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8-5-09: Added Jvalin.

Let’s face it.  The Undergroun blog has a lot of good information.  Maybe you came here to see how you can play on Hamachi with Left 4 Dead.  Maybe you were looking for console modding guides, or Call of Duty information.  Whatever the case maybe, this blog touched your heart in one way or another, and I (Versatile) thank you for it.

Do you want to help in another way instead of writing for us?  How about you help spread the underground knowledge?  All you need to do is promote the Underground to your friends, family, forums, chat rooms, or wherever.  If you want to spam any of our guides or links, go right ahead.  Just do it in moderation is all that I ask.

If you want to be a street team member, leave a comment and I’ll put you on the list:

Verified Street Team Members (last update 4-25-09)

  • Hail2King – Specialty = L4D, Hamachi, Technology
  • <Jvalin – iPod related items
  1. we have a problem with our ultrasurf at school, it no longer works. the program no longer connects to the internet, we have tried from the latest version to the oldist, none of them work. i was hoping if there where any suggestion to what could be wrong or anything else we could use.

    • No idea, it sounds as if the school firewall blocked you.

    • Daveeeeeeeeee

      I’d recommend HotSpot Shield. It’s what all my friends use when they’re overseas on holidays. They say it works fine.

    • I think the program’s connection has been blocked or the server is denying you service. The best thing to do is to move on and try something new like Tor. If you want to keep going, keep ahead of the game and switch your programs up every so often.

    • I had the similar problem, with ultrasurf. The school must have blocked the port which ultrasurf was using i recomend downloading a program freegate and setting it up according with the schools proxy settings. ie http proxy: my.school or 19.222.9 (ip) port 8080. If that dosent work check out a site called seasawe (its probably banned at your school), and check out there list of programs. Freegate is by far the best due to its speed and also it gives you an ip manhattan. I hope it helps you

  2. |BFs|SlusH COD Master

    Hey guys ! I have a qusetion . If Im going to LAN with my friends do they need to download Tunngle aswell ?

  3. hey versatile.I checked your vids on youtube.they are impressive and helpful for gamers.

    My youtube channel:

  4. Hello Versatile! You’re the man! I’ll add you up in my skype account! Thank you!

  5. hi guys just saw this and if your still looking for people to help you with your work here il sign up for the job(it looks like im on real job interview xD)just tell me something if you want me to help or not bye.

  6. Im @ computer school! And ouer WEB/INTERNET was working perfect then they put proxy servers on and now many of us can not do some stuff that we use to, like SKYPE,MSN,GAMES,FLASH GAMES and so on so do you have any sugestions how to PASS prosy or somethng?! thx

  7. Hi, i’m wondering if u guys have got l4d 2 available for D@wnl@4d? coz nobody is playing l4d in garena. all of em r playing l4d 2.. and of course as a die hard gamer i’d like to get a dose of something newer and harder =D plz advise!

  8. I added you to my blogroll at http://unitedtechguys.wordpress.com/.
    The blogroll shows up in the lower right hand corner because of the WP theme I have.

  9. Added you to my blogroll at http://kreativeme.wordpress.com/. Well you`ve been there before I just changed it to more tech, gaming, rant blog.

    former UCC member (now Genius Factory lol)

  10. Greetings!

    I am offering my assistance to the street team,
    with topics such as:

    Smartphones, Tunngle’n’Hamachi, Games’n’gaming hardware, Software, Basic Website stuff (php, html), Sony Vegas (Video Editing), Server hosting (Local media, dlna, game servers, VoIP servers etc…), Torrenting and other computer related questions.

    Hit me up on skype

  11. how to watch movie off a usb on ps2 slim using swap magic

  12. hi!i am interested to spread my knowledge.your webpage has alot op people reading.I am an gamer(11 years of expirience).I played alot of games and I know how they tick.Topics I can write:Cracks(where&how)torrenting(where to find good torrent,how to recognize one,general issues regarding torrents),tweaking and optimizing pc for gaming,downloading(juicy links,website reccomendations,using jdownloader)gaming hardware,Teamspeak 3(general issues,permissions,icon uploading,free ts list that I gathered these years)

    If you are interested hit me up via

  13. oh add to the list,Howto:free shoutcast stream

  14. I wanna be part of the team.. i use to code a bit in python, i know quite a lot of hardware, speak english and spanish(native) and ,,, uhmmmm i wanna spend my time in something usefull,,,,

    also: php, dreamweaver, photoshop & after effects basics, and gaming experience..

  15. Great site! ! Been reading for nearly two years now. 🙂

  16. Hello Versatile.. I want to be the part of the Street Team!

  17. nice website, i like

  18. I want to be a part of the street team.

  19. like it……….

  20. Your writting is amazing, I’m truly touched by by yure jurenalisusm. Please have my children.

    In regarde, Godtha

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