Global Impact: Request Tutorials

[Original date: August 20th, 2007]
2-23:10: Rewrote the whole page.

As the blog continues to thrives, we as authors need direction and guidance from the community. Maybe you have an idea but have no idea how to do it. Why not let us suffer and learn it well so we can teach you?

Or maybe there is a topic we do know, so you want us to write about it for you. ย There is no shame in that.

To help make the system easier on us, please use the tutorial request form below. I look at this daily and if it makes sense, I or someone else on the staff will look into it deeper.

You can also leave a comment for the rest of the community to discuss, and if it is a good tutorial idea, I ask you use the request form so I can help keep track of it. Thanks!

—>Tutorial request form<—

  1. versatile I have a pirated windows 7 if I update Microsoft Security Essentials that is sure to be done if I want to protect my pc but by doing so they may know that it is not orignal serialnumber

  2. hey i have a pirated version of borderlands but with the new patch that just released(1.4.0) I cant play over lan because i cant log in. plz help thnx

  3. Hey bro. I also posted this same question on one of your youtube vidoes, although I made a little progress since then..

    I have a ps2 slim, 77006, I had a technician install free mcboot on my memory card, & a bunch of games on my external HD. now I downloaded a Splinter Cell game. extracted it with winrar, then rip it w/ daemon tools, then used USBextreme to burn it to my external drive (dude I learned those from watching your vids!). everything went well, I see it in my drive now, filenames were the same w/ the other games (ul.******SLUS_***), but when I tried it on the console, the game wasn’t there!

    how come the other games are working but this doesn’t? are there any differences w/ how they were installed or something?

    thanks in advance bro. & you got a good thing going on here!

  4. @Ice: yes I did. still doesn’t work. you think I should download another torrent file?

    @Salman: if that’s the case, then there’s no getting around it? meaning the only way I get to play those games is using a disk?

    thanks for all your response guys!

  5. Can You Plz plz plz tell me how to play Pro evoultion soccer 2011 online plz man ?

  6. OK thx man , but what about the Community Option in the game menu ??
    Ps : Thx 4 The Hard Work Bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Dude , Can you plz Make A video about how to play Lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 using tunngle ?? ๐Ÿ™‚ , Keep Up The gr8 work :))))

  8. Pro evoultion soccer 2011 ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hey I’ve been thinking on trying out Dead Rising 2 on pc with a friend of mine but there was a problem, that the client does not let us get to online gaming or over lan using tunngle, I just wanted to ask you if it is possible somehow to get dead rising 2 to get online/lan over pc?

  10. I need VPN

  11. hey versatile…
    i downloaded a rip-off version of cod:mw2…..which excluded multiplayer files….now i wish to play it online and dont want to download whole game again…………any place whr i can get the required files……i knw it in the main folder of game……..some .iwi files…….
    pls help

    • This is your fault for taking shortcuts. I never take shortcuts. It is better to go through hell once and get the full game , than try to take shortcuts and then cry about it later. I don’t know where you can get the multiplayer files. Go to and find out. Ask on their forums.

  12. HI I have CS- 1.8 goiceasoft i was playing w/outh issues before but now i cant load to the network in Hlife cant load and in CS just stay lodaning for hours and never acces. whaat can i do?

  13. hello versatile all your tutorials are great i watched all your videos all are great i have a request can you make call of duty 2 tutorial using tungle. email me.. i would really appreciate that thanks

  14. thanx man.

  15. I came here becouse of the background from this video :

    so if its not a problem could you put it on this blog, or send it to my mail? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you

  16. Sorry!!! :/ i ment this video

    if its not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Dude Do u know How to Jailbreak Ps3 4.00 ? Please Help Us out here !

  18. I want to play copied Gta San Andreas on my ps2 using swap disk pls make a tutorial!

  19. But i don’t have Swap magic. can i just burn Swap magic.iso on a blank dvd will it work?

  20. i would like to know if you could find a tutorial that lets you play farcry 3 online using lan. I have searched but i can not find. Please and thank you

  21. Is it possible to play need for speed most wanted (2012) online. thx

  22. Hey there Versatile, what do you think is the best PS3 version to get if I want to play games off the HDD?

    Do you think ODEs are worth it? It looks like PS3s with 3.55 fw and below are rare now.

    • Aren’t slim ps3 moddable still? You may need to get one of those Cobra dongles. To be honest, I’ve been out of the PS3 scene for awhile, so older PS3 with older FW might be hard to find as you said.

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