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7 Life-changing Questions


An assortment of different questions that help a person think of what he/she really wants in life. These questions helped me figure myself out when I was lost, so maybe they can aid you as well.

1. Which is worse, failing, or never trying?

Really makes you think about what you want and it convinces you to take more risks and to have less regrets.

2. To what degree have you controlled the course your life has taken?

This question is more about doing than anything else. It’s about taking action, taking responsibility.

3. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of?

Many times we are unable to do something because we can’t let go of the past. Forget the past; the only way it can haunt the future is if you let it.

4. Why are you, you?

What makes you special? How are you unique? How are you any different? Maybe you are very versatile? Who knows? Find out what you’re good at and that you enjoy simultaneously. Complete yourself by giving uniqueness to your life and what you stand for.

5. Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a friend who lives right near you?

Just a little heads-up. It makes a person grateful for having friends. A reminder to never let them go.

6. It is possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

Make sure you question everything before believing it. Don’t accept everything just because someone said so. If you don’t then you will surely be pushed around and used.

7. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you enjoy doing?

Another reminder to just keep at it. Never stop pursuing your goals, no matter what. Nothing can stop you from being happy but yourself.

Inner Motivation – Why I Do What I Do

Note: This article is definitely in one of my top 2010 posts of the year, guaranteed. I hope you enjoyed reading it while I did writing it! – Versatile


3-23-10: Initial teaser release.

3-24-10: Finished the rest of the article. Did you even try to predict what I was going to write about?

Today I logged onto MSN and saw a user left me a very thoughtful yet provocative message. I am going to write it down here below for all to see:

“Why do you help everybody?  How do you do it?  Why do you do it?  What purpose?  It’s been boggling my mind, and I can’t figure out why.”

To those that know me, you know I am a very busy man. Not only am I a true working professional, I run a blog (two of them actually), a youtube account, in the midst of finishing up a book, and now working on the UCC. Why do it all?  Don’t you realize how time consuming it is to do all these tasks? I don’t get paid for any of this, and sure you can say I do this for fun, but why?  Why do I do what I do? :0

Sleep on it, and come back tomorrow to find out the truth, because I am sick of telling people over and over what I do and why I do it. I think the answer may (or may not) surprise you.

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Underground Inspiration – Apparently, “We” Do Change Lives

Foreword:  This is a runner-up to one of my favorite posts for 2010.   I just know it. It is a bit long, but for good reason. Please read on and be inspired. – Versatile


2-18-10: Initial release.

There is so much I want to write about that it was difficult to write on this topic today, but I just had to. Within the last 24 hours, I have witnessed great feats of inspiration.

Last night during the Olympics, Skier Lindsey Vonn and Snowboarder Shaun White just DOMINATED their events. It was clear they were in the zone and the best at the sport. Starcraft 2 Beta officially started yesterday, and gamers around the world are waiting excitedly for their chance of obtaining a beta key for Starcraft 2.  I just came back from my 5 day Atlanta trip and there were some insights on life I wanted to write about.  However, all of this I have to stop thinking about it because something else has been eating away at my mind the whole afternoon and into the night.

Today, I have what is possibly the best story of inspiration ever and I want to share with you what I know so far. Of course, it wouldn’t do me justice if I told this story alone, so Chyea (or Mark) when you see this, please write your own personal article or leave a comment and I will add it to this article.

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Good People Does Not Always Equal Arrogant


1-16-10: Initial release.

A few days ago when I came home from work, I logged onto my Trillian program and I get a friend request on Yahoo network. What else is new, as I have over 130+ people from all over the world in my “Underground Contact” list.

Anyway, this guy messages me and the first thing he says was something along the lines of:

“now you are online bastard”

Jesus Christ, how am I supposed to respond back to this statement? So I thought long and hard (few seconds) and responded like any smart individual would do. I said,  “Well, hello to you to also.”

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Physical, mental, family, and life health are important aspects in life.  You cannot be healthy without being well in all four subject areas. This article takes a look into each section and see how you can be more healthy starting today.

Physical Health

Who doesn’t want to be physically fit?! This is a very important asset to have. So why is physical health so important? Well, for one, it lengthens life expectancy. Live longer! It might be hard to pick up at first, but it is important in the long end. Exercise also makes you feel fantastic. More confidence, and it makes you happy. It is proven to release endorphins that make you happy. So when you’re feeling glum, go exercise. Another very peculiar thing that it does is it lets you sleep better. Most people often complain about sleeping problems, and most of those people are lazy. Exercise regulates your internal clock, and it helps you sleep much better. And last but not least, let’s not forget, it makes you look more attractive! So if you are trying to impress that one special person, why not get in shape and do just that?!

Mental Health

Mental health is very important in everyday life for many reasons. Think clearly, think faster, perform tasks better, makes speech clearer, and it just, on average, makes you sound smarter. This is a type of chain; one sets off the other, and so on. Mentally helps you think of words or sentences faster, get your work or homework done A LOT quicker, and it gives you better word choice to make you sound like a pure genius! Reading, writing and mental games such as chess or checkers all help progress this process. These are all things to exercise your mind with.

Family Health

Whether it’s just your parents or your wife and three children, it’s always good to have a good relationship with your family.Although people say they are cheerful alone, they are never as happy as they are with their family. It is key to true happiness. It is a new kind of love that must be experience. A life is wasted without family, for family is a main ingredient in the hodgepodge we call “living.” They support your decision and they back you 100% on anything, even if you’re wrong. And most importantly, they are always there to cheer you up when no one else is. Family helps you up at your weakest moment.

Life Health

A well-maintained life is very important. Inside you is the spark of true happiness, and the world is your fuel. If you have a healthy life overall, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. You can control so much more than you think. YOU have the power to shape your future any way you want! All that is needed is confidence and willpower.


Exercise to live your life longer and feel better.

Train your mind to be more knowledgeable.

Support your family, because they’re always supporting you.

With all of this you can become everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Crime – The Effects It Has On Those Affected


12-13-09: Initial Release.

We would be fooling ourselves if we said to ourselves that we live in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we do not and one trait of human society that backs up this image is the proliferation of crime. Today I had a unique experience that I will never ever forget, and by telling this story, I believe it will give insight to the rest of us all how important our lives are, and that its time to get a grip and stop arguing about the trivial things in life.

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Screw You Week – Summary

Last week was Unofficial Screw You week, a week dedicated right after Thanksgiving for you guys to vent off and get back to someone who has been hassling you forever.  Read more about it in this post.

Anyway, let’s start off with the user contributed stories, and then I will start with my own stories.

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Abortions: Good or Bad?

Talks about why people hate abortions, why people like abortions, why they are good and bad, and basically being really touchy about this subject. Now I understand that this is a big debate, so don’t be shy to post your opinion. Please TRY to flaw some of my theories!

Why People Hate Abortions
Well, most people answer this question by simply saying, “it’s against my religion.” It is against the will of god, only god should be able to take a life. I have seen people sit outside abortion clinics for days on end and just throw their lives away protesting. Well first off, have you ever thought that people are not the same religion as you? If you are an abortion protester then go protest other religions; anything besides Catholicism. Second and foremost, people maybe hate them because they believe in murder. Well listen here: Why don’t you go stop your children or grandchildren from masturbating?! This might seem as a far-fetched thing to do, but after all they are just killing what was to become a baby!

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Technology – It Can Work Against You For Worse

How much do you rely on technology today to get through your day?  Do you have an alarm clock?  Odds are it is digital, and it is programmable to wake you up at a certain time of day.

Now alarm clocks are getting sophisticated.  Take mine for example: It has a built in time synchronization in it where it can check the satellite in space and automatically adjust the clock time per my time zone. What is real cool is that if you unplug it, and then plug it back in it will automatically reconfigure itself, and it will even adjust itself for daylight savings time!  Even better, no need for 9Volt batteries to keep track of the time.

So where am I going with this?  As great as technology can be at times, it can work against you in times when you don’t realize.  This past week on Monday, I got up at 7am.  I pressed the snooze button a few times, and then finally got up and left for work at what I had believed was 8am according to my clock.

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Underground Social Experiment

It’s been awhile since I have last written, and this time around I thought I am going to be something I have never done before, which is a social experiment of sorts.

Every day people are asking questions, are you one of them?  Were you at school and you asked someone a question on how to do a certain problem?  Maybe you asked your teacher for help on a particular subject or clarification?

Were you at work and you had a question on what the customer wanted?  A question on your latest bill statement?  Life is full of questions.  However, over the course of time, it becomes obvious that some questions or conceptions just never go away or die.

As we all know, I am a very busy person.  I get home from work, and my time is limited to do a few tasks before I have to go to bed and then repeat the whole cycle the next day.  With that said, about 70% of my free time (maybe more or less depending on what happens that day) is related to answering questions about a diverse group of subjects.

How many questions is too many questions?  It’s time to find out in my little experiment.  Beginning today through the end of day Friday, I will be documenting and collecting every single question that is directed to me.

It can be a simple question on Youtube on my video, an e-mail, a comment here on the blog, or even in an instant messenger.  I am going to harvest every single question and collect it day by day groupings.

On Saturday, I will post the massive list of questions here on the blog for all of you to see. I don’t expect much of it to make sense, because I am just collecting questions, but I will put the questions in a topic header to separate questions from one to the other.

With that said, I am going to put up a new poll and lets see how many questions I am going to get between today and end of day Friday.  Will it be ten questions, 50, 100, 500?  We will soon find out!