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Abortions: Good or Bad?

Talks about why people hate abortions, why people like abortions, why they are good and bad, and basically being really touchy about this subject. Now I understand that this is a big debate, so don’t be shy to post your opinion. Please TRY to flaw some of my theories!

Why People Hate Abortions
Well, most people answer this question by simply saying, “it’s against my religion.” It is against the will of god, only god should be able to take a life. I have seen people sit outside abortion clinics for days on end and just throw their lives away protesting. Well first off, have you ever thought that people are not the same religion as you? If you are an abortion protester then go protest other religions; anything besides Catholicism. Second and foremost, people maybe hate them because they believe in murder. Well listen here: Why don’t you go stop your children or grandchildren from masturbating?! This might seem as a far-fetched thing to do, but after all they are just killing what was to become a baby!

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