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Green Day – Dos – Album Released!


11-10-12: Initial release.


Guess what? If you are a Green Day fan, you will know that the album officially hits stores on Tuesday, November 13th.

I was browsing some of my sources today, and it turns out the album has been leaked/ripped, and put online in its entirety.  I am not going to link where to get it, and I have not listened to it. I can wait until Tuesday for that, but below is picture proof of it existing:

So are you a Green Day fan? Maybe rock alternative fan? Let us know what you like to listen to in the comments!

Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album Leaked 7 Days Early!


9-8-10: Initial release.

Hi all,

I wasn’t planning on typing up this article, but I could not resist. Linkin Park is releasing an album on September 14th, and as I was checking my sources today I realized one copy has been leaked online?!

How? No idea. It has been released on the net by a group called pLAN9.  Also, if you want to check out the NFO file and see it for yourself, you can download it at the mediafire link below:

NFO File Link

Now I could tell you where to download it, but I am not going to because I respect the artist.  No, I am not going to download it because I suspect if you get it through the popular “conventional” way, it will be heavily watched by the RIAA.

I mean, why would it not? 🙂

Unfortunately, based on the reviews I have seen on the new LP album, it is not looking good. LP said they are going for a more conceptual “album”, but does it work for them? Only time will tell.

Huge discussion about the leak at the LP forums. Read here.

Music: The Most Influential Thing Ever


Music might not seem like the most influential thing ever, but I assure you, it is. Being a teen myself, I have been greatly influenced by music, and I have also noticed how others are changed just because of a few string plucks and drum beats. Speaks about what music can do to people, make them good or bad.

Music in History:

I am a teen sixteen years of age, and I currently attending high school. Being in the situation I am in, I observe everything with curiosity and closeness because I am very intrigued why things are the way they are. Let’s have a little history lesson. Very few people know this, but in just about every war ever fought, there has been music to encourage combatants. Most war is just about what people think it is, and that would be violence. Just when a soldier felt the need to give up, here comes the music, and all of a sudden, he feels the need to get up and fight like never before. As long as the music goes, the soldier feels more like a god, indestructible, impenetrable, and impregnable.

Music Today:

Today, music has been split up into many different genres than ever before. As people become more picky, they feel the need to have everything as they desire it. In high school, I see many spheres of influence due to the type of music that one listens to, and sometimes even gangs are formed. One of the biggest branches that affect people would be rap. There are not too many people that have not heard of rap, and it is most certainly the biggest branch. This genre mostly talks about and inspires the forming of gangs, violence, drug use, sex, money, crimes, ghetto environments, etc. Another is rock/metal/rock and roll. These are all closely related and most people who listen to one usually listen to the others as well. This mostly affects influence of dark clothing, religious beliefs closely related to Atheism and Satanism, hair styles that are scary to many, and just overall personalities that one would consider “crazy.”

What People Really Do: The Gangster Side

It is one thing to be influenced by something, but it is another when that something pushes a person to the point of no return. Starting with rap, the biggest genre. In many different cases, I have seen fights closely related to the “wanna be gangsta lifestyle” as many call it. It also closely relates to racism against the white man, thus stirring the tensions between African Americans and whites. Not trying to sound like a racist, but this is what it is really about. I do not feel like lying just because I sound like a racist, because I am not. The truth is what people want to hear, and here it is: There is a constant never ending racial war between “The Gangsters” and the “Goths” or “Crazy People” as many call them. Looking from a neutral point of view, I see both sides of the story. The Gangsters think that there is no need to be respectful, thus leading to violence towards other students, mostly Goths, teachers, and even other gangsters themselves! One time, I was sitting down in the middle of class doing my work as was everyone else, when all of the sudden a gangster started screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs, and was over-obsessed with calling the teacher as many people refer to as “the N word.” He then spit in between the teacher’s eyes, and then hit her! All because of some rap song that said there is no need of school, and the teachers need to be shot; something along those lines.

What people really do: The Goth/”Crazy People” Side:

Maybe gangster situations happen a lot more than Goth situations, but the Goth ones are far worse. Usually, their music drives people to the extremes and makes them do insane things. For example, when I was passing by the office, a Goth student tried to literally stab a teacher and the principal with a pair of scissors! This is madness, and I later went to ask the student why he did what he did. He then said: “They pissed me off!” I have seen this as very unreasonable, because if everyone was like him, there would be no one left in this world. He once invited me to listen to music with him during lunch hour, and I was quite fascinated about what this music talked about. It said some very awful things about killing, and about how violence is the only way out.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Music:

Music has many effects on a person, mostly bad effects. Sure there are inspiring songs, but that doesn’t mean that a person will listen to them. Statistics show that teens from ages 14-17 that listen to heavy metal/rock and/or rap are 20% more violent than those who do not. This might not seem like much, but it can be a big number when it comes to the whole country or even the whole world. Music can cause strong beliefs and disbeliefs, emotions, violence, and in some rare cases even insanity! I am sure that if a person just realized that the artists or bands that are making these songs have lifestyles that are not even closely related to the lyrics of the song. A good example of this is rap; it talks about violence and crime and murder, but the rappers themselves do not even have a criminal record. Rock stars sing songs about hating the world, but they love every bit of it, mostly because they are rich and famous.

If people would just take into consideration that most (not all) music is built upon a lie, then the world would be a lot better of a place. Some music may inspire us, but most just offer false inspiration. It really drives us to do what we would have never considered doing without music. It makes us do good, evil, strong, weak, and emotional. It inspires us, demonizes us, and becomes one with us. Music; the most influential thing in the world…

[Indirect Tutorial] Killing Floor – The New Left 4 Dead?


Foreword:  I have named this tutorial very strangely.  The “Indirect Tutorial”?  What is that supposed to mean?  *smiles*  Please recognize that the nature of this article is to simply open your eyes about this game, and what it can do for you, or what you can do for it.  I leave the rest of the mystery to you.  ~ Versatile


5-27-09: Initial release

5-29-09: Added the new link to the other tutorial website. >_>

It was bound to happen. With the success of Valve’s game of the year “Left 4 Dead”, it was bound that another zombie game would hit the market soon. Tripwire has the answer with their different game called “Killing Floor”.

What is Killing Floor?

Per Wikipedia:

Killing Floor is a mod for the Unreal Tournament 2004 video game, first released in 2005 as a demo, and full version, later that year. The mod acquired popularity after appearing in several game magazines. It is a survival horror first-person shooter based game, with Co-op multiplayer action. A retail version of the game was released via Steam on May 14, 2009.

To me, think of it as Counter Strike meets Left 4 Dead.  Main features include:

  • Killing zombies for cash.
  • Fighting waves of zombies similar to Left 4 Dead.
  • 6 player co-op.
  • Each map has a “boss”.
  • Available SDK map making kit.
  • In game voice communication

and more!  See the full details at

Is there a Single Player?

Yes, sort of.  All you do is go as yourself and fight against waves of zombies until you reach the boss. You can earn perks this way too so you can unlock other achievements.  Due note that there are no AI computer players to help you, so you are definitely on your own here.

How about Online Multiplayer?

Yes, there is online multiplayer. You can host your own online games and have up to six people playing with you on Steam.  If you have a custom map that your friend doesn’t, your friend will automatically download the map from you.  Left 4 Dead currently does not have this feature, so this is nice to have.

Can Killing Floor be played without Steam? *wink*

Yes, there is a LAN mode so you can play offline.

No, you misunderstood me.  Can Killing Floor be played online without Steam? *double wink*

Oh, you mean can it be played online without having Steam?  Yes, it can.  However, you do realize that this is circumventing the Steam system.  I have heard the argument from players who own the game that Steam players are bothersome, and they would like to try a different way of playing their game online.  Perhaps with more mature audience.  I have no argument against these cases.  In fact, I want people to be aware of all opportunities to play their game online besides Steam.

Currently there are two popular ways to play your game online:

  • Garena  (most popular)
  • Hamachi (second most popular)

Garena is starting to become the most popular online portal to help you play your games online.  In fact, as of today 5-27-09, Killing Floor was added to the Garena network!

Hamachi is another good way to play online.  It is a virtual VPN solution that essentially emulates the LAN over the Internet so you can play with your friends by playing in what is called Hamachi networks.

How can I play Killing Floor Online with Garena or Hamachi?  Do I need special patches?

Due to the nature of, I don’t think I am allowed to go into those type of details as that is frowned upon.  However, I do recall among my adventures on the Internet that there are guides that explain how to play Killing Floor online with Garena or Hamachi.  Should I post a link to one of those sites?  Would there be any harm in that?  I don’t think so, do you?

Here is the link:  [How To] Play Killing Floor Online – Garena/Hamachi

Note:  This article is simply to make you aware of other online gaming alternatives.  No way do we infer or advocate piracy. We are not held liable for what you may learn at other websites on the Internet.  How you want to live your digital life is up to you, and the Underground Staff wishes you the best of luck on your journey.

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Alternatives To Demonoid

Since Demonoid is down, once again… *sigh*… I, Voltaire, want you to know where to go to get your torrents.

There are some hot options like the top public torrent site, The Pirate Bay , Mininova , Isohunt , TorrentPortal , as well as others.  As for private trackers, I would check out AradiTracker .

However, my favorite is Torrent Search Engine Searcher. Yes, long redundant-sounding name. Heres the deal: Its a search engine that uses the search engines of many other torrent sites. Its real name is TorrentScan. All I will say is you can access The Pirate Bay, Mininove, Isohunt, and many other popular torrent sites from this site.

Happy Hunting!

TV Links!

Alright, they said, I can’t use Joost.

Why? Too lazy, bad computer, just dont want it?

Well, how the heck do you think you will watch your movies??

TV Links of course!

“for your viewing pleasure we have compiled various links from the latest to some long forgotten TV shows, classics, films, documentaries and much more. How much does this cost you? Nothing, its all Free of charge! Please sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

— TV Links – “Better Than a Remote Control””

Basically, you pick a movie, let it stream, and watch it all online!  They have shows, cartoons, movies, anime, music vids, even documentaries!

And its all for free at:

or click here!