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Send Large Email Attachments Hassle Free

Did you ever wanted to send someone an email attachment, but it was larger than 10 megabytes? Well, no need to worry. Go to, and you can send anyone a file as long as it is less than 100GB’s.

This is how it works:

First go to

  • Fill in your email address, and your recipient’s email address. If you want to leave a comment for them, you can.
  • Now click the upload button, pick what you want, and click send.
  • See, that was easy! This is safe and secure process. Files will be held on the server for 7 days for the free package, or 100 downloads, whichever comes first.

    I’d definitely check it out!

    Quicksilver (for mac)

    “A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.”

    Basically, if you are a bit sick of having to have too many items in your dock, you want to look into getting this.

    With the press of a button or two, the Quicksilver interface is brought up, allowing you to quickly access any application or file within seconds just by typing its name. Not only that, it can also act as the finder window by letting you browse through folders using the left and right buttons. Pretty ingenious, huh?

    The good thing is that nearly everything is hidden behind the interface. You’ll understand better when you get it, but it’s reduced my dock from about 30 items to 3 when nothing’s open. On top of all this, there are plug ins to let you open applications with macros, control iTunes, and much more I expect. Experiment, the possibilites are nearly endless.

    Paul Thurrott’s Apple Boot Camp 1.2 Beta Review

    “Almost exactly a year ago, I reviewed Apple’s Boot Camp, an intriguing beta solution for dual booting an Intel-based Mac between Mac OS X “Tiger” (see my review) and Windows XP (see my review). At the time, Apple said that Boot Camp was a publicly available beta of a future feature of Mac OS X “Leopard,” the next version of Mac OS X. Since then, Apple updated the original Boot Camp a few times in minor ways, but delayed Leopard. (It’s now expected in mid-2007.) Last week, the company unexpectedly released Boot Camp 1.2 Beta, adding compatibility with Windows Vista (see my review) and better hardware support. I hadn’t expected to see Vista support in Boot Camp until Leopard shipped.

    (Note: For a more in-depth look at this product, please do refer to my original Boot Camp review. This article assumes you’re familiar with the initial version.)”

    Find more about his review and boot camp and how you can run Windows on a Mac here. Source

    Hacking WEP wi-fi using Mac

    Watch the video. Awesome!

    How to Make Mac OS X Better: Reader Tips

    “Last month, Computerworld online news editor Ken Mingis, who also handles our Macintosh coverage, and I published “15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X” and a reader-response follow-up, “Mac OS X Pet Peeves: Readers Offer Their Own.” In this new article, we bring you several solutions to minor but annoying Mac problems — including some that were suggested by readers. We also debunk some misconceptions about solutions that seem to help but really don’t.With even a cursory reading of the previous article, you should have come away with the realization that both Ken and I think Mac OS X is a great operating system. Why? Because none of the problems we brought up were in any way significant. They were all simple niggles or nagging annoyances.

    Some Mac users didn’t understand; they e-mailed us scathing remarks that questioned our intelligence or wrote impassioned arguments that the Macintosh can’t be improved because it is already perfect. Others got it and passed along useful tips and work-arounds. Still others agreed with us and offered their own pet peeves.

    Altogether, we received well over 500 e-mails, almost 300 comments on Computerworld‘s Mac OS X Pet Peeves sound-off blog, more than 800 diggs at (with a long list of comments) and more than 900 comments on Slashdot. Several other Mac blogs and forums were outraged in typical rabble-rousing Internet style. It was great!

    It’s worth noting that even the best of the reader tips included in this story aren’t easily discoverable, and they assume previous knowledge on the part of the user. OK, so you can find most of them fairly quickly by Googling. But that wasn’t the point. Our intent was to point out some things that Apple Inc. might target for refinement in OS X 10.5, Leopard, which is due out this spring.

    If the OS X user interface doesn’t help people find shortcuts, most users aren’t going to take the time to find them for themselves. (Of course, “most users” doesn’t describe either Computerworld readers or the kinds of folks who post comments on or Slashdot.) We strongly believe Apple would do well to consider most of the 15 points made in the earlier story.”

    See rest of source here