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Alternatives To TVLinks

Well, it has finally happened. The owner of was arrested and shut down.

It’s a sad day for streaming video fans everywhere as news has been reported that TVLinks has been shut down and the owner, a 26yo man from Chelteham in the UK, was arrested.

Though not hosting an actual content himself, and rather merely providing links to where particular titles can be found, he was nonetheless apparently charged for the “facilitation” of copyright infringement.” –ZeroPaid

So, we have got a few alternatives for you all.

You can find them all here: Click Here!

Or Below:
Surf The Channel


TV Life





Side Reel


DIVX Encoding

Hi all, are you interested in converting your DVD movies into smaller AVI files?  Imagine taking a 4.7Gig DVD, and then converting it to something smaller, say, 700megs, and still looks amazingly good?

 Yes, it can be done. What I like to use is a program called Dr Divx 2.  It is open source, and at the time of this writing, it is in beta 3. No fear though, it is an excellent program.  Find it at