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TGI Friday! #3

Ahhh, Friday! How we’ve all missed you!

I love Fridays!

Unfortunately, not a whole lot to report this week, at least nothing that I’m aware. I have two snippets of information, one of which you may already know and the other is… a little off the wall.

First off, the wonder that is Team Fortress 2 is set for some interesting updates in the upcoming weeks. Although I can’t provide any dates, the first of many class loadouts will be released in the form of a Medic update. This presents more acheivements, which in turn unlock different weapons for the characters. One of these will be a special Healing gun which permanently doubles a team-mates health but charges Ubercharge more slowly. Certainly something to look forward to.

The other big news is that Scientology websites around the world were brought down earlier this wekk by the Internet group known as ‘Anonymous’. If you don’t know who they are, then where the hell have you been recently? Anyway, using DDOS attacks they managed to bring down the websites, and now the Church of Scientology is giving a reward of $5000 to whoever can identify a member of Anonymous. What will happen now? Who knows, but for sure this is most definitely Serious Business.

And in the spirit of old news, here’s a video I saw a long time ago. Enjoy!