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Blink 182 – Dogs Eating Dogs EP


12-27-12: Initial release.

Typically, posts like this are made rarely on The Underground, but I just wanted to share a nice gem I discovered recently. In fact, I don’t even remember how I came across this, but if you are a Blink 182 fan, they have a new EP CD! It’s only 5 songs, but its really good.

It’s like a mix Angels & Airwaves, Blink 182, +44, Boxcar Racer, and part of Travis Barker’s own solo career. I got it as an Xmas gift, and I am really digging it.

If you want to check it out on itunes, click here.

Green Day – Dos – Album Released!


11-10-12: Initial release.


Guess what? If you are a Green Day fan, you will know that the album officially hits stores on Tuesday, November 13th.

I was browsing some of my sources today, and it turns out the album has been leaked/ripped, and put online in its entirety.  I am not going to link where to get it, and I have not listened to it. I can wait until Tuesday for that, but below is picture proof of it existing:

So are you a Green Day fan? Maybe rock alternative fan? Let us know what you like to listen to in the comments!

Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album Leaked 7 Days Early!


9-8-10: Initial release.

Hi all,

I wasn’t planning on typing up this article, but I could not resist. Linkin Park is releasing an album on September 14th, and as I was checking my sources today I realized one copy has been leaked online?!

How? No idea. It has been released on the net by a group called pLAN9.  Also, if you want to check out the NFO file and see it for yourself, you can download it at the mediafire link below:

NFO File Link

Now I could tell you where to download it, but I am not going to because I respect the artist.  No, I am not going to download it because I suspect if you get it through the popular “conventional” way, it will be heavily watched by the RIAA.

I mean, why would it not? 🙂

Unfortunately, based on the reviews I have seen on the new LP album, it is not looking good. LP said they are going for a more conceptual “album”, but does it work for them? Only time will tell.

Huge discussion about the leak at the LP forums. Read here.

How to Find Inspiration

Many times, whether it’s writer’s block or just blank thoughts, we can’t find any descent forms of inspiration. Simply, nothing comes to mind and you find yourself unable to put pen to paper, or digits to keyboard, or to click a simple button on a camera. Whatever your artistic interests may be, there are a few key places that a person can look. These places, when searched systematically, have endless pools of fresh ideas; an eternal stream of data, just waiting for someone to transform it into magic.

Family and Friends

When we are depressed, we often go to one (if not both) of the two sources and ask for help and advice. Well, inspiration can work the same way. They don’t have to be noted of it; just behave like you would generally, but examine yourself and the world around you more thoroughly and remember what or how you feel. Normally, you would think nothing of it, because family is SUPPOSED to make you feel safe and secure, and friends are SUPPOSED to make you feel excited and cheerful. In these harsh times though, where the cost of inspiration is skyrocketing through the roof, you can use everyday experiences and people, such as your family and friends, to give you the boost you desire.


Sun: the natural light bulb. Wind: the natural air conditioner. Earth: the natural home. Without knowing it, we have isolated ourselves from most of the outside world. It might not feel that way because we have the freedom to decide to stay in or go out, but needless to say, we choose the less intelligent one. Writers read much off of the internet and photographers look for photos on the internet for one MAIN reason: to hijack ideas and transform them into their own. A little thesaurus or Photoshop, and half an hour later you have a perfectly “creative and exclusive” piece of work. It’s not a crime to get thoughts from similar thoughts, but it might be better to start somewhere else first. Nature leads us to find amazing landscapes, marvelous creatures, and an infinite amount of inspiration. The trees, the sun, the moon, wildlife, etc. There are unfathomable amounts of dreams just waiting to become reality.


From good to bad, music is in a category all on its own. Without a doubt, music can bring us from the most unearthly hellish slums, to pure enjoyment and ecstasy. The moment you press play, you can feel enlightenment travel through those headphones, through the air. It tweaks your brain, making you take notice to things that seemed unreal or impossible before. It isn’t a scattered form of art, but more a language. It is a form of energy, and you are the converter. It builds up inside you, until you are full, then it seeps through, exiting your body in form of words or images. You are borrowing its power to make power of your own. It has the capability to make a person with a metal leg run a marathon; it can influence a town, city, state, country, or even the world! Its capabilities are limitless, all you have to do is put them together.

Site for photographers:

Positively inspirational artists: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Beatles, Bob Marley, Guns N’ Roses, Heartless Bastards, Joy Division, Interpol, Killers, Led Zeppelin, MGMT, Rolling Stones, Utada Hikaru, White Stripes, etc.

Music: The Most Influential Thing Ever


Music might not seem like the most influential thing ever, but I assure you, it is. Being a teen myself, I have been greatly influenced by music, and I have also noticed how others are changed just because of a few string plucks and drum beats. Speaks about what music can do to people, make them good or bad.

Music in History:

I am a teen sixteen years of age, and I currently attending high school. Being in the situation I am in, I observe everything with curiosity and closeness because I am very intrigued why things are the way they are. Let’s have a little history lesson. Very few people know this, but in just about every war ever fought, there has been music to encourage combatants. Most war is just about what people think it is, and that would be violence. Just when a soldier felt the need to give up, here comes the music, and all of a sudden, he feels the need to get up and fight like never before. As long as the music goes, the soldier feels more like a god, indestructible, impenetrable, and impregnable.

Music Today:

Today, music has been split up into many different genres than ever before. As people become more picky, they feel the need to have everything as they desire it. In high school, I see many spheres of influence due to the type of music that one listens to, and sometimes even gangs are formed. One of the biggest branches that affect people would be rap. There are not too many people that have not heard of rap, and it is most certainly the biggest branch. This genre mostly talks about and inspires the forming of gangs, violence, drug use, sex, money, crimes, ghetto environments, etc. Another is rock/metal/rock and roll. These are all closely related and most people who listen to one usually listen to the others as well. This mostly affects influence of dark clothing, religious beliefs closely related to Atheism and Satanism, hair styles that are scary to many, and just overall personalities that one would consider “crazy.”

What People Really Do: The Gangster Side

It is one thing to be influenced by something, but it is another when that something pushes a person to the point of no return. Starting with rap, the biggest genre. In many different cases, I have seen fights closely related to the “wanna be gangsta lifestyle” as many call it. It also closely relates to racism against the white man, thus stirring the tensions between African Americans and whites. Not trying to sound like a racist, but this is what it is really about. I do not feel like lying just because I sound like a racist, because I am not. The truth is what people want to hear, and here it is: There is a constant never ending racial war between “The Gangsters” and the “Goths” or “Crazy People” as many call them. Looking from a neutral point of view, I see both sides of the story. The Gangsters think that there is no need to be respectful, thus leading to violence towards other students, mostly Goths, teachers, and even other gangsters themselves! One time, I was sitting down in the middle of class doing my work as was everyone else, when all of the sudden a gangster started screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs, and was over-obsessed with calling the teacher as many people refer to as “the N word.” He then spit in between the teacher’s eyes, and then hit her! All because of some rap song that said there is no need of school, and the teachers need to be shot; something along those lines.

What people really do: The Goth/”Crazy People” Side:

Maybe gangster situations happen a lot more than Goth situations, but the Goth ones are far worse. Usually, their music drives people to the extremes and makes them do insane things. For example, when I was passing by the office, a Goth student tried to literally stab a teacher and the principal with a pair of scissors! This is madness, and I later went to ask the student why he did what he did. He then said: “They pissed me off!” I have seen this as very unreasonable, because if everyone was like him, there would be no one left in this world. He once invited me to listen to music with him during lunch hour, and I was quite fascinated about what this music talked about. It said some very awful things about killing, and about how violence is the only way out.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Music:

Music has many effects on a person, mostly bad effects. Sure there are inspiring songs, but that doesn’t mean that a person will listen to them. Statistics show that teens from ages 14-17 that listen to heavy metal/rock and/or rap are 20% more violent than those who do not. This might not seem like much, but it can be a big number when it comes to the whole country or even the whole world. Music can cause strong beliefs and disbeliefs, emotions, violence, and in some rare cases even insanity! I am sure that if a person just realized that the artists or bands that are making these songs have lifestyles that are not even closely related to the lyrics of the song. A good example of this is rap; it talks about violence and crime and murder, but the rappers themselves do not even have a criminal record. Rock stars sing songs about hating the world, but they love every bit of it, mostly because they are rich and famous.

If people would just take into consideration that most (not all) music is built upon a lie, then the world would be a lot better of a place. Some music may inspire us, but most just offer false inspiration. It really drives us to do what we would have never considered doing without music. It makes us do good, evil, strong, weak, and emotional. It inspires us, demonizes us, and becomes one with us. Music; the most influential thing in the world…

Free Music – What It Is and Where To Get It

Hey everyone.

I decided to write this article in response to a question from a fellow user, “PunditStyle”.

“What is an easy way to find free music online?”

Alright then. This all depends on your version of “free.”

If by free, you mean free to download and use LEGALLY, then you have many different options. First, websites such as, pandora, idobi radio, and others will stream internet radio. You can pick stations based on types of music, bands, songs, and mix and match your favorites. Recently, I used to find new bands to listen to based on some of the ones I’m currently into. is free and doesn’t require a download or an account to use. Pandora requires you to make a free account and there are limitations to how many songs you can skip over. Idobi allows you to download playlists which stream music online. There’s a new playlist every day, so there’s always something to listen to.

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Rockin’ Friday – Maiden Heaven

Slash of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver

Well, not much to say this week. In Kerrang magazine, released on Wednesday, an exclusive Maiden Tribute album was released called ‘Maiden Heaven’, which was actually pretty damn good. A few songs were a bit dodgy, but on the whole the track was WICKED SICK. Black Tide, Metallica, Machine Head and surprisingly Fightstar (that band with the guy from Busted) stood out more, but most of the tracks were just as good.

In particular, Dream Theatre did an amazing job of ‘To Tame a Land’, so here’s a video of it. Well worth listening to:

Anyways, won’t be around perhaps for a while, so enjoy your holidays if you’re on them.

Rock on! \m/

Rockin’ Friday! – ‘The myth of fast learning’

Janick Gers of Iron Maiden

Sorry for not posting last week, I did not remember to post early and before I knew it I had gone on holiday and had no access to a computer.

And apologies again for a short post this week 😛 Unforseen events have got my attention, but I have a little to say on fast learning sites. Thanks to CRKD Omegga for this post.

We’ve all seen them, those websites that offer ‘LEARN HTML IN X DAYS!’ or ‘LEARN GUITAR IN 24 HOURS.’ As Omegga said, I just want to say that these sites CANNOT deliver on their promise. You might be able to pick up some basics from it, but things such as these take a year or two of dedication before you can reap the benefits of learning.

For more, check out this thread:

Rock on! \m/

Rockin’ Friday – Vacation

Sonic the Hedgehog in SSBB

Smash Brothers FINALLY came out today in Europe. So I’m taking a break to play this with my friends. Rest assured, it’s an awesome game, and many laughs have been had. And I’m sure, many more laughs are to be had.

If you want something music related, then I found these guys a while ago. Tagged ‘the worst band ever’, they are pretty funny to watch. Here’s ‘Complete’!

Rockin’ Friday – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

Dexter Holland and ‘Noodles’ of The Offspring

So this week saw the release of the new Offspring album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. I’ll be honest, on the whole, they’re not my cup of tea. I like quite a few tracks on their greatest hits, namely ‘Can’t Repeat’ and ‘Can’t Get My Head Around You’. But as a punk outfit, they’re not what I normally listen to.

So I’ve listened briefly to the new album. And what I’ve listened to is decent. It doesn’t blow ME away, and in fact none of it sounds particularly amazing, but I’m a metalhead. And in trying to open my mind, I’ve mildly enjoyed the songs I’ve heard. It reminds me a little bit of the older stuff by them I like, Green Day (who I also like), a little of Panic! At the Disco (bleurgh!), and some of the lighter Lostprophets stuff.

I can’t give a very in depth review of this album, but I will say it’s worth checking out if you’re into this stuff, to see if you do actually like it. Hammerhead and Half-Truism (which is VERY reminiscent of Helena by MCR) are pretty good songs. In fact, in true Underground style, here is the whole album below. Check it out, and see for yourself if it’s good or not:


Now, I shall return to my Megadeth and Machine Head 😀

Rock on! \m/