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5-15-11: Initial Release.

I was surfing the Internet the other day, and I was looking for a game patch for the newest Brink. What I found was a nice blog site that not only had the Brink Skidrow Update 3 patch, but it has a multitude of other things as well!

Although I wouldn’t characterize it as a hardcore warez site, it did have some items available for users who may want to download certain items, without having to go through a torrent site or a forum site.

If you are looking for game patches, movies, or some other types of media, then go to and check it out!


So Another One Bites the Dust

9-5-10: Initial release.

This past weekend I was checking my e-mail and I got one of those e-mails you never want to read.

I’ll summarize what happened. So I run a “Versatile Street Team”, a separate effort that was created as a way for volunteers to help me out and that I can focus on separate projects a bit easier.

You can read more about it here.

I got an e-mail from member Ivertusen.  He is a great member, and is one of those guys that I always relied on for giving me advice, more specifically for Modern Warfare 2. If there were any questions about the game, co-op implementation, or Alteriwnet latest news, I would redirect questions and people his way.

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[Time Saver] Efficiency in Answering Online Comments


Are you a wordpress user?  How about a youtube user?  Do you have comments that just keep on piling every day?  How do you answer everyone while still having free time for yourself and not get carried away checking comments all day long?  Easy, setup a schedule to answer all online related comments at the same time daily, once  a day.

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Updates on the Blog

Alright everyone, we have some updates regarding things around here.

First off, our blog is not suspended, nor should we be in any danger. I was informed that everything was just a mistake, the system suspended us by accident.

Secondly, we have not 1, not 2, but 3 (THREE) new L4D networks for everyone to use! Details are on the side panel and below:

Voltaire’s Underground L4D: Open
Voltaire’s Playground L4D: Open
L4D @ The Underground: Open

Password is l4d like every other network.

Edit: Versatile tried to get into the networks. He found that he could not get into the first one, the second one works, and that for the third one, you need to add a “space” after the word Underground.

I am also going to work on a few things around here, buff stuff up if you will.