Global Impact: Request Tutorials

[Original date: August 20th, 2007]
2-23:10: Rewrote the whole page.

As the blog continues to thrives, we as authors need direction and guidance from the community. Maybe you have an idea but have no idea how to do it. Why not let us suffer and learn it well so we can teach you?

Or maybe there is a topic we do know, so you want us to write about it for you.  There is no shame in that.

To help make the system easier on us, please use the tutorial request form below. I look at this daily and if it makes sense, I or someone else on the staff will look into it deeper.

You can also leave a comment for the rest of the community to discuss, and if it is a good tutorial idea, I ask you use the request form so I can help keep track of it. Thanks!

—>Tutorial request form<—

  1. How about making a Halo 2 for PC tutorial, on how to play live on Halo 2 without actually buying the game or a COD4 tutorial on how to fix the “Server Disconnected” Error?

    • Cod4 tutorial is out of my league as I don’t have the game. Are you sure it is not a version issue when connecting with COD4?

      For Halo 2, I have it for PC, but I doubt there are any “cracked” servers for it. Perhaps you can play on hamachi, but that is about it. Forget the LIVE Servers, you are not going to get on.

    • I believe the server discon thing has to do with punkbuster, but I’m not 100% sure on this and I don’t have cod4 on my laptop, so I can’t test it out.

  2. How about a tutorial on how to crack and play GTA4 online?

    I’ve played GTA4 online on Xbox with some random people and it was hilarious. What if i played with my friends on GTA4 on the PC? It’d be a right laugh, jumping everywhere, getting 6 stars and whatnot.

  3. Can you do a tutorial for GTA 4 Online (PC)? preferably
    cracked servers
    hamachi – lan play
    any1 of them .

    By the way , do you recommend any games where you can free-roam, with LAN , or Online . like GTA 4 or Burnout Paradise City


    Do you know how i can play Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box Online (cracked) or LAN play ? ? ?

    Thank You , Much appreciated , Safe

    • GTA IV tutorial for hamachi here:

      Your second question, no I do not know of any other free roaming games like GTA 4. Perhaps Mafia?

      Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box Online – I have no idea how to play this online. Don’t even know if there is a crack. If you can do LAN play, then you can use hamachi (hopefully). I don’t have the game, nor do I intend to get it so I can’t help you with the methods.

      If you have a friend that has that game, can you host on one machine, do the VPN alias for the client, and see if you can connect to each other? Please search the blog on hamachi vpn alias to learn more or find the videos on my youtube page.

    • Saints row 2 i dont have it but i heard that it is similiar to gta 4. 🙂

  4. My bad, i just remembered about the suspension. Don’t bother >.<

  5. It won’t work online for Burnout Paradise. Every time, it tries to connect to EA’s servers and finds out that we have an invalid product key. It used to work online but EA patched it.

    Hmm, what if we make it connect to a different server?
    Then get a client to host it. Would take quite a while.

  6. Can i hav the link for windows 7 download? , cos i cant find it, and i hav been looking everywher on this website

  7. I would like to Connect my 10 PS2 console via network aduptor with game server hosted locally for my gaming zone,

    Please advice me following issue

    1) which server i need to host locally

    2) can i boot from ps2 and connect directly to sever

    3) what configration i need to have

    4) can i play all games

    5) which format i need to copy in game server

    6) can all 10 ps2 multi player can play at a time ( Simutliously ) one game
    all my 10 ps2 will be connected to local host game server via netwrok adaptor

    Thanks in advance

    Waiting for your adance

    • 1) Don’t know. The PS2 can be a server?
      2) I would think so, yes.
      3) No idea.
      4) What game you using for multiplayer
      5) Not sure what you are talking about here. PS2 games are digital, and use CD or DVD media.
      6) Depends on what game you are using. I never saw a 10 player game before LAN.

  8. I’m also interested in doing Burnout Paradise or Codemasters Fuel over LAN, someone mentioned it earlier and there was word that it would be moved to random, but I found nothing there.

    How can we set up LAN play on either of these games, if Himachi then how do you set it up. Step by step would be sweet.


  9. Tunngle, isn’t that for playing LAN games over the internet? Has anyone successfully used it to host a LAN on Burnout or Fuel, with out the internet? If so how did you do it? I’ll check more in to tunngle, thanks for the responses.

    • Using the internet is the easiest means of hosting a LAN game over the internet.

      If you want to eliminate the internet totally, you need the PCs to be in the same house, with the same router and using ethernet cables.

      Then you need to make sure all PCs have the same workgroup name, and are able to ping each other on the network. If God is nice, then the games you can see each other on LAN.

      Trust me, please factor the Internet into the equation please!

  10. [Content_Rick_Rolled]

    i cant update my killing floor to v5 D: and i the update into the sytem folder right ? oh and why does i still need steam to play D: !!!!! online T _ T

  11. tutorial on how to boot ulaunchelf on ps3. I have it on cd-r. Please help thanks.

  12. can i play tom clancy’s hawx using tunngle without any special mods like in your timeless tutorial or is there any registry fixes for ping time as in gears of war

  13. I found a program called ‘NetSetMan’ – which i find very useful!

    If you would like to check up on it, go for it 🙂

  14. i saw your reply that hawx is perfect to play over tunngle.can i do it with the cracked version of hawx downloaded from torrent

  15. hey i found a hamachi alternative called Wippien.Anyone want to check it out

    • I know of it, never had a reason to try it out. Tunngle will own this program any day. Does it make sense to waste time going over a program that is more like hamachi?

  16. yeah you are right tunngle timeless tutorial was of great help to me.thanks for it and iam looking forward for great tutorials like these

  17. thanks alot for what you are doing
    wonna play CRYSIS and TEAM FORTRESS 2

  18. How to create a game for ps2 with the pc game for free.

  19. OK ,could you make a list of the games that can be played with hamachi or tunngle

    Theres not that many right ? Seems to me theres alot of games that can be played like this ,with a tweek of a config ,your in ? and a helping hand from hamachi or tunngle……..

    Or are there a ton of games untested in this way ?

    2….I use to play medal of honor online , My buddy use to set it up on his side ,To enable ME to play on a MAP of his choice …………….And only me and him were in the map ?…………..if that makes any sense ..

    1. I had to know his IP ,Not sure of the rest …could you find the steps to do this…?

    Not asking for much Am I?

    thank you HELLRIDE

  20. MY bad again , I found you article on JULY 30 .

    Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!
    So that explains alot ……………….i still was wondering about the MOHAA above?

  21. lol good timing

  22. be nice to people who live under rocks they may throw them!!!!!

  23. first time ive made a post in a long time ,AND I GET TOLD I LIVE UNDER A ROCK……………….wow harsh…………….lol


  25. to play multiplayer using tunngle should i and my friend be in the same country ?

  26. can i play Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising multiplayer using tunngle as in your timeless video tutorial or is there any special modification of the game required ?

  27. [How To] Play NBA 2k10 on LAN? (Just Like SF4 Guide)

  28. As I understand your not suppose to run your computer as the administrator , Is there A simpler way to set up the proper way to run your computer. A Step by step maybe ……
    I understand you could possibly help me ?

    Don’t say Check your search bar either please …………….I just need help figuring out how to set up the right way to run your comp ………thanks

  29. Hi my name is Alija I would like to ask for your help to install “STRONGHOLD 2” game I have download the game form Piratebay website and try to install it but there are two setup up files to install the game I am using DAEMON Tools and I mount a image and start installing the game it get to about 50% completed and I try to mount the second setup file and it don’t work. They it get to 50% I un-mount the 1st setup file and mount the 2nd file setup and I don’t work, is says please up it the second disk, don’t know why?

    I watch your example video what is what I did all of it but I had two setup up file, the one you use was one, how can I install the game, “STRONGHOLD 2”

    Can you please help me?



    • You have two ISO discs? Mount the first ISO, and install the game. When it asks for the 2nd disc, unmount the first ISO, mount the 2nd ISO, and press continue. This is how I have done it for multiple disc games using ISO files.

  30. how do i get hl2.exe so i can play l4d online?

  31. Hi Versatile, Can you Post a Tuturial here on how to PLAY PS1/PSX Games on a PS2 Console, Thanks, Much Regards.

    YahooMessenger: edward_galang777

  32. hey uh versatile…can i request the HL2 mod Obsidian Conflict NON STEAM
    well i’ll volunteer to play it with u…

  33. can i play cod modern warfare 2 as mentioned in your guide using the razor 1911 version downloaded from torrent

  34. hey versatile, what ’bout l4d2 tunggle/hamachi lan play?

  35. Cristhian linares

    theres no website, iwas just wounding how is it that u have such a smooth computer, i was wounderind if u can make a video about it like what do u use and if u can how to donwload windows 7

  36. how about a video on how to fix the color brightness for people who have sucky computers

  37. I am very big on PC security I run AVG and Spybot, and/or Avast and Spybot. Just recently I almost had a virus/trojan infect my PC from the L4D2 update. I understand that AVG may be feeding me a false positive, but I don’t take any chances. So this got me thinking what if my PC had been infected by a horrible virus. I honestly am not that great at virus removal. How about a guide on virus removal? Other than reformatting and installing windows, that would be to easy.

  38. I wrote a little program for all you guys that makes Xfire able to detect NoSteam games :D. It patches the xfire_games.ini file so you can go and manually configure the game you want to play, cause Xfire will not complain about steam files missing anymore :D. For now, it only has in-built support for like 10 games (Cs 1.6, L4D1-2, CODMW2 etc.) but you can add more games yourself or wait until i updates with more games.

    You can find the program, XGP, and info here:

  39. What up, and Merry X-mas!

    I think ya’ should make a tutorial on how to turn your WI-FI laptop into an access point on a local network.

    Right at this moment, i have a 20 feet Ethernet cable hanging out my window, so my friend can be on the Internet for Christmas, since our router burned down (Our building shares one). So i must say, this does come quite in handy with all these unprotected wireless connections around 🙂

    Even though this works great, i would love if you could investigate further. When i start a program called Tunngle, my friend can’t access the Internet, it asks him for a login and password all of a suddent, i tried my tunngle login, my PC, no go. I suppose that Tunngle takes over the bridge connection when i start the program, but it seems that i can’t “share” the connection properly, he is on skype and so, but when he tries to access the Internet through a program or whatever, it asks for login info. hmm!

    Take Care

  40. Hey man do you know how to play PES 2010 or 2009 with tunngle or hamachi?….help please 🙂

  41. Yes,l think 🙂

  42. that is same game pro evolution soccer 2010(newer) or 2009(older)…can you give me tutorial how to play online or lan with hamachi or tunngle if you now…my english is bad,sorry 🙂

    • The method is the same:

      1) Go to tunngle room for this game.
      2) Are people hosting? If yes, launch game and join.
      3) If people want you to host, you launch game, host a game in LAN, and then people join you.

  43. l now that but when l go in game menu on online he ask me for username and pass and l can register but he ask me original serial key and l dont have it :)…l think that you now some program that help me with this?…l now that l am boooring,but if you now heelllppp :D…

  44. how to play lan game on nba 2k10

  45. versatile can you help a brother out man im so annoyed that i cant connect evo-x to the net can you please right down a tutorial please man im desperate this is an SOS

    • Success, I got evolution X to recognize my crossover connection. I have recorded a video. It will be uploaded to Youtube tonight.

      I am in the process of writing a FTP guide to the Xbox.

  46. Versatile, Can u make a tutorial on how to play video (divx or avi) using pendrive in ps2 slim. pls..godbless to u

  47. I am after a tutorial in tuungle.
    I am running windows xp. It has installed fine, but keeps saying adapter priority is incorrect with either (1) or (2). It gives a 2 when its at the top of the list and a 1 when its as far down as it can go, 1 position. Any assistance would be appreciated thank you.

  48. Hi Versatile i was wondering if you can make tutorial for Dirt 2 cause i was trying to play it using teknogods beta 15 through tunngle but my game keep crashing. I dont know whether its only my problem or it happens. I am using RAZOR crack.

  49. How about a tutorial on how to save ps2 game saves in usb flash memory

  50. Man I can’t host game in tunngle using teknogods I can entry in rooms but I can’t host rooms please help me

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