Global Impact: Request Tutorials

[Original date: August 20th, 2007]
2-23:10: Rewrote the whole page.

As the blog continues to thrives, we as authors need direction and guidance from the community. Maybe you have an idea but have no idea how to do it. Why not let us suffer and learn it well so we can teach you?

Or maybe there is a topic we do know, so you want us to write about it for you.  There is no shame in that.

To help make the system easier on us, please use the tutorial request form below. I look at this daily and if it makes sense, I or someone else on the staff will look into it deeper.

You can also leave a comment for the rest of the community to discuss, and if it is a good tutorial idea, I ask you use the request form so I can help keep track of it. Thanks!

—>Tutorial request form<—

  1. But I didn’t use router I just use my moden. I need to do this ? sorry for my bad english I’m brazilian.

  2. So, Versatile, could you do a tutorial for Mount and blade Warband? me and my friends are looking foward to play it. so that would be awsome.

    Thank you.

    • I did some quick google searching. If you are hosting a LAN (cracked copy), legit people can join, but not other cracked people. You will get invalid serial number. If you find a fix , please let me know.

      • ok, but the game released yesterday and isnt even released on europe yet, so i dont think there is already a fix avaliable right now. Thank you anyway and ill let you know as soon as i found something new

      • Hey versatile i’ve been searching for news and i found something intresting. i am still trying to make it work, and the fact that the game has some new patches is difficulting the job. anyways i just wanted you to know and have a look at it: Look for the “Stone[HF]” post and thats what i’m following.

        • It doesnt seem i am getting it to work. i just doesnt do what he mentions in the post

        • What I want to know is if we have to rely on the Argentina servers, it throws everything off. If we can host our own servers, that would be the best. I mean, what if the 7 servers went down someday? Then all of us are screwed.

  3. hey versatile can you make a tutorial on how to get preminium rapidshare and megaupload or any sites preminium account please

  4. gof :hey versatile can you make a tutorial on how to get preminium rapidshare and megaupload or any sites preminium account please for free

  5. first is not working when I type an url and click download it asks me a rapid8 username and password second can you show how to burn ps2 games using alcohol 120 percent

  6. you have not answered about rapid8 versatile but I want to know one more thing from which website to download movies

  7. hey versatile I have lost my driver cd for my computer can you show how to format computer without driver cd or get drivers of computer

  8. and can you invite me to

  9. hey versatile I need a torrent download link for naruto ultimate ninja 5

  10. hey versatile please tell a preminium link generator for megaupload and rapidshare and with unlimited download


  12. hey versatile my computers hardrive sectors have started courupting what do I do

  13. hi versatile i want make my account in can you send me invitation code please and my computer has start corrupt can you help.

  14. hi versatile i want another website for download btaccel is not working in gamestorrents can you tell me another website please request.

  15. sorry my english is bad I want an link for downloadiing kingdom of hearts 1

  16. hi versatile how to open that search box that you opened at the start of the video in windows 7.

  17. hi versatile I have been trying for two weeks but when I paste the download link it comes please support us while waiting but an hour goes like this and nothing happens here is the link

  18. but if we use torrents the problem lies in seeds can you make preminium megaupload account

  19. the regestration is closed

  20. hey versatile I downloaded a game kingdom of hearts but it is not working I have a moded ps2 here is the link and please answer about

  21. and what about kingdom of hearts

  22. hi versatile how to ps2 games control on internet online all ps2 games

  23. it is not working with emulator

  24. the comment say burn it with alcohol 120

  25. I have burned it with img burn but it is not working

  26. hey versatile I watched your vid on jdownloader it was excellent but I have a question we can resume megaupload downloads but it does not resume rapidshare downloads is there a way resume them also I want to know how to use happy hour on megaupload

  27. and from where I contact hellome7

  28. USB flash drives for loading ps2 gam & the other things to do uo the ps2

  29. hi versatile how to hack e-mail to download free mc boot.

  30. how to play wwe smackdown here comes the pain in ps2.

  31. hey versatile in berlac site adviser I cant find my pc model where it is

  32. what is pc case.

  33. I dont have a branded pc so it dosent have a pc case

  34. hi you know my computer is start corrupt and the other softwares and games are not working how the software and games can work please versatile .

  35. how to play ps2 and its games in computer.

  36. how to use free internet in morning and day.

  37. versatile I want to know can we install graphics card in our pc for free

  38. in the rapid8 video the comment said that it contains virus is it true and when I go to that website google chrome suddenly dosent work does it really have virus please answer fast

  39. how to burn xbox games because one game is of 6.2 gb or something

  40. can you make a video on how to use dual layer and burn it

  41. hey versatile I am searching for game its name is fifa 11 it is going to be released on 28 september can you give me the torrent link to download it.

  42. hi versatile how to set a video as a desktop background in windows 7.

  43. can I use wireless internet for ps2

  44. please make a tutorial for RUSE multiplayer.

    i managed to play multiplayer using these instructions:

    R.U.S.E-RELOADED (make sure you do not crack the game yet! Original files are needed!)

    1. Copy content from /crack to gamedir. ( also need the steamclient.dll file that can be found in the worms reloaded lan crack)
    2. Copy content from /smartsteam to Steam dir. (If u do not have steam, install it!)
    3. Start smartsteam.exe (wait, its downlaoding and updating steam).
    4. After that, start it again and make a blank (new) account.
    5. Login with your account.
    6. Start the Game with ruse.exe
    7. Create or login with an Ubi-account.
    8. Go MP and create or join a game (you can now play with all people who has started the game with smartsteam in background!)


  45. wowsy!!
    i like gof already!
    Hey versatile, if u have demonoid invitations left can u give me one?
    does it too have a seed point calc method?
    I checked up the demonoid its reg are closed..
    P.S a video tuto request coming ur way on the request form.. I know ur too busy but this is amazing, and will take hardly 10-20 mins of ur time max.

  46. hi versatile how to lock the ps2 games and ps2.

  47. I riped an orginal fifa 10 cd with image burn but when I burnrd it and played it the stpid game stucks at loading

  48. hey versatile I am going to ask you a common question is there a way to get free antivirus thaht can also update itself without being noticed

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