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Tangent Conversations – Annoying!!!!

Foreword:  This is by far my favorite post of 2009 so far.  It will give you insight into how I work and engage myself with others online.  If you see yourself being pestered by me, or you see me irritated, it is because you are trying to engage yourself into a tangent conversation that I want no part of.  Remember that. ~ Versatile

This post will be easy for me to write, compared to the various tutorials I like to put up on this blog from time to time.  So what is on my mind this time?  Being a blog author, and an Internet enthusiast, as well as a person who loves to game and chat online, I meet a lot of interesting people online.  These people come from all walks of the Earth, whether it is a random occurence from hamachi, from this blog, e-mail, forums, Garena, and other social type networks.

I may not know the thousands of people that visit this site, but I”m sure they recognize who I am.  Are you one of these people?  You must be if you are reading this post. :0

Let’s hear the juicy rant!