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American Express Gift Cards – Not as Great As You Would Think


Awhile back I received a $100 American Express Gift card from work, and I thought this was going to be awesome.  After reading around a bit, I soon realized this card is not as versatile as you would think it would be.  Why?  Not all online stores accept this, and the same can be said for retail stores as well.

Plus, there are restrictions on it as well.  You can’t use it with Ebay, or Paypal.  I tried using this on ZipZoomFly, and it did not work, but it did extract my funds?  When this happens, it is called “pending transactions”.  After 6 business days, my funds were relocated back onto my gift card, but I still felt shafted that I had to wait so long.

However, I can confirm this card works on NewEgg and so far which is great.  The only major caveat to the gift card is how you want to do transactions.  Say you have $10 left on the card, and you buy a $30 sweater.  What you are supposed to do is pay the cashier $20 first, and then use the gift card to pay the remaining balance.  Not all retailers do split transactions like this, so this is a pain.  I guess what American Express wants to happen is for you to use the card as much or as little as you can with enough money left over that you just toss it.

See the complaints on the gift card here.  You will see it is embarrassing to whip out the gift card only to have it declined in your face.  Ooops!