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December is Redemption Month!!!!


December will be known as “Redemption Month”.  What does that mean?  This means I will do what I can to redeem myself (and perhaps the other authors as well), but posting articles that I meant to post in weeks past.

V1 or V2 hasn’t been getting much love lately, and that is partly my fault.  Hence, the goal is if I can get at least 5 substantial articles out, then I will have “redeemed” myself.  Sure, it won’t make up for lost time, but the truth of the matter is its not the quantity of posts, but its the content of the posts that matter.

At the end of the month, I will total up how many articles each author has written for the month of December, and I will post that article count online for the rest of the world to judge.  Hence, redemption awaits at the end of the month. ;0

Are You Gay…?

A funny little picture I found trolling the webs.

Have fun!