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MX4SIO – Quick Overview and Stock Availability for Sale

MX4SIO schematic with LED


2/14/22: Initial release.

2/18/22: Updated inventory list.

2/24/22: Updated inventory list.

2/25/22: Updated inventory list.

2/26/22: Updated inventory list.

2/27/22: Rewrote section on how to request MX4SIO adapters. Added games compatibility section.

3/7/22: Updated stock progress.

3/15/22: Updated stock progress.

4/4/22: Updated inventory.

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard, MX4SIO is the newest project to hit the PS2 homebrew scene, and in a nutshell, it allows you to have a memory card load games off a microsd with a modified version of OPL. I’ve done some testing and link (2) videos below so you have a general idea of what MX4SIO is and what it can do for you:

The below video is example of God of War 2 testing that I’ve done:

Right now I’m working on trying to get my own PCB versions made, but due to supply chain shortage, its tough to get all the parts and it may be a while before I have something cool and professional to show off.

In the meantime, I’ve been modifying PS1 memory cards and soldering a SD card to microsd adapter by hand to use with OPL v1.1.0 and it works great. I’ve been asked a lot by my viewers if I will sell my adapters as I make them, and the answer is yes! If you are interested in buying an adapter, see information below.

Please note you must provide your own microsd storage (I’ve tested a 128GB Microcenter brand, no issues), and you need your own way to boot into OPL. If you want a FMCB/Fortuna Rev 2 PS2 memory card, let me know as I may or may not have that in stock.

How To Order MX4SIO adapter

See picture(s) below for latest available stock:

  • (4/4/22): Three cards in stock.

If you like to purchase one (or put name on waiting list) , you can either contact me direct via email at versatileninja [at] (preferred), via twitter (versatileninja), or via discord (Versatile#3114). Let me know if you are in the USA or international, how many MX4SIO adapters you may want, and then we can work out logistics. Payment will be via Paypal.

Each MX4SIO may have a different shell/color to them, as it depends on what PS1 memory card I am modifying. I will send you pictures of available stock and you can pick and choose what you want depending on available inventory.

The price of each MX4SIO card is $20 USD,+ shipping/taxes. For USA, I will ship via USPS First Class Mail package. If it happens to be international shipment, then that will be reviewed separately for final shipping fees due to customs and shipping overseas.

You will NOT get a microsd card for storage, so that must be user supplied. Each card has been tested with a 128GB (Microcenter brand) to confirm OPL detects my test game and loads fine in my PS2 fat (30001 model) and PS2 slim (75001). Each card has been inserted into slot 2 over 10 times to make sure all solder joints are good and will not break.

Recommendation is to insert the MX4SIO card gently into your PS2, do not force it. Also, if the card is inserted correctly and the PS2 does not read, then consider adjusting the contact springs in the slot 2 memory card reader to add extra pressure for contact reading. If still having issues, then contact me and we can discuss further, but for sure every single MX4SIO card I made myself works before shipment.

As my stock runs out or I add new stock over time, this page will be updated.

Overall, I think you are getting a better deal than buying overpriced on Ebay or Aliexpres, and of course you are getting it from a credible source. See the PS2 modding playlist at Project Phoenix Media on Youtube for more proof.

For more information on MX4SIO, see the forum here:

Below is a general MX4SIO troubleshooting video for reference.

Thanks for looking, and hopefully you will have fun with the PS2 as I did!

MX4SIO Game Compatibility Spreadsheet

I am the owner of the Google Spreadsheet that tracks MX4SIO game compatibility, which includes information that I’ve provided, as well as from the PS2 online community. See link below, and if you want to contribute, let me know. Thanks!

MX4SIO Game Compatibility 2022 List

How to Fix PS2 Memory Card Read and Write Issues


1-17-15: Initial release.

So recently I tried to install FMCB to a memory card I got from a friend, and my PS2 would not read it! I almost thought it was broken, until I decided to open up the memory card and clean the contacts with an eraser. Once I did that, all my issues went away!

See video tutorial below for more details: