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Can You Identify the Avatar? – Issue 2

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Welcome readers. I’m going to try a new short lived form of interactivity on this blog. Did you notice that as an author, I always have a knack for subtle, or interesting WordPress avatars? Well, I do. Thus, I came up with a fun game called “Can You Identify the Avatar?”

The purpose of the game is each week to have the viewers (that’s you) to identify WTF is Versatile1’s avatar. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes its hard to tell because the avatar is so small. Players participate by posting in the comments a description of what they think Versatile1’s avatar picture is.

Contest is open for 7 days from date of posting, and then all submissions are closed (however, the contest could end much earlier than that depending on entries). From there, the person with the best description wins, and you get recognition through the front page of the blog on the right hand side.

The twist: Most of the time the avatar may have a theme associated with it, sometimes not. When you make your comment, you have two choices:

  • 1) Either write a description of the avatar and hope for the best or
  • 2) Write what the theme of the avatar is and how it correlates. Themes are usually something that is happening on the website, and the nature of the avatar hooks into this theme for that particular time frame.

The problem is if you choose the wrong path, that you won’t win. Example: I wrote a post on the ethics of clowns visiting schools as a possible career path. Later that week I hold the contest, and Tony writes the theme comment: “There is clearly a theme for V1’s avatar. Seeing that it is a picture of Bozo the clown, and with the recent attention of clowns in the news, then the theme must be clowns.”

I come back saying it is correct, and Tony wins. However, Mike writes a description like this: “Obviously, V1 picture is a clown – Bozo the clown.”.

Both entries are correct, but the poster with the correct theme takes precedence over the description comment. Makes sense? Let’s play!

Last time around, TvDenimChap was the closest winner.  The avatar was a big plush spider going at it with the a hot lady on the couch.  This really was a theme, and the theme was STD.  I did a google search, and this spider image came up. :0
Aight, with that said, I have come up with a new avatar.  Let your imagination fly.  If enough people try, a new avatar will come up next week.  Good luck!
TvDenimChap: +1 point