Random Q & A

[Original release: February 9th, 2009]


2-22-10:  Rewrote the whole article.

This blog over time has gotten a lot of questions. Sometimes the comments are great and the questions go to the respective article. However, I do note that from time to time there are questions people want to ask that don’t fit in the right spot.

Here you can ask your question, and we will try out best to ask it. Please don’t ask your random questions in the “About Us” page or “Help Wanted” pages.  They do not exist for that purpose!

You post a random question in the comment, and the Underground Staff here will try to help provide you an answer, or lead you in the right direction.  Thanks for reading!

  1. prashantcruise

    hey versetile..
    i am gonna purchase gaming pc(assembling)
    so i want 21.5inch monitor
    1-which one is best led or lcd(whats difference)
    and i3 2200 processer….(suggested by salman)..
    2-which grapics card is better in that screen size not too costly..
    3.Difference between ddr2 or ddr3 ram which is best…
    4.is blue ray drive is needed for new window game..
    5-which is best wireless or wire keyboard or mouse..

    • 1) LCD is fine, and cheaper than LED monitor.
      2) Not sure, depends on your budget. Go to tomshardware.com and start researching the video cards.
      3) DDR2 and DDR3 RAM depends on what your motherboard can support. DDR3 is faster ram than DDR2 ram.
      4) No.
      5) I love wireless keyboard and mouse, less wires. It’s fine for gaming, unless you are playing in super critical gaming environment, then wired keyboard and mouse has less lag, and helps you become the FPS and RTS king. If you don’t care, then go wireless and get rechargeable batteries.

  2. main dilema is video card…
    and i will purchase xbox 360 game controller… should i use usb 3.0 port i dont know a word about that…

  3. prashantcruise

    my choice ati 5770 but salman had said that it has a big fault so searching for other..
    and what super cooling case and its feature…

  4. prashantcruise

    AMD PHENOM X4 800
    instead of i7.. or i5

    amd cheaper ..

  5. Versatile please can you tell me about :-

    1) I have 160 GB segate internal pc hard drive, { What should be the maximum capacity of HDD can we connect to Ps2 slim ? }
    2) I want it to connect with my ps2 console(SLIM),
    3) I watched videos on youtube related to it but didnt understand
    4) Can u please plz tell me how to do that ?
    5) plz refere me step by step process, I will be very thankful to you.

    Thank You.

    • 1) Max I think is 2TB, maybe higher.
      2) Use USB or SMB.
      3) You need to watch all my videos then to get a good idea what you are getting yourself into.
      4) See above.
      5) See number 3.

      • In the above image there is a PCB having IDE port is installed into the PS2-slim console.

        This image is the overview of the PS2 with HDcombo drive.

        Versatile can you tell me where the PCB with IDE port gets soldered in the console.

        If possible then plz help me with the video tutorial.
        My PS2 model is SCPH 9004.

        Thank You.

        • Sorry for double reply.

          In the above image there is a PCB having IDE port is installed into the PS2-slim console.

          This image is the overview of the PS2 with HDcombo drive.

          Versatile can you tell me where the PCB with IDE port gets soldered in the console.

          If possible then plz help me with the video tutorial.
          My PS2 model is SCPH 9004.

          Thank You.

        • Why don’t you go ask the mod maker, or psx-scene.com? This is way too dangerous.

  6. I have problem with playing heroes of might and magic 5 online,i saw ur vid on youtube,port forwarded correctly,installed patches.Ican see other players games and join,but i cant see all the games,i mean that when someone hosts he says to me join,but i can see his game on homm5,why is that?

    P.Snice vid,they have been really hellpfull!

  7. prashantcruise

    veresetile i have my new LAPTOP of lenovo
    i3 2130m
    1gb nvidia and intel hd grapics
    3gb ddr3
    what type of game i could play

  8. but rohan said you can play game in small resolution
    my lapy model lenovo

    z570 plz check

  9. well my lappy have two grapics card an i got a button to boost my ghrapics card to nvidia 1gb but it heat up my lappy …
    so my question is how to measure the temperature or should i purchase a lappy cooling pad

  10. Wow new laptop and heat up problem, seems interesting! Dnt buy that cooler.

    • no no not the heat problem… my lappy never crash due to heat, its nvidia that make it heat but no crash …
      and my lappy is on by 49hr now

      • Mate….its not a problem….just don’t use your lappy on bed….use it only on tables or even hard surfaces. Using it on bed causes the vents to be blocked and hence it might give out heat….not too much may be, but that can be your problem…….coolers are really not required nowadays unless you do a hard mod with your lappy……..or your lappy is too old.

  11. Laptops come with inbuilt graphics card….they are not replaceable. Some laptops come with replaceable graphics card but most of them are high end. Believe me i have checked everywhere and i have not found any mod or as we say “jugaad” to change or upgrade graphics card. External graphics are also available but they are not available in india and also are not very successful and cost more than a laptop.

    • hey rohan is any way that my grapics card improved to play new game on full screen ….
      or using intel and nvidia at same time :0 or any mod???????

  12. Overclocking may be the only way…….will explain you in detail. Contact me on facebook….i guess versatile would not like us using his blog as a chat medium.

  13. how to jailreak iphone 3gs on 4.3.3 and does not void warranty

  14. hey versetile i cant able to install bf3 in my laptop it give me error=0 at installation time

  15. i got the tutorial form metacafe i have to delete tm from battlefield folder…..
    sorry but again got a problem i have downloaded a game in polish language can u tell me how to change its language ?????

  16. no i cant able to find the language file and now i got thats the game prototype is in russian how to change it into eng


    thats the game help me …..
    and any language changer?????

  17. http://torrentz.eu/26030cb7c692d17a3249d5a95621005c7b1d05a7

    this might help……….worked for me………

  18. hey versetille my frnd has deleted batman game accidently … i install it into i drive but could u tell how to uninstall that game

  19. Hey versatile…..i am getting an offer for a xbox 360(white version and without kinect) with a 120 gig hdd…the person is providing me with a pair of wireless controllers and halo reach original DVD…in exchange of my ps3 with move bundle…..The reason im interested is because here there is a hell shortage of ps3 games…You won’t believe, shift 2 arrived here just yesterday….nobody sells ps3 games in my area….not even the original ones…and frankly i avoid buying originals coz they cost a lot…..so i wanted your advice should i go for it or should i stick with the ps3……i don’t need BRD drive coz i already have one in my laptop so i can enjoy brd movies on it by hooking it to HDMI. Xbox 360 games are available over here almost at the time of their release, and you know sony keeps blocking jailbreakers and new games via firmware locks and updates.

    So mate in short Xbox 360 or ps3……

    Extra info: i don’t need online gaming….that xbox can play burned games…..i already have a multimedia system. I am a true GAMER!!!

  20. hey versatile, i followed ur instructions to play l4d2 with tunngle and all but when i tried to play the sacrifice this showed up:

    45/ – infected: UTIL_SetModel: Not precached: error.mdl

    any way to fix it?

  21. versatile I am playing assassins creed 1 and having a voice sync problem I tried uninstalling and the installing the but it did not work I am having windows vista heres the link http://h33t.com/details.php?id=e51eeb17a23df628a3e1e11ef8ad6860ea4691aa

  22. prashantcruise

    happy new year versatile
    its long to be here
    hey i have mac lion os 7 dvd any way that i get it installed in my pc

  23. Do you need an emulator for pc games? For example: Im downloading The Sims 3 rom for pc. Do I need anything to run this rom on my computer? Please Help!

    • Sims 3 was made for PC. That is not a ROM.

    • Wether you are downloading a legit or illegit game, Either way You will need a no cd exe as you wont have the cd in your drive.
      Is this your first time getting an electronic copy?!

      Wow you have lots to catch up to.

      You will also need a virtualization software that emulates CD rom wherein you will “Mount” these games

      The steps are too big to write here, But they are easy, Gone are the days when you could simply copy paste a game into folder and it works, Although versatile does have a list of these types of games
      Portable games list in his wiki page.

  24. I have installed arkham asylum but when I began to play batmans controls dont work and I cant change control please help

    • Are u implying joystick or keyboard controls?
      Use Pinnacle game profiler if you are using joystick , for easy 1 step control config.
      If you can get your hands on free copy if that is. Otherwise use Xinput method . Versatile already did a video on xinput method

  25. no there are no controls set for keyboard in the game and I cant change it the only controls that are given are of xbox controller

  26. what is good cfw or usb dongle for ps3

  27. hi,your website is very good.
    I purchase sony ps2 90004 and i cracke ps2 from a chip.
    I have working dvd of smackdown:pain,how to copy this dvd to use it in ps2.
    I have nero 6,dvd decrypter.

  28. i have ps2 90004.
    So,I shoul purchase a usb hdd or pc hdd?

  29. I’m from korea

    i use starfriend 0.88 through router, tring to connect 2PC

    so i successed connect 2PC and chat to each other, but can’t join game

    DMZ set to host ip(only one set to), and i tried using Hamachi

    what shuld i do?

  30. hey versatile i am new here, can u help me by telling how can i play splinter cell conviction offline in lan.

    • I do have a splinter cell conviction thread and video at youtube.com/gamedexterity under tunngle tutorials. Or search youtube for “splinter cell conviction gamedexterity”.

  31. Off Topic
    Splintercell conviction was My first gateway into the portal Of G.D .
    Cant thank enough Tunngle for that.

    Funny thing , Here we are in G.D so easily telling people about tunngle .

    And i had to find out about it the hard way , thru deep hidden Russian forums or so i believe. The software itself was not in english.

    Present day: Tunggle is everywhere on Youtube. Thanks to the legend that is versatile .

  32. hello Versatile,
    i’m having trouble playing Rage using LAN with the smartsteam method,
    whenever i try playing online i get “the connection to steam is lost”

    i think it’s a problem with steam appid being blacked-out but i’m not sure
    can you please help or give me a working appid?

  33. Hi versatile!

    Team Fortress 2 is free2play, but you still need steam to play it
    is there anyway to make it work without steam?
    so i can play it LAN with my friends, without the need to install Steam and create Accounts, etc. ?

    sry 4 bad english

    thanks in advance

  34. Hi Versatile…..
    there is a problem of networking with my stance…. Ur network genius …thts why i hope that u’ll find something for me..
    Currently i am using 2 intenet connection,

    the problem is, i need 2 use both connection at a time, and/or wi-max for my BROWSING and adsl for BITTORRENT..

    one thing i should tell u that, when both internet are running it uses ADSL connection(i monitored wi-max), and when i just disable my dsl NIC it automaticaly start using Wi-Max…..
    I hope u got my problem…i had hours of gooleing for this problem, but no luck

    • Why are you connected to two internet sources at the same time?

      • he probably has traffic jams on net when he torrents. so he does not want to compromise himself or others in network. So 1 Deicated torrenting , other browsing.
        Anyway its fail

    • Not Possible
      ur pc is your home. Your Adsl Is the train station and Your Wimax the Bus Station.
      The NEt is the school
      When you connect your pc to the first router, (adsl) your pc gets an ip assigned. and all browsers and internet programs are now told to use the train station to reach school.

      Just Like You cannot cut yourself into 2 and half of you take a train station and other half bus station to reach school.
      Similarly taking a saw and cutting down your pc wont be of any good .

      Make up your mind, you can be connected to both networks, But the second network will not be taken into consideration unless the first network is disabled.

      Internet works like this.
      Your pc sends a command to the Isp, and the Isp return the answers to the querries ur pc sent.
      Your pc cannot cut information into 2 and set half to go to one isp and other half to another isp.

      Perhaps in future- Currently no.

      Where u are getting confused:
      You mistook different pcs to different network.
      A network is a set of Pcs or xyz that send querries to ONE ISP or main SERVER.
      u can connect o many pcs on a single network, and each pc will be assigned an internal Ip. But one pc will act as a main unit.
      You cannot do the same with multiple networks, But only if both networks communicate with each other.
      Therby making your effort a waste, Your Wimax and Dsl are suppose to be used seperately right :/ whats the point if both are on same network and then both are either using dsl network or only wimax network (just giving an eg:)
      Split you job: Use laptop or old pc to do the downloading task, Use an external HDD, and you play or browse on the other network on a seperate pc.

      • Mustang is right…[
        Quote:he probably has traffic jams on net when he torrents. so he does not want to compromise himself or others in network. So 1 Deicated torrenting , other browsing.
        Anyway its fail]…
        I think Mustang had very good research on it…It means i have to waste/spend much more time to get my desired networking.. 🙂
        Still No LUCK…thanks to all for reply..

        • keep ur downloads on utor set to half the speed of your net, Keep your upload to 1/3 the speed your isp gives

          This should cause no one any inconvienience. Only You wud need to sit longer to score your ratios and get your stuffs, but its still better

          If at all keeping this setting causes others inconvienience change your utor settings to lesser total number of connections. You can also use the scheduler, to schedule more speeds during night or at times when you know no body else uses net.
          Wimax is a fail for torrenting, The isp will start throtling the connection as soon as you reach 120 Gb bandwidth

          Also frequently flush your dns settings as well as reset your Netsh from command promt. Really helpful to those who donot get their isp speeds on torrents even if there are enough seeders, or at times helps precuver from the corruption torrent programs sometimes do to your connection.

  35. Great tutorial on OpenPs2Loader .. am using v0.93 with usb drive and it works great! But the more games I add, the longer the list .. duh .. BUT.. the PS2 (77001) seems to poll the usb drive every 8 seconds which resets my cursor to the top item …. makes it REALLY hard to scroll down and find games …. is this normal ?? .. thanks ..

  36. versatile please can you tell me how to unlock my iphone 4 on 5.0.1 firmware

  37. Versatile please help me to jailbreak or downgrading my ps3 for free PLEASE !!!!

  38. but there has to be some way like downgrading or something

  39. versatile my college ban some site even proxy sites are ban can u tell me how to unlock that one?

  40. Simple , use mask surf if u can installa program.
    If u cant install then , simply log onto my site http://www.darksteam.info. Create an account , and immeditely u can start using free unlimited proxy surf , just go to services and select asproxy type ur sites and access them.

  41. I lnow o recommended ultra surf , but that was last year, and then for unknown reasons although it works fine, av flags it as malicious, anyhoo. Mask surf is similar yet a better one, and its very very quick. As its based on tor . I just hope that there are enough premium users for it so that it can last long and is always this well supported. Give it a spin. Its good. And please remember, the more users that use it, the slower it becomes. Not entirely true, but i am refering to leechers and not contributors :p

  42. Yes it is, it also has premium option. And to be frank, i planned never to share it with others, as the more famous it becomes, more slow it will turn out to be, like the rest of them lot.
    Sorry for making new comment versatileinstead of replying to the existing comment, it seems the blog is not compatible with ipad.. There is no option to reply to comments but just to post via ipad.

  43. i have green luma and it does not give me the feature to add friends

  44. Do you know how or a site that teaches you how to download xbox games and play them on your xbox

  45. I recently purchased a windows phone and wanted to know if I could download paid apps for free

  46. i think you should put on the POPULAR POST Wigdet in this blog.

  47. Yo Versatile, expert advise required 😀

    we got some problem on online LAN gaming..
    i can’t connet to my local friend any of these facility:

    1- GFWL (xox.reg).. street fighter 4, i can see him but we are unable to connect each other.we both can connect to others session and played!
    2- Tunngle,games tried(Dirt 3) we can see each other in any tunngle room(ping showing 50ms)..we were unable to connect each other.same again, we can connect to others session.
    After wasting time i decided to tell my friend to come (with his PC) my home and connect his pc directly into my router,and wtf same result again(tunngle ping was 1ms) , we were unable to connect, like before!
    we also tried default direct lan gaming(router), no luck

    my pc:
    win7 64 bit
    eset smart security 5(firewall off,protection off)

    friends pc:
    win7 32 bit
    eset nod32 5 (no firewall, protection off)

    is the microsoft’s firewall could be the problem?(forgot to turned that off)
    port forwared for both pc(in my home atleast)…
    my friend’s final thought was 32bit to 64bit not possible…(but we know it doesn’t matter) cause, we connected/played to same player on gwfl gaming sessions from both pc seperatly.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Thank u Versatile.

    • Street fighter IV will not work if you and your friend have the same xox.reg key. There is no way around it.

      For dirt 3, I can’t explain that one. You use Teknogods program to host and as a client. It has nothing to do with serial keys.

      • Lets keep aside GFWL thingy! i don’t remember the key and what xox.reg files used…
        used teknogod, both can hear …..working …..transfer complete….. both tried as host and client mode……both side vice versa …..
        tunngle adapter prioritize 1st……… everything was done properly….going to try Sniper ghost warrior 2…….
        is this could be a port issue……we were able to ping in tunngle client.

        going to try windows 7 firewall off by this:
        Netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off
        Netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on

        ppl resolved their lan gaming issue by this….


  48. Hello ^_^
    So I’m having some issues, I’m pretty new to PC gaming and I’m trying to get my Aftershock PS3 controller to hook up to my laptop.
    know the controller will work on my computer after having plugged in the little wireless USB and installing the driver. I downloaded motioninjoy, but I’m having a problem getting it to connect to my controller.
    Am I going to need to get a USB adaptor for my controller?

    • Izar,
      Are u not following versatile’s video?
      Motioninginjoy was awesome. It was the first to advance . But then they went haywire and became crap full of bloat ware.
      Look up versatile’s new joystick tutorial . He uses a different software that just install , almost plug and play.

      • I havent been no, I was just looking around to see if I could find anything that would help. Luckily my controller will automatically work for Dead Space, but I’d still like to be able to play Minecraft with it.
        I’ll take a look at the other software ^_^
        Thanks so much!

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