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Black Friday 2011 – Are You Ready?!

Black Friday is almost here and a lot of shoppers are getting ready to gear up to get some sweet deals. A good website for checking out deals is go to, and there you can search for whatever you want. If you get a hit, then you will see it in different search ad results, click, and you are good to go!

Are you going to go to black friday? Leave a comment and let us know what you are trying to get this year!

Black Friday 2010

11-19-10: Initial release.

Black Friday is almost here. Get ready and look at the ads so you have an idea what to get this year!
Go to the link below for a list of black friday sites and scan ads!
Black Friday Ad Sites

Black Friday Stories

So I write this today as a reflection on a day full of personal win for me.   I am interested in those who went out shopping today for Black Friday, and if you did, what did you get and was it worth it?

Here is my story for Black Friday 2009:

My brother and his two friends went to Target at 4am this morning to get in line (store opens at 5am).  Their goal?  My brother wanted to get a Western Digital 1TB external hard drive and a 500GB passport, both of them were $60. When they got in line, there were about 28 people ahead of time, and by the time the store opened at 5am, the line was literally around the full length outside wall and around the corner a bit.

Long story short, they got what they wanted, in fact, they got what was the last 3 units on the shelf for the 1 TB external hard drive.  All the other craze fanatics were fighting over the LCD TVs.  A lady asked my brother where to get the 1TB hard drives, and he just smiled and said, “Sorry, they ran out!”

Now  I was not enthused to wake up at 4am to stand in line, so I did what any smart person would do… sleep in!  I ended up going to Walmart later in the morning around 11:30AM. I walked in, got the TomTom 125SE GPS for $59.99 (it was one of the last 3), picked up a new Eureka vacuum ($35) and went on my merry way back home.  You could say I was lucky, because 10 minutes later all the 125SE series were gone, but there was a whole shelf of the 325 model units for $89! 🙂

Worst case scenario: If they ran out of the 125SE model, I would have been fine picking up the other model, but since its there, I got what I could and got out of there.  I wasn’t like all those other chumps that camped out at night to get some ridiculous deal.

How was your day?  Did you get what you wanted or not?  See anybody get trampled by the Black Friday festivities? Let us know!


Voltaire’s got a story!

So I got some great deals. I walked into Target around.. 4 pm.
Picked up some nice jacket, the last one in my size. Actually, there were only 2 the size bigger, and they were small jackets too.  Got a nice shirt for $5, some new shoes too.

Then I walked into the electronics section. The deals sucked. Hardcore.
So I was getting depressed, all I wanted was a new jumpdrive, and seriously the prices were just jacked up. The best deal I could see was like 10% off… maybe $2 at best, and I was sure as heck not buying that when I could go online.

I got really lucky, because I turn down a different aisle, and walk into an employee who is holding a 4 gb lexar twistturn in his hand. i ask him for the price on that, it’s $10 50% off, and comes with $50 of free music downloads.

Best deal I saw all day, it was the last one too.

Otherwise, deals today sucked. Not as good as years past.

But yea, that’s all


Black Friday 2009 Deals

This year with the USA being in a recession, retailers are itching to get you into their store and open your wallets. What better way than celebrate with awesome deals on Black Friday?

If you are looking for that gift for your loved one (or yourself), then I suggest you take a look at this website and take a look at the ads for what is good to get this year. I might get a GPS, and man, the deals look sweet!


I Knew It! – Walmart Employee Trampled to Death on Black Friday


Every black friday is crazy I tell you.  No, I did not go to black friday this year, as I didn’t have a need and I knew it was going to be crazy.

In the past, there have been instances where walmart employees greeting at the door gets hurt by the crowd, and this year I predicted something would happen and it did!

What happened this year is a guy got trampled by over 200 people in the crowd, and yes he didn’t make it.  See the youtube video below on the news:

Black Friday Aftermath

How was your Black Friday shopping?  Did anyone go?  I sure did.  What did I get?  Well guess what, no brown 30 gig zune for me.  Sold out everywhere, and for less than a $100, I sort of expected that.  In the end, I got this nice paper shredder from Target. 😛

How about the rest of you?  Any sick deals you got on Black Friday?  Let us know!

Happy Thanksgiving – Versatile1 Style

Undergrounders, this is my personal greeting for those living in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoy my picture up above.  Now rather than get into the history of Thanksgiving, which Voltaire has covered very well I must admit, I will take this post into a different direction.

Be grateful for what you have in life.  Thanksgiving is a time to be happy, be fat, and above all, to remember who has made an impact on your life.  It may be a time of grieving, a time of happiness, or a time to just lay back and be lazy.

What will you be doing today?  Well for me, I got 3 main things:

1) Prepare the house for Thanksgiving party.

2) Rip the 6th, 7th, and 8th seasons of the Simpsons from my brother’s friend.  (Want a tutorial? )

3) Prepare for Black Friday sales.  C’mon Radioshack!

What will you be doing today? Leave a comment, show interest, c’mon, I know we have hits! – Over 400 Black Friday Online Deals, Starting Today!!!

Let’s face it, for the next day or two, there will be black friday posts here.  Today’s post I found out that some sites are starting their online black friday deals early, like Today!!!  Woot!

If you go to, you can find over 400+ items that are on sale, some are which are pretty good like movies, xbox, playstation, and more!  So check it out, and score while you still can.


Best Buy – Black Friday Door Busters!

Don’t get me wrong, Best Buy is a good company, and sometimes they got some stellar deals.  Although I have moved onto Fry’s Electronics. 🙂

Anyway, with all grudges aside, take a look at the link below for some amazing Door Buster Deals.  These are deals you can only get at the door, and these aren’t in the newpaper ads.


However, the rules are crazy!  Check this out:

How to Shop the Friday Doorbusters Specials at Best Buy

Hoping to get in on the amazing deals at Best Buy on Friday, November 23? You’ll need to get there early in the morning, way before the stores open at 5 a.m.

Here are a few things to know before you go:

Prior to opening, a line of customers will form outside the store.

Starting at 3 a.m., with the front of the line, employees will hand out tickets to customers for Doorbuster and Bonus Doorbuster products (these are the front cover and limited-quantity items, excluding CDs, DVDs and video game software).

The tickets, limited to 1 ticket per customer per item, will grant you the ability to buy the Doorbuster items.

These tickets are valid for a limited time. The products requiring a ticket must be purchased, or in your hand, by 9 a.m. This is when the remaining inventory, if available, will be released to the general public.

We are unable to guarantee all customers in line will receive a ticket. See Customer Specialist for details.  
So are you ready?  I know I won’t be there, lol!. – Versatile1 Black Friday Madness.


(click for enlarged image)

As if couldn’t get any better, they’ve finally put down a wicked competition in the Black Friday madness this year.

They have a unique system where you, the consumer vote on what incredible deals you’ll get. There are 8 rounds, each of 3 items under a specific category. For example, the first round consists of the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 (40 GB model) and the new Xbox 360 Arcade system that is replacing the Core system. Each are sold at incredibly lower prices (over 50%!) but you’re only able to get that deal on the one you vote for, if you show up at a specified time and are offered that deal.

You can vote once in each round, careful though, you can’t change your vote. You have to be a registered user but it’s free and you only need your basic information until you buy the product. I would recommend setting up your account for one-click buying however as these deals are highly limited to about an average of 500-1,000 pieces of inventory per item.

Head over to this url to get started: [ ]

Happy shopping viewers of The Underground!