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Windows Vista SP 1 Released!

[3/18/08 – Picture added courtesy of Versatile1]

So, Microsoft finally released it for retail. It will pop-up soon in your windows update thing.

I’ve installed it a month ago and it is really satisfying.

Here is more info:

NOTE: if you are using a pirated or cracked version of Vista, this update will detect it, and deactivate your windows. Microsoft somehow perfected their anti-piracy algorithms. However, unlike in XP, an unactivated version of Vista will not be put into a reduced function state. So far, the only annoyance for me is that every 30 minutes or so, my desktop background changes to solid black, besides that, I don’t see any difference between a pre and a un activated Vista.

Sorry Versatile1 for posting over your thing, and thanks for inserting a picture!

Windows Vista did not steal ideas from Mac OS X! (Or did they?)

I found this hilarious video on YouTube where a guy compares Vista and OS X in a battle of ideas. Its a comic untruth, but it certainly has a good point.

[Game Ending] Crysis

With the release of Crysis for PC only a few days old, we found the complete game ending for you to watch. Be warned! This is and will always be a spoiler!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy! (Take a break from reading)

Alternatives To Demonoid

Since Demonoid is down, once again… *sigh*… I, Voltaire, want you to know where to go to get your torrents.

There are some hot options like the top public torrent site, The Pirate Bay , Mininova , Isohunt , TorrentPortal , as well as others.  As for private trackers, I would check out AradiTracker .

However, my favorite is Torrent Search Engine Searcher. Yes, long redundant-sounding name. Heres the deal: Its a search engine that uses the search engines of many other torrent sites. Its real name is TorrentScan. All I will say is you can access The Pirate Bay, Mininove, Isohunt, and many other popular torrent sites from this site.

Happy Hunting!

[Game Preview!] Gears Of War (PC)

Yes, the GoW PC edition was supposedly released today, so we have a special preview for you:

As cracks come out, we might even have links for you!

How To Get Free Games, Game Consoles, iPods, and Other Things!

Alright, This is Voltaire once again with a “how to get free stuff” report. Those of you that have read my previous get a free iPhone article know what sticklers we are for free things. Well, I have found a really good site. Yes, it has iPods, iTunes cards, Wii games and extra Wii parts, xbox 360’s, HALO 3 (YES FOR FREE), xbox parts, xbox live cards, PS3’s with games and parts, music, DS’s with games, PSP’s with games, and much, much more!

And heres the deal: you dont need a credit card! Most of the offers available do NOT need a credit card. All you have to do is complete a little survey or sign up an account but you wont need a credit card. of course, for those of you that are willing to spend a few bucks, there are credit card and cell phone offers to be completed.

So, how do you get points? complete offers! or tell you friends to help you out.

Want to sign up? well, i didnt mention a link or a set yet.

So there it is! Click above to sign up and start getting free things!

(They have the Touch, so you better hurry!!!)

The site is reliable, and credits add up instantaneously. You will not have any problems!

Build Your Own Server – Tutorial Guide

Hey all. I found this great article that teaches you how to setup your own server.

Here is an excerpt:

“If you’re anything like me (even before I got really involved with, you’ve got spare parts everywhere. You know what I mean – systems that you have put aside as you’ve upgraded over the years, like Northwood P4s and Athlon XP boards that have gone the way of the dodo. They aren’t your top gaming rig – they don’t even need 200W to run, much less have 200W for the graphics card.

In my goal of helping you find new and useful ways to use that old crap, it dawned on me – everyone I know complains about files on this computer or that computer, or not being able to get the things they need or want while they’re out or away from their home desk. They needed a file server – a REAL file server, with web interface and bit-torrent and the capacity to not tie up your precious screens and keyboards, which are (at least in my house) in less supply than motherboards and hard drives.

It needs to be fast, extensible, flexible, run on old spare parts, and be completely headless after about two hours. It needs to be Linux. And apparently I need to be our resident Linux expert, Ken “Glider” Gypen…


Check out the rest of it at

Great Website – Disposable Email

I found this today, it is called spaml.

This is how it works according to their website:

“What is Spaml ?

Spaml is an automatic disposable email solution where you don’t have to click. When you visit this site the above generated email address is automatically saved to your clipboard.

All you have to do is “Paste” in where ever an email address is requested (forms, forums etc) and when you get the email it will show up here instantly in this box.”

Check it out here at the source.


Send Large Email Attachments Hassle Free

Did you ever wanted to send someone an email attachment, but it was larger than 10 megabytes? Well, no need to worry. Go to, and you can send anyone a file as long as it is less than 100GB’s.

This is how it works:

First go to

  • Fill in your email address, and your recipient’s email address. If you want to leave a comment for them, you can.
  • Now click the upload button, pick what you want, and click send.
  • See, that was easy! This is safe and secure process. Files will be held on the server for 7 days for the free package, or 100 downloads, whichever comes first.

    I’d definitely check it out!

    Use any usb drive for readyboost on Vista

    This nice tutorial at Windows Vista magazine shows you how you can use any usb drive (even the slower ones) in Vista as a ready boot drive. The advantage? The OS will use this extra flash ram as actual RAM for your computer.

    Only 4 steps, takes about 5 minutes, and you are good to go!