark as it may be, it is a fantastic website that has many goals, and I greatly encourage you to promote it so it can grow.

A much better and complete description can be found here:

And what a cool name for a site too.

[ Sources: Stealth/Action/Video Game creation virtuoso Hideo Kojima ; ]

God speed, and Best wishes. [woobwoob too]


[GG] GN’s Gutbuster Thursday. Volume 4.

Well, it’s that time of the month ladies and gentlemen. No that’s not what I mean! I mean, it’s time for GN’s Gutbuster Thursday!

To kick things off, I would like to share an oldie but goodie. It’s mild, but it’s a classic:

Wii Injuries 2: Wii Harder:

The Matrix: Deleted Scene:

This shows, truly, why Trix should remain for and only for kids:

And for the nostalgic, Weebl was kind enough to pay tribute to one of the best videos of the 80s:

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God speed, and Best wishes.