Random Q & A

[Original release: February 9th, 2009]


2-22-10:  Rewrote the whole article.

This blog over time has gotten a lot of questions. Sometimes the comments are great and the questions go to the respective article. However, I do note that from time to time there are questions people want to ask that don’t fit in the right spot.

Here you can ask your question, and we will try out best to ask it. Please don’t ask your random questions in the “About Us” page or “Help Wanted” pages.  They do not exist for that purpose!

You post a random question in the comment, and the Underground Staff here will try to help provide you an answer, or lead you in the right direction.  Thanks for reading!

  1. Thankyou for all the tutorials for FMCB for PS2…:)….I have a PS2 Slim, I tried to put in a burned FMCB disk in PS2 but the spindle turns very fast making a sound like a bike riding (not literally)…in the end i get an error that disc cannot be read
    I even tried to play my games but im facing the same issue..
    What shall i do…what could be the problem with the spindle turning this fast…

    Thanking in anticipation

  2. Yo Versatile , i want you to make tutorial for Don Bradman Cricket 2014 on tunngle, i am unable to join games on tunngle, but i am seeing others session, ppls are playing and i am *******. do it on tunngle, dont panic is empty, no problem if you dont have time! i’ll manage. LOLX 😀

  3. Not exclusive lan, revolt made a fix for steam and it was working, now game company made some update changes and its not working!

    there is another crack which is working with tunngle(steam not required). but not working for me(other guys playing), i just wanted that there should be tutorial under don’t panic.

    problem is that Us ppl dont play cricket, that is why this game has less exposure.

  4. hi I recently downloaded gears of war 1 http://h33t.to/torrent/6435582/gears-of-war-repack-by-r-g-catalyst-naswari-zohaib but it dosent work , when i start the game it comes with error ordeal 42 cannot be found OS-windows 8.1

  5. Hullo Versatile, i want your advice regarding my career, after doing my Bachelors in commerce i am doing CCNA from a cisco certified institute, if i cast my mind back to past you have told me that you have been working in a utility company and you know how internet works! so i am assuming that you have done CCNA or CCNP or MCSE or something, correct me if i am wrong. can you guide me how to go forward in my Networking career? which type of certification should i take? will you please tell me from your experience!

    • It’s best to ask your counselor or advisor. It sounds like you need to get in touch with IT career and see what certifications they need.

      • you are saying that you are not an IT personnel? ok leave it then, thanks for your reply, there is no counselor here in Pakistan.

        • Ccnp, after that there are two major diversion. Right now telecom related is on the boom. So networking related voice is in demand. Ccnp voice. And keep going further. I forgot whats the next level after ccnp, but that will give you big boost as many are jumping on ccnp voice and stopping there for quick rewards. Go a step further and enjoy being on demand like a boss

  6. I’m trying to download a certain code for names on college jerseys…am I able to to this from my pc to the ps2 through ethernet?

  7. i play teknomw3 i played and then when i changed my name it shows a black screen and then crashes i tried reinstalling the game it still shows the same thing plzz help

  8. Looking for oculus quest 2 free paid games like beat saber

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