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If You Had $100 Amazon Gift Card, What Would You Buy?

$100 Amazon Gift Card
11-17-13: Initial Release.

Here is something that should be a bit of fun, and if you guys want to leave a comment and participate, that’s fun too!

So next month I know a friend of mine is going to gift me an early x-mas present as he will be out of town for the holidays. He is going to get me a $100 Amazon gift card.

The last few days, I was looking at Amazon trying to think of all the random things I could buy with a $100. To some people, $100 is not enough, but for others, it is a lot!

So here is a partial list of things I’d like to get with my $100 dollars. Do remember that these are based upon what I need, and is no reflection of what is right or wrong.

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[Game Ending] Super Mario Galaxies: The Completed Game Ending

WARNING: This is and always will be a game spoiler. Watch at user discretion!