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UCC Session #2 Is Today!

This is a quick update for those who follow the UCC. Today is session 2. It will be at 3pm, GMT -5 time. For those in the USA, I am from Wisconsin so 3PM central, 1PM for west coast, 4 PM for East coast. If you are outside the USA and need help figuring out the time, go to the link below and see what time I am broadcasting in your time zone.


The link to the stream is here. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

Topics for today’s session:
1) Tangent conversations – What they are, and how to fight against them.
2) Backing Up Files Best Practices – The concept of backing up , and why we need to do it.

The UCC Session #1 Meeting Minutes


3-14-10: Initial release.

First session was yesterday and we had 9 unique visitors. This means that Ice is this week’s best Underground Number guesser!

For the meeting minutes, please visit the thread here.

If you are too lazy to read, I encourage you to watch the video below. Stay tuned to the blog for details on session #2! Go to the forum, suggest ideas, and volunteer to become a future presenter!!!

Underground Computer Club: Session #1 Contest


3-9-10: Initial release.

Fun Fact: I typed up 99% of this article during my lunch break remotely on my netbook. I used to access the computer, and then type the article as my work blocks wordpress!

I tested the UCC last night, and it works great. If you want to see my profile, go to

Now with that said, I got people excited for the first show, and so am I. The real question is, how many are going to come on launch day?  Even myself I don’t really know.

This is where we start to have fun.  I want you to leave a comment and put out a guess how many viewers will view peak during the show.

The person who is closest to the actual number of viewers at its peak will have their name up on the banner as this week’s best “Underground’s Number Guesser”.

I am going to start and put out my prediction of 15 users.  Yours may be ridiculously higher or lower, but thats all part of the game, right? Good luck!

Underground Computer Club: Forum Details

Note: Every weekday night I will be on my Skype account in preparation for Saturday’s session. If you want to help me test my, please send me a text message on Skype (versatileninja).


3-7-10: Initial release
Forum link =

3-8-10:  See the youtube video. I am dead serious about this project.

I am getting a lot of responses to this topic. I do not want to host two sessions a week because of people who could not attend the first session due to time zone restrictions. What I may do is in the future change the time every now and then to accommodate one part of the world than another. We shall see.

3-9-10: I changed time to 4pm GMT -6 time to make it easier for the Australia guys. 🙂

Guys, the Underground Computer Club is up for action! I have been working with other wordpress author sneakily1 for the past few days on this forum, and for now this is the best way for two communities to merge into one and back each other up.

Later tonight I am going to record a quick Youtube promotion video to capture that audience. The first session will be this upcoming Saturday, at 4 pm (GMT -6). This should allow hopefully most of the world to tune in if they desire.

Between now and then, I still have to figure out the logistics as to conducting the session. Ideally, I want it to be a mix of voice and text. I have some potential ideas to start off the first session, and I will keep it a little bit broad the first time around to capture the interests of most people.

From here, if reception is good, then I can expect very specific subjects in the future for those who want to tune in. For now, go to the forum here and read the first post and contribute!

Brainstorming Forum Section