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[How To] Find Porn on Youtube

Obviously porn is a pretty big industry, and the internet definitely made it bigger. Being able to find free porn is a fundamental skill that everyone has, although the efficiency varies.

Youtube has been a repeated target for those 4chan douchebags, who have been collectively uploading massive amounts of porno as a defiance to Youtube’s tough copyright measure. It goes without saying that the only weapon these virgins have, is porn. They are indeed the most notorious group of assholes on the internet, Rick Astley and that black kid from chocolate rain will agree with me. They are responsible for the countless occurrences of lolcats, pedobear, mudkipz, creating Rick Astley’s career, and ruining that black kid’s life. My favorite is when these trolls went on to Omegle chat and made every reply with the word “egg”. (A lot of Omegle users thought they kept on connecting to the same person).

That being said, Am I a 4chan user? Maybe.

Therefore, as a comic relief, I will show you how to obtain porn from Youtube.

In Youtube’s search bar, type in “Porn”.

Sort the results by “Newest”.

Done, finding free porn has never been easier.

The catch is, those porn sucks, most of them is only several seconds long. So unless a 5 second fapping session is all you need to blow your load, you are not gonna have a satisfactory experience with Youtube porno.