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Comcastic! Or is it?

As the battle between ISPs and users goes on, Comcast has made a new announcement on bandwidth limits. As of October 1, 2008, every user will have a 250 GB limit on bandwidth. This includes upload and download of any items, even web browsing. Comcast claims that 250 GB is enough to send around 50 million e-mails, download 62, 500 songs, or download 125 movies (not HD!).

The battle between Comcast and its users has been raging for a while. Due to piracy, Comcast tried to throttle users using BitTorrent clients. This led to many unhappy articles all over the nets of users complaining that their BT wasn’t as fast as before.

Comcast was brought to its feet as it finally removed its throttles. Now, it’s imposing a new limit. Is it really fair?

Well, considering that there are other ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) have no limit on their bandwidth, this still is a pretty good deal. 250 GB is a lot of bandwidth to be using in the first place if you are an honest person who uses the web. If you are a pirate and like to torrent movies, this still is pretty good for more high power users.

To use 250 GB of bandwidth is quite a lot. Playing games, downloading applications, music, and movies, surfing the web, and uploading to ftps, barely brings my neighbor to 50 GB a month, and he’s sharing his connection to the public world!

I believe that unless you are hosting an illegal server or something, using 250 GB is pretty godlike, and you should tell me your secrets. As long as Comcast isn’t throttling connections, a slight limit is appreciable. Besides, other companies limit to 20 – 60 GB bandwidths.

If you aren’t happy, then move to Verizon FiOS… whenever that comes to the area.