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[App] IMO.IM

Sick of Meebo with its heavy traffic and cluttered interface? Don’t want to see those annoying ads? Now there is an cleaner and faster alternative, which is “” The creators behind this IM service are simply ingenius. Even two of them are from Google. The main highlight of this online IM service is the fact that one can have a group session across all messenging platforms. Another cool feature is that one does not even have to create an account to log onto multiple IM platforms simultaneously, thanks to a feature called “linking accounts”.

Although it does not have all the features that common IM clients offer (such as logfiles, smilies, etc) this app has plenty of room for improvement and successes. Also, the clean interface and lack of other things like hyperlinks and smiley buttons prove to be very pleasing to the eye.

official site:

MacBook Air Envelope Ad

Today is Sexy Saturday, and what better way to start it off then a sexy ad from Apple?
See the 30 second video below of the sexiness of the MacBook Air with the manilla envelope. I think the case itself is $300? 😛 Well, I’m sure it is more padding than a regular envelope, or one could buy their own envelope at Walmart, get some bubble wrap inside it for like a dollar, and there you go! 😛